🎄 Blogmas Day #12 – My Christmas wishlist.

Hey guys! Who remembers making a Christmas list for your parents or guardians saying what you wanted for it? I remember going through the Argos catalogue and cutting out pictures of what I wanted before sticking them all onto a piece of paper and made a sort of collage. It was so much fun and one of my favourite parts of Christmas. But, as we sadly all do, I’ve grown up and I don’t have a list as such. I hint to people what I would like but most of the time – it’s just boring stuff like warm socks etc!

But here is what I would ask for if I could.

  1. A dog.

My whole family have been crazy dog-broody at the moment (someone really needs to coin a term for that!) Literally, we can’t walk past a dog without ‘awwing’ and ‘I want one!’-ing. They just bring so much light and laughter into the house with their unconditional love. I’ve personally never had one before but my parents have and my cousin whom I’m very close with does and they are just so beautiful. Who knows where we will be this time next year – we might be in the situation to have one. But until then, just look at the cute pictures below.

2. A voice.

This sounds dramatic but for those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m currently suffering from chronic aphonia. It’s a condition which means that you can’t physically produce sound. I had it happen last year for three months and at the time of writing this, I’m currently sitting on three weeks being able to only whisper. I’m hoping that by the time this posts, I’ll be my usual chatterbox-y self again. Otherwise, it’ll be charades all the way for me over Christmas.

3. A time machine.

Again, another dramatic statement but there are some things that I would like to change that happened this year as I’m sure everyone would. I understand that there are regrets and mistakes that we do learn from and that we need to character build but there are some things that you wish you hadn’t done/said. Or things that you didn’t do that you wish you had. I know that’s what life is all about – but it would be nice to have a TARDIS every now and then.

4. A new start for my family.

You know those films? The ones that normally start with someone moving to a new town and starting a new job and a new house and leaving the past behind? I would really like for that to happen for our family. All of this sounds really dramatic, I don’t want anyone to worry or be concerned because there’s no need for it – everyone has their problems and their dramas. But I would just really like to look back on our lives this time next year and think ‘wow, look what has changed and look what God has done for us.’ Which leads me onto my next point.

5. A firmer relationship with God.

I’ve been a Christian for years now, which is something I would really like to write a post on in the future, and I’m always desperate for more of God. I’d love to really knuckle down on building a relationship with Him and reading more of the Bible, making an effort to pray more and to just be with Him in general.

So, there you have it! Was that what you were expecting? I was going to put shallow things like makeup and stuff but I thought ‘actually, that isn’t all I want for Christmas.’ What do you guys want for this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Morgie out.


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**featured image is courtesy of Wikipedia**


🎄 Blogmas #11 – Beauty Fails of 2017.

Hey guys! I’m carrying on my mini-series about the beauty trends of 2017. I think we can all agree that there has been some really weird trends this year. I think there is every year and I do agree with the experimentation in makeup artistry. After all, no good discoveries were made without them – even if some people thought they were weird one day! I have a feeling that insta-brows are going to be looked back on by our future generations in a ‘what were they thinking?!’ way purely because of how intense they are. Which is good – they’ll be iconic!

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Wavy brows.

This is seriously one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. But it took the internet by storm so much that even Snapchat made a filter out of it – unfortunately, I didn’t save any pictures of me with it on so I wouldn’t want to embarrass the other people that I do have pictures of with that filter. It’s so weird, it looks very avant garde. It kind of reminds me of a Disney villain in some ways! If you can pull this off, major props to you.

Image result for promise wavy brows

image credit to the amazing Promise Tamang| INSTA. )

2. Brow/eyeliner stamps.

I think that the principle of this idea is really great and realistically, it should make application easier. But if anything, it makes it harder, I think. Purely because there’s so many more opportunities to mess up and get the wrong angle. If you guys get along with these products then I’m so happy for you because that makes your morning so much quicker but I personally didn’t so I have to include it in the fails.

Image result for brow stamps

3. All of the different odd ways to apply makeup.

Even though I know that most of the time, this was a troll trope, I couldn’t help but be surprised with all of the different ways that people tried to apply makeup. I saw everything from oranges to tampons. I’m not even kidding. I’m all up for DIY hacks but that’s a little bit too far for me! In the same category, I think I need to include things like the silisponge and the fingerprint sponge etc. I personally didn’t ever use them but the thought of having something like that on my face makes my skin crawl. I’m really funny about textures and that just makes me really uncomfortable!

Makeup Revolution Ultimate Silicone Sponge Set  - Click to view a larger image

image courtesy of Tam Beauty, no offence made to brand. )

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette.

Again, this is something that I didn’t personally try but I think there was a unanimous decision that this palette was a fail. This is such a shame because of the price of the palettes – the colours looked like they were going to be gorgeous but lots of people complained about the formula of the eyeshadows and how much fallout there was. But the one thing I would say is don’t let people’s opinions take over if you do want to try it for yourself. I noticed in a lot of videos that I watched that people were purposefully jabbing their brushes into it to produce more fallout and make it look worse than it was – so just use your own discretion!

Image result for anastasia beverly hills subculture

image courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills website. )

So, there you have it! I didn’t have a fifth one – if there’s one that you guys thought of then leave it in the comments below and I might buy it myself to see if it is a fail! What were you guys disappointed in this year?

Morgie out.


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featured image belongs to ABH. 


🎄 Blogmas #10 – Best Beauty Trends of 2017.

Hey guys! Welcome back to another day of Blogmas. Did you enjoy my guest post yesterday? I have another special guest coming up on day #16 so keep a look out for that! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of 2017, it feels like no time at all since last Christmas and New Year. This has been quite a big year for beauty so I thought I would put together my favourite beauty trends of this year. I’m also going to do my least favourite etc. in future posts so keep a look out for that in the next few days.

Let’s get into it.

  1. Peel-Off Face Masks.

These came around at the beginning of the year and were a really odd thing to see. You apply the thick paste which is normally black (made out of charcoal) and leave it on for twenty minutes to half an hour. Once you’re done, you peel it off and your pores should be purified and blackheads removed. This is a trend that I tried only last month because I was so scared (mainly because of this video, please watch it after you’ve read this post – it is hilarious.) It did make my face feel super soft afterwards but I wouldn’t say it did anything much for my pores. Like anything, though, I suppose this depends on what brands you use, etc.

Image result for peel off black mask

image courtesy of Biovene. )

2. Mermaid & Unicorn #aesthetic.

There’s a real mix of reviews around this trend that seemed to have taken the beauty/fashion industry by storm – some love it, some hate it. I think it’s like anything in that the original idea always plays off but then some people take it too far and you see it everywhere and get bored of it. I personally love it because I’m obsessed with unicorns (and mermaids, to be fair) and always have been. I’ve never been brave enough to try and pull off one of the looks, but if you’re interested in seeing me attempt it then let me know in the comments!

Image result for wet n wild mermaid

image courtesy of Allure. )

3. Metallic lips.

I’ve already written in my first Blogmas post about how much I love the metallic lip trend. I think it’s so beautiful and makes your lips look so dynamic and different. I definitely hope this is a trend that will carry out into the New Year.

sia 6

4. Pop culture eyeshadow palettes.

I’m not sure if this is something that has been around for a long time and I’ve only just noticed it but these new palettes/makeup sets that are coming out in reference to TV shows/films are so good. I don’t personally like the Harry Potter one that Storybook Cosmetics brought out just because I don’t personally like Harry Potter (shock, horror, twist!) but I love the others. I know there was also a Marvel makeup set that came out, a Beauty and the Beast one (not Storybook Cosmetics) but I really hope there’s more of them as I think it’s such an interesting idea!

Image result for storybook cosmetics

image courtesy of Storybook Cosmetics. )

5. Blinding highlighters.

*Jeffree Star voice* that is blinding! I feel like highlighters have really taken their place in the makeup world this year. They used to be quite subtle but now people want to literally look like they have spotlights coming off of their cheeks and I’m living for it. I love the way highlighters look on the skin and I really enjoyed being able to experiment with using highlighters some more this year. I’m interested to see where they’ll go this year, whether people will prefer a softer highlight again or whether they’ll get more and more intense.

So, there you have it! What were your favourite makeup trends of 2017? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for my least favourite makeup trends of this year tomorrow on Day 11 of Blogmas!

Morgie out.


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🎄 Blogmas #9 – Five ways to budget for Christmas!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog or if you’re here for the first time then welcome! I know it’s a cliche thing to say but Christmas is expensive. Everyone always knows that their bank account is going to hate them after Christmas from buying presents, food, going out for staff dinners or parties or pantomimes. It’s a really expensive but lovely time of the year and I think because of this expense and the focus on money, we can sometimes lose the true value of Christmas.

Whatever your belief may be, I think the one thing that we can all agree that Christmas is about is being with your loved ones. You could buy someone all the presents in the world but if they don’t have your time then what’s the point? It’s difficult to do so and easy to say; but time and yourself are the most precious gifts. But! For those of you who are here to find out the ways to budget and save a little bit of money this Christmas, read below!

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.

This is the simplest yet hardest way to ensure that you don’t go bankrupt this Christmas. If you guys are anything like me then you absolutely love giving presents and it’s a ripple, snowball, tumbling wrapping paper effect of wanting to give and give and give. You start seeing stuff in the shops that reminds you of the person but you’re already £20 over budget. Ooh, but they’d really like it. They’d also really like you to not go into overdraft. The best way to do this is to sit down, write out everyone you’re buying presents for and set a budget per person. Keep track of when you buy presents and knock the money that you spent off of the budget, like you would if you were dipping into a piggy bank. You’ll pay more attention to ensuring you’re buying them what they want, not just what you see that reminds you of them.

2. Think about who you really want to buy for.

Last year, I went too mad. I literally bought presents for everyone and anyone and it landed me with not very much money come January! While you may want to be a people pleaser, think about how it could also make the other person feel if they haven’t bought you anything. I know you’re thinking well I wouldn’t mind but it could force them to think that they have to and they might end up losing out money because of it, too. As I said, your company really is a gift and quite often enough for people. If they tantrum and kick up a fuss about not getting a gift then perhaps you should consider who they are as a person!

3. Take advantage of the Black Friday sales!

I did so much of my shopping on Black Friday. It meant that I had more of a choice because the things that I wanted were so much cheaper. It definitely does make it easier for you to keep to a budget, too, because you feel like you’re getting more for less. But tread carefully – sales are sneaky! You think you’re saving loads and then suddenly, your basket adds up to £300. Keep an eye on the total.

4. Make something!

I can hear your eyes rolling but honestly, I feel so touched when someone’s made me something for Christmas or my birthday. It means that they’ve taken time out of their own time to make something personal for you. It doesn’t have to be a knitted scarf or anything like that – last year, I gave my best friend a word document with all of our writing on that we’d done over the years of knowing each other. She loved it and settled down to read it as soon as I gave it to her. I think she liked it more than the stuff I bought! And she made me one of those Scrabble photo frames which I love – it’s so cute!

5. Save in advance.

This is really hard to do but if you guys are good at saving and you have the means to do so then set aside a little pot for Christmas money. Even if you physically take the money out of your account and then put it in a pot somewhere or in a drawer, by the time December rolls around again – who knows how much you may have! This one is tricky, though, because of unexpected costs that life brings along the way.

So, there you have it! I hope this post was helpful to you guys. Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.


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🎄 Blogmas #8 – GUEST POST FROM MY MUM ; how to fight problematic skin!

Hey guys. So, this is a very special post on my blog because it was written by none other than my lovely mother (see, it rhymed!) She has been such a support to me throughout this time of building my blog and has really helped me to feel confident to share my writing. So I thought it was only fair to give her her own spot during Blogmas. I’ll hand over to her! 

Hey guys!

So, I have been given the opportunity to share about something that is close to my heart – and this is an absolute privilege 😊

I love Morgie’s blog and always eagerly await her next post, especially the ones about make-up. This got me thinking – how would ‘past me’ have felt seeing a beautifully made up face with seemingly flawless skin?  I have been on this planet for 54 years and for about 40 of those I have had what only could be described as problem skin. In my mid-teens I developed acne and then several years later eczema joined the party and more recently, rosacea. I am writing this not to have a pity party, but to share the things that helped me. Everybody is different of course so what works for me may not for someone else but I hope you find it interesting. So, I have put together five things that I have discovered on my ‘skin’ journey!

  1. I discovered when I was in my twenties that I am intolerant to dairy products. This was actually not in relation to my skin problems, but cutting cow’s milk and it’s derivatives out of my diet did have a positive effect on my skin. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either as there are plenty of dairy free alternatives available now so that you don’t have to go without, just adapt!
  2. I had very oily skin so I tried everything to counteract this. In essence, I believe it is probably good to try and balance your skin’s oiliness/dryness but I found that using products to dry my skin only seemed to make it more oily. There are plenty of excellent products out there so I guess it is finding the right one for you and your skin. Which brings me very nicely onto point 3 …
  3. Out of sheer desperation on my skin journey, I paid to have several sessions of dermabrasion. It was during these sessions that I discovered a range of skin products that have been life changing for me. I stumbled across skincare by Dr Schrammek. At that time, it was only available via skin specialists or online from overseas. A couple of years ago, I found a distributor in the UK so I order all my products from there. I will now only use these on my skin. I cleanse using the Deep Pore Cleanser from the regulating range, followed by Super Rich Tonic from the Essentials range. I also use the Essentials Optimum Protection Cream and the regulating Blemish Balm in either classic or honey tone, depending on the season. The products are quite expensive but a little goes a long way so they are really quite good value for money.Image result for dr schrammek
  4. Another life changing discovery was made when I found that refined sugar was my skin’s enemy. I used to tuck into my dairy free biscuits and cakes, oblivious to the effect it was having on my skin. I now very much limit my sugar intake as if I do overindulge, even now my skin will let me know!
  5. You are beautiful 😊 It doesn’t matter what shape or height you are or whether your skin is perfect or not – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It comes from the inside and shines out. I used to mistakenly think that because I had problem skin that it was the first thing people noticed about me. It turned out that this was not true. We all have our own insecurities but it is important not to let them dictate how you feel about yourself. The person who you may think is looking at you and thinking about how your skin looks is most probably not doing that at all. They are probably wishing that they had your lovely eyes/hair/smile/figure etc.

So that’s it! Just a few thoughts from me I learnt along the way. As I said earlier, what works for me may not be the answer for you but it’s good to share our experiences and realise that we are not alone.

Mama out.



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🎄 Blogmas #7 – Christmas Sia Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another makeup look – this is inspired by Sia’s new Christmas album cover. The actual makeup itself is pretty basic so I drew inspiration from the wig and the Christmassy colours in it. I love this look so much – it’s not very wearable but if you’re looking for drama then this is definitely the look for you! If you want to see the last makeup look that I did then click here!

Let’s get into it!

sia finished

First of all, I knew I wanted a really pale base to bring out the colours all the more. I’m quite naturally pale anyway so I went for my normal shade of foundation which is the L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation* in the shade Ivory. I applied that with a damp beauty blender from Primark all over my face to create a flawless base that reflected the wintery chill.


I also pushed it over my brows because I feel like the look a lot cleaner when I do that. I then went to my go-to brow routine at the moment which is applying the Rimmel London Brow This Way brow gel* in Medium Brown with an angled eyebrow brush from Primark. I didn’t want the eyebrows to be the main focus of the look as Maddy (the model in Sia’s picture) has quite natural looking brows.


I applied No.7’s Starry Eyed all over both of my lids as a base first of all. This is just to make the colours more vibrant and give them something to stick onto more.

sia 11

I was unsure what colours to use for the eyeshadow because getting a clean, deep red is really hard in eyeshadows. It seems to be a constant thing that they always come out looking quite pink. But I went for my fake Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and went for the colour Love Letter. Now, I would like to point out that I didn’t realise it was fake when I bought it nor did I buy it with the intention of it being an ABH palette. I just thought it was one that had similar colours as the picture on Amazon was totally different. I wouldn’t recommend buying fake palettes as you have no idea what is in them but this worked perfectly for this look. I then thought the colour was far too pink so I blended Venetian Red into the crease to deepen it. It looked a bit muddy and messy but I wanted it to look a little crazy.

Then onto the green! I’ve been really digging green eyeshadow looks at the moment as I’ve seen a lot of people do it. I had the perfect palette for colourful looks like this which I also bought off of Amazon by Acevivi*. It has so many colours and while some of them are really hard to blend, some of them are so pigmented. Like this green which I’m going to call Christmas Tree because it doesn’t have any names. It blended out so nicely. I really recommend this palette if you’re just starting out with makeup as it is a cheap (£13.99 for 120 colours!) way to get loads of colours onside and it makes your kit easier for experimentation. I then put Cyprus Umber into the crease to deepen it a little more to match the red on the other side.

The shade I used is the fifth row down, third one in. There’s another layer of palette out of shot if you’re wondering why there isn’t 120 colours there. ) 

I then thought that it wasn’t quite enough so I applied the Makeup Revolution Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Sovereign as an eyeliner over the top. It wasn’t entirely visible but it just added a little something something to it. I then applied the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara. I didn’t have any false lashes that matched the look but I just tried to single out my lashes as much as I could – it’s the one time you want spidery lashes!

I’m really frustrated because it didn’t really show up on camera but I also applied highlighter in the normal place, which was my Nyx Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam and I dotted on some faux freckles with the Nyx Duo Contour Powder. It looks super cute in person but it just didn’t show up on camera – I can’t wait until I get a new one so I can get the detail in a little more!

Finally, the lips! I was really unsure what colour to go with as Maddy has a pinky-nude but when I applied one with it, it just really didn’t work. Then I went for a bright London-Bus red colour and that was too much. So I found the inbetween which was Coffee Shimmer* by Rimmel London. It’s a shimmery brown and then I applied Sovereign again over the top for more Christmas glitz. It worked really well and I love how it came out. If you guys do recreate this look and try another colour then please let me know – I want to see it!

sia finished

So, there you have it! Would you guys be brave enough to wear this look? Let me know in the comments below and let me know if there’s any other makeup looks you want me to recreate. I’ll definitely be doing more posts like this.

Morgie out.


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🎄 Blogmas #6 – what makeup will I be taking with me into 2018?

Hey guys! So, I am so excited and somewhat nervous about this post because I tried to do the flat-lay type of photography that I see everywhere. I’m really happy with the results, now I’ve just got to do the writing! I was looking back through my makeup drawers and I found some goodies that I thought wow, I haven’t used them in a long time! So I thought I would put together a post of how my go-tos have changed this year – or whether they have at all.

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Primer.

At the beginning of 2017, I used to use my Nyx Pore Filler primer* which I got in a Nyx bundle Christmas set that my sister got for me. I love this primer so much – it’s silicone based so it makes your face feel so smooth and it definitely does hide your pores. The only reason I haven’t bought it again is that it’s normally around £16 (although at the time of linking, Amazon were selling it for £9) so I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative. I no longer have the packaging which is why it’s not in the photo.

16 v 17 primer

At the end of 2017, I’m using this primer/setting spray duo which I have spoken about tonnes on this blog. It’s one of my favourite makeup discoveries of this year, I am in love with it. – it’s the Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray.* You just spray it onto your face before applying your makeup and I definitely have seen a difference in how long my makeup lasts. It doesn’t make my face softer or minimise pores so I am still on the lookout for one that can do that!

2. Moisturiser.

At the beginning of 2017, I used my Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturiser. I’ve said before that there’s nothing particularly special about this moisturiser apart from the fact that a.) it doesn’t break me out and b.) it’s cheap.

16 v 17 moisturiser

At the end of 2017, I will be still using the same moisturiser. But I would like to make an honourable mention of the Tarte H20 Moisturiser which I tried in August. The only reason that I’m not using this one is purely because of the price. It’s about £30 which is a lot of money for moisturiser and don’t get me wrong, it is worth it. I really miss this moisturiser but financially, I can’t afford it right now. #one day. If anyone has any moisturiser dupes to suggest, let me know in the comments below!

3. Foundation. 

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the L’Oreal Infalliable Matte 24hr Foundation*. I really like this foundation, it does everything I want it to. The only thing that I find with it is that the more I use it, it’s as if my skin gets used to it? So it doesn’t show up as well and sinks into my skin more than normal. It’s really weird because I’ll take a break from it for a few weeks and go back to using it and it’s as good as I remember when I first started using it. Does anyone else get this? Am I crazy?!

16 v 17 foundation

At the end of 2017, I’m going to be using a mixture of the above foundations. I’ve spoken before about the L’Oreal True Match foundation*. It’s a perfect match for my skin but it’s just a little bit too oily for me. The Rimmel London Match Perfection* beside it is a re-discovery. It’s way too dark for me because it’s in Classic Beige but the formula is so lovely so once this is used up, I’m going to buy it in the right shade. I’ll more likely be using this one than the L’Oreal one purely because it’s nowhere near as oily.

4. Concealer. 

At the beginning of 2017, I’ll admit it: I wasn’t using concealer. I’m really not a concealer fan and it’s just because I’ve never really found one that I liked or that I found really made a difference to my makeup.

16 v 17 concealer

At the end of 2017, I’ll be using the Nyx Colour Correcting Concealer palette* which I’ve spoken about before on this blog. As you can see from the picture, the main colours I use are the yellow and green. The others are a bit too peachy for me but the yellow is so good for dark circles. I did put in a mention of the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix concealer but I wonder if you guys can guess why I won’t be using this. I’ve literally used it about 4-5 times and the tube is already looking empty! It doesn’t do anything special so I wouldn’t recommend it.

5. Powder.

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the Rimmel London Stay Matte Setting Powder* to set my makeup. I’m pretty sure I’ve been using this one since I’ve been doing makeup? It’s amazing. It’s my one true love. You can see how much I’ve used it from how scuzzy it is, you can’t even see the writing anymore. I also got it wet which is why it’s gross. Whines about it.

16 v 17 powder

At the end of 2017, I’m still going to be using the same powder. I don’t think I’ll ever find one that matches this one but if I do, I’ll let you guys know. I did try to branch away from my favourite by picking up the Collection Sheer Loose Powder but wow. I don’t know if I’m just anti-loose powder in general but the mess. I’ve never known anything like it. It definitely didn’t set my makeup at all, either. If anything, it made it more oily. 100% would not recommend!

6. Brows.

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the Revolution Ultra Brow Palette which is something that I rave about all the time on this blog, too. It has so many different shades for varying depths of brow and also has two waxes, a highlighter and a concealer. I’ve had it for exactly a year now and I’m still working my way through it. It’s so long lasting and hands down, the best brow product I’ve ever used.

16 v 17 brow

At the end of 2017, I’ll be still using the same brow palette but I will make an honourable metnion to the Rimmel London Brow This Way Brow Gel* which I discovered this year. It’s so good for if you don’t have time to do full #instabrows and lasts all day. Love it.

7. Eyeshadow.

At the beginning of 2017, my go-to eyeshadow palette was the Naked3*. I’ve had this since my 19th birthday and I love it so much. I know people are a bit uncertain about the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes but I love this one so much. It’s perfect for neutral looks.

16 v 17 eyeshadow

At the end of 2017, I will still be using my Naked3 palette but my go-to is my Mannakadar 3-in-1 in Fantasy. It’s so glowy and easy to apply and lasts all day even without a primer. It really makes my blue eyes pop, too!

8. Eyeliner.

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the Soap&Glory Supercat liner. I think I used the one that was super chunky but to be honest, this has been the first year in ages that I haven’t consistently put on winged liner. It’s too much of a faff in the morning when I’m about to go to work so I only do it if I’m really feeling it.

16 v 17 eyeliner

At the end of 2017, I’ll be using the Nyx Felt Tip Liner in Jet Black. It’s nothing that special. It is easy to use and it’s cheap but there’s nothing that selling about it aside from that. Like I said, I’m not really an eyeliner connoisseur anymore. (P.S. I spelt that right first time, who’s impressed?)

9. Mascara.

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the L’Oreal False Lash Fibre mascara*. I love this one. I’m really picky with mascaras because I find that I’m allergic to a lot of them so I was surprised that I got on okay with a fibre one but I recommended this to my mum and my sister and now, we all use it. It genuinely does make you look like you’re wearing false lashes.

16 v 17 mascara

At the end of 2017, I’ll be re-buying the Tarte 4-in-1 Mascara which again, is something I’ve raved about multiple times on this blog. You can see how much I’ve used it because the words are completely rubbed off. It is hands down the best mascara I have ever used and it’s only a little bit more expensive than the Fiber one.

10. Contour.

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the Kate 3-in-1 Sculpt Kit* in the shade Coral Glow. I love this contour as it blends out really nicely and is the perfect shade for me. I don’t contour all that often so it’s just a handy thing to grab.

16 v 17 contour

At the end of 2017, I’ll be using the Model Co contour stick. It’s so creamy and easy to use that it’s made me fall back in love with contouring again. The stick format makes it easy to do nose contouring which normally, I don’t like but this formula blends so nicely that it almost looks natural. Almost.

11. Blush.

At the beginning of 2017, I was using the same blush as above, the Kate sculpt kit in Coral Glow. It’s such a gorgeous blush that I can’t recommend enough to people. It sits nicely on the skin and the colour is just beautiful. I love it so much.

16 v 17 blush

At the end of 2017, the Tarte blush is my go to blush. It’s a very similar colour to the Coral Glow, it’s in the colour Thrilled and it is one of the best blushes I’ve ever used. I’ve heard people rave about the Tarte blushes and I always thought it was just a hype but it’s amazing. I’m also making an honourable mention to that gorgeous pink shade in the Revolution Ultra Blush palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold as I reach for that quite a lot. I’m also also making an honourable mention to the Spectrum A05 brush as it’s the best brush I’ve ever used.

12. Lips. ( If you’re still here, you get a cookie. )

At the beginning of 2017, I was using my go-to combo of the Rimmel London Lipliner in Tiramasu paired with the Rosetto lipstick by Kate. I love this combination so much, it makes your lips look nice and plump and has a beautiful finish. You can see how much I love it because it’s almost completely gone.

16 v 17 lipstick

At the end of 2017, I’m still going to be using my go-to lip combination but I wanted to make a few honourable mentions to the above lipsticks. I rediscovered the Rimmel London Apocalips liquid lipsticks and this shade is Pomegranate. They literally do not budge all day, they don’t feel sticky and they don’t crumble. They are amazing. I also love the Revolution Liquid Lipsticks (this one is in Peach Charming) and I’ll be collecting more of them. They’re a little less long-lasting but they are so pigmented and pretty.

So, there you have it! Well done for making it all the way down here. Did you make any discoveries in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.


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*post contains affiliate links. I’m not obligated to make this post and will only promote products I love myself. 


🎄 Blogmas #5 Christmas Makeup Giftsets – are you being ripped off?! Part 3.

Hey guys! Welcome to day five of Blogmas and the final part of my little series where I tell you the value of the makeup giftsets that we’re all looking at for Christmas! I really like them, personally, but I’m asking the question: are you getting your money’s worth?

**DISCLAIMER** There are no affiliate links in this post, all reviews are 100% my own and they mean no offence to the brands themselves.

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Nyx Jet Set Travel Kit – Matte VS Glow, £25.


What is the value? You get seven products: a primer, a highlighter, liquid lipstick, blush, setting powder, lip balm and setting spray. Each product comes to £3.50 each. Honestly, the best value I have seen throughout this entire series of posts.

What size are the products? I think this is another amazing thing too as you have three full size products and the rest are tester sizes.

Packaging? It’s quite basic packaging but definitely very useful for storing your makeup in, travelling etc.

Overall? 100% Morgie approved. My sister bought me a similar version of this last year and I was overwhelmed with the quality of it. I still have the highlighter from last year and I use it a lot so it goes to show how long-lasting it all is. The fact you get three full size products in this is amazing, too. 100/10.

2. Kat Von D x Too Faced Better Together Cheek and Lip Makeup Bag Set, £33.

too faced

What is the value? You get six products; a highlighter, a blush, a lipstick and a liquid lipstick and two makeup bags which amounts to £5.50 each which is really good value.

What size are the products? By the looks of it, only the lipstick and the bags are fullsize but that isn’t bad, to be honest!

Packaging? I don’t know what the actual box looks like but the bags are so adorable.

Overall? Overall, I think this is my second favourite from the Nyx. I was really impressed with the value of this and the fact that you can try two brands. I’m tempted to put it on my Christmas list! 9/10.

3. Benefit How To Look The Best at Everything Complexion Kit, £27.


What is the value? You get six products: a primer, a foundation, a duo-bronzer, a powder and a brush and if you divide it all, it brings the products to £4.50 each which for Benefit products is amazing as they’re normally rather pricey. I think the true value of this product is the foundation in it?! I have literally never seen a foundation in a makeup giftset. #shook.

What size are the products? I think they’re all minis.

Packaging? Soooo cute. I love the book-look so much.

Overall? 10/10. I love Benefit and their products and I think this would be perfect for the right person – you wouldn’t want them to take offence at the ‘complexion’!

4. Too Faced Best Year Ever Makeup Giftset, £46.

too faced 1

What is the value? 3 palettes which include eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlighter and also a mascara and a makeup bag which all comes to £9.20 each.

What size are the products? I think the mascara is tester size but the palettes are full-size.

Packaging? How cute? It honestly reminds me of those three tiered pencil cases you used to be able to get from the Disney shop with the pre-set pens and pencils. So cute! I love it.

Overall? A really good product. I would definitely buy this for someone and I think it is really good value. 10/10.

5. Kat Von D London Calling Volume 2£19.50.

kvd 3

What is the value? You get a lipstick, a liquid lipstick and a liner but I’m combining the size category too because I think they’re going to be tiny so for £6.50 each, I don’t think the value is that great.

Packaging? Eh. It’s okay. I don’t like Kat Von D’s packaging that much anyway so I think that’s just a personal preference.

Overall? I think it’s okay for the slightly smaller price but not the best Kat Von D set you can get.

So, there you have it! That’s the end of the series. I hope you guys found it beneficial to your gift-choosing.

Morgie out.


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🎄 Blogmas #4 Christmas Makeup Giftsets – are you being ripped off?! Part 2.

Hey guys! Welcome to day four of Blogmas. I’m continuing on from my post yesterday about the Christmas Makeup Giftsets that are out this year and whether they are worth the money!

**DISCLAIMER** There are no affiliate links in this post and all opinions are 100% my own and they also mean no offence to the brands.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

  1. Ofra x Nikkie Tutorials Collection, £44.


What is the value? £11 per product.

What size are the products? Full size.

Packaging? By the looks of it, it doesn’t look like there is any packaging. I think the picture above is how it would be presented in store but I think it just comes in normal boxes which is a bit of a let down.

Overall? I think the pricing is okay for high end even though it’s a little on the high side. You’re literally paying for the name here and they’re quite odd colours for people to try – especially if it turns out that they don’t like them. I do like this range and I would like to try them but I think it is a bit overpriced. 7/10.

2. Kat Von D x Too Faced Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection, £57.



What is the value? £14.25 per product, you get technically two eyeshadow palettes, a mascara and an eyeliner.

What is the size? Full size.

Packaging? I’m not sure about the actual box that the makeup comes in but the actual design is cute enough that I think we’ll let them off.

Overall? I like the merging of two brands, I think that the packaging is so beautiful and a real seller for it. I think it’s good that you get to test two brands at once but I do think that the technicality of £14.25 for eyeliner and mascara is a bit expensive. 8/10.

3. Kat Von D Rock Candy Studded Lipstick giftset, £34.


What is the value? Six lipsticks for £5.70 each. Very good value!

What size are the products? Full size.

Packaging? Pretty but this is just a personal preference that overall, it’s not very gift-looking? I think it’s the colour scheme or something.

Overall? Like I said, it’s personal but I could already see that I would be taking three of the lipsticks out because I wouldn’t be using them but for the right person, this would be a very good and reasonable gift! 7/10.

4. Buxom Lips Off Leash Lipkit£48.


What is the value? You get 15 lipsticks which come to £3.20 each.

What size are the products? Mini.

Packaging? Super pretty and Christmassy.

Overall? I love this product and am tempted by it myself. The range of colours is absolutely incredible. Love love love! 10/10.

 5. Makeup Forever Lustrous Musthaves giftset, £27.


What is the value? You get a primer, some powder, an eyeliner, mascara and lipstick which all come to £5.40 each which is amazing.

What size? They’re all tester size apart from the eyeliner.

Packaging? It really reminds me of the Kylie lipkits but it looks so pretty and like a proper giftset.

Overall? I really like this idea of putting more than just lipsticks into a giftset like this because I think it’s a really good way for people to properly be able to test the brand itself across all products. 9/10.

So, there we have it! Which one was your favourite? Stay tuned for the final part tomorrow!

Morgie out.


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🎄 Blogmas #3 Christmas Makeup Giftsets – are you being ripped off?! Part 1.

Hey guys! Welcome to day three of Blogmas; I’m going to start a mini-series within a series (series-ception) because I’ve been looking a lot at these makeup giftsets that creep out of the woodwork around Christmas time. Most of the time, they’re sold all year but some of them aren’t. They’re a really good way of discovering new brands but are you getting your money’s worth? Let’s see!

**DISCLAIMER** There are no affiliate links in this post, all reviews are 100% my own and they also mean no offence to the brands themselves.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to it!

  1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Nudes Volume One, £45.

What is the value? £5ish per liquid lip.

What size are the productsMini versions of the full liquid lip.

Packaging? Super pretty and mimic the product inside.

Overall? First of all, I want to point out that I do not condone Jeffree Star’s actions as a person. But I think that this would be a really good gift for someone who liked nude liquid lipsticks and wanted to try out the formula for this brand. I like the fact that there’s a wide variety of shades and I think it’s really good value. 9/10.

2. Morphe Plush Liquid Lip Kit, £12.

Plush Liquid Lip Kit

What is the value? Now, initially I thought from the photo that you got 6 liquid lipsticks but that’s Beauty Bay being a big cheeky and unclear from their pictures as you only get 3. It’s still really good value at £4 per lipstick but still! I was shocked! Naughty step for you, Beauty Bay.

What size are the productsNot stated! Again, I think this is really naughty and it might be Beauty Bay, it might be Morphe – but this means that you don’t know what value you actually are getting for your money.

Packaging? Again again, not stated! It could come in a gross box which wouldn’t be very good for a gift set.

Overall? Even though this is super cheap, I think the vague-ness of the product probably means that they’re hiding something and that you actually get a very small amount. There’s little description. A good point is that you do get a variety of colours within the sets of three. 4/10.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Liquid Lipstick Set, £26.

What is the value? £8ish per lipstick.

What size are the products? They’re mini lipsticks which makes this giftset a bit of a ripoff to be honest. You could go to a drugstore and get a full liquid lipstick for £8 but I do think it’s a good way to get to know the brand and the formula.

Packaging? Boojee as. I love the packaging.

Overall? Obviously, with this one you are paying for the name and as I said above, I do think it is a good way to get to know the brand. But if you didn’t like the formula then you’re left with three mini lipsticks that cost quite a bit of money. 6/10.

4. Laura Geller Hollywood Glam Squad Collection, £17.

What is the valueYou get a liquid lipstick, a highlighter, a primer and an eyeliner which all come to about £3 each which is incredible for what you get.

What size are the products? Everything aside from the eyeliner are mini testers.

Packaging? Soooo pretty. Look at that. Love it.

Overall? I think this is one of my favourite kits in this post if not the entire series that I’m going to be doing. You get such a good scope of what the brand is like because I feel like brands like ABH only promote their liquid lipsticks because it’s what they’re best known for but I think that this is such a good way to promote your brand as you get to try so many different types of makeup. Also, my best friend loves that highlighter so it’s definitely approved by her. 10/10.

5. Zoeva Plaisir Box, £48.

What is the value? Three eyeshadow palettes for £16 each.

What size are the products? Full size.

Packaging? Soooo pretty. I have never personally tried the Zoeva range before but this is making me want to.

Overall? I love this, I think if you’re an eyeshadow lover then this would be the perfect gift as there is a wide range of colours and it is such good value for the amount of palettes you get. It looks like there’s a few colours that are repeated but they are very slightly different. 8/10.

So, there you have it! Which one was your favourite? Stay tuned for tomorrow as I’m going to be doing another one of these posts!

Morgie out.


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❄️ Stat Saturday – November overview.

Hey guys! I know I say it every month, but this year has gone so quick so therefore, every month has gone super quick. I’ve been really happy with my blog this month, I think it’s come on in leaps and bounds and it’s made me so excited for December/Blogmas and especially next year as I would love for this blog to just keep growing and growing. I love writing it so much and I hope you guys love reading it. Anyway! On with the stats.

I also want to do a little sidenote that none of this is to brag or anything, it’s more for future reference for me so I can see what I’ve done differently/what works and what doesn’t.

Views: 736 (7x the amount in October!)

Likes: 223 (8x the amount in October!)

Followers: 163 (+60 since October!)

Comments: 40 (4x the amount in October!)

Most popular posts: 

  1. 100 Follower Giveaway – This was posted in light of my 100 followers that I gained and I’m going to be doing another one when I reach 250 so keep an eye out for that as my followers are growing quite quickly, which I’m super excited for! (By the way, this is closed now. )
  2. November Birchbox Review – My Birchbox posts always seem to be the most popular every month and they are my favourite to write, too. I think I’m possibly going to take on another subscription box in the new year once I’m back at work as I really love receiving them/writing about them. Let me know in the comments below which ones you suggest!
  3. Peachy pink makeup tutorial – I was so nervous for this one and I’m so glad that you guys liked it as much as I did. I was really apprehensive about posting it as I’m obviously not a makeup artist or anything of the like so I can’t teach you guys anything expertly – all I can do is show you what I do. But I was really chuffed with the attention this received and how complimentary you guys were.
  4. What’s inside my makeup bag? This one took so long to write and I was really proud of it so I’m glad you guys liked it, too. I’m super nosy about people’s makeup collection so I might do a full post of my collection if you guys were interested in that.
  5. Five ways to get more followers – There seems to be this really weird stigma around talking about things that grow your blog in this community. I’m not entirely sure why though as everyone started in the same boat (unless you’re Kylie Jenner or something) so I think I’m going to do more of these posts.

Where does my traffic come from? 


Before you guys match up the views above and say ‘that doesn’t add up to 700!!’, visitors are completely different to views. I’m not exactly sure how WordPress works it out but putting it into the chart like this was really interesting for me. I’ve also recently started posting more on Pinterest but I haven’t seen any change in traffic there.

So, there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more Blogmas posts!

Morgie out.


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🎄 Blogmas #2 Goals I have for my blog for 2018.

Hey guys! Welcome to Day 2 of Blogmas. I’ve been thinking about this for a while because slowly but surely, I’ve been seeing my blog grow and I keep thinking about what I want to do with it and where I want to go with it in the next year. So, without further ado – let’s get into my #bloggoals.

  1. Collab with some of you guys.

I would really really love to write collaborations with you guys because I think it’s just such a fun way to be able to explore different people’s writing styles and also to make new, like-minded friends. I have a bunch of ideas, too, which I would love to share with people because I think it’s really interesting to see what different people say on the same topic. Does that make me weird? I don’t know. Anyway, if anyone is interested then please contact me on any of my social media or in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

2. Higher quality photos.

So, right now – I’m literally taking all of my photos on my phone in my room which is only lit by my window pretty much. I know that it’s not the be all and end all as long as the content is good but I really would like to put more effort into the #aesthetic of my blog. So, I’m currently saving up for a good camera – my little filmmaker heart wants one so bad anyway – and some lighting and studio props etc so that I can provide the quality photos that I really want for this blog.

3. Spreading onto Youtube.

Piggybacking onto point number two, I would really like to try my hand at Youtube. I love blogging so much but I feel like with posts like my makeup tutorials and when I’m testing out products, you guys just aren’t seeing the true effect of the product. I would really like to do first impressions videos and unboxings and all that good stuff. But of course, for that – you need a camera. You also need a voice which for those of you that don’t know, I have been struggling with that in the last end of this year. I’m writing this post in advance so hopefully my voice will be back right now. But Youtube is so interesting and I feel like you can get your personality across so much more.

4. Making money.

Yes, yes. Here we go. I really have enjoyed blogging so so so much and like I said, I’m writing this in advance so I’m not sure what the small future holds but I would really like to generate some income from this blog. That’s something that I am leaving in God’s hands, though. It is a dream job and one that I would love but we will wait and see.

5. Helping smaller brands.

In even my short time on WordPress and social media in general, I have seen so many amazing brand/product/business ideas that you guys are coming up with that I just can’t get over how talented you all are. I would really like to use my blog to be able to help other people to get their message out there and get their branding out there.

So, there you have it! How would you guys like to expand your blogs this year? Let me know in the comments below and let me know what you think of my ideas, too!

Morgie out.


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🎄 #Blogmas Day 1! Five winter lipsticks you need + swatches | COLLAB WITH COFFEEWITHK.

Hey guys! How excited are you for Christmas? I know I am! I love the thought of posting every day in the run up to Christmas and I’ve written up a post of ideas here which you guys should all check out if you’re unsure what to post. I’m actually collaborating with the lovely Kianna aka CoffeeWithK, you can check out her blog here and you should follow her on Twitter here. She’s so lovely and has such an amazing blog!

Anyway, less rambling, more swatching!

  1. L’Oreal lip paint in Nude-ist, £6.99. *

This is honestly one of the best lip products I have ever used, it is to die for. It smells so good and is so creamy and pigmented. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t dry down completely matte as it advertises which means that there is some transfer on cups/skin etc. But this colour is one of my favourites. The applicator also needs to be mentioned as it’s like a normal lipgloss/lipstick applicator but with a dent in it which makes it match the curve of your lips – making it so easy to apply! I love it lots and it’s a perfect cool tone for winter.

2. Revolution Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit in Sovereign, £6.00.

Metallic lipstick has been a trend for 2017 and I didn’t quite get it but when I saw this colour, I really wanted to try it. First of all, how beautiful is the packaging? I love this colour so much but I think it works better against another colour for a sort of ombre look. I’ve paired it with Divine Wine and it looked so Christmassy and perfect. I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial on the whole look I did with it because it was perfect for a Christmas party. The only thing is because it’s so sheer as it’s metallic, it takes a few coats to get full pigmentation if you’re not putting it with another lipstick. Also, you’ll see a TAM Beauty banner below which is the company that provides Revolution, Freedom etc. If you do buy something through this link then I will get a commission but I want to assure everyone that all of my opinions are 100% my own. Small disclaimer there!

3. Maybelline Colour Sensational in Divine Wine* £5.08.

I love this lipstick, I find myself always reaching for it if I want a bit more of a dramatic look. I used to wear red lipstick all the time and I don’t know what it was that put me off but this made me fall in love with it again. It’s a bit dry but the colour payoff is worth it. Just because it’s darker, I would advise applying a lipliner first but I haven’t found that it bleeds out anyway. This colour is perfect for a Christmas look if paired with a golden eyeshadow.

4. Revolution Iconic Matte in Members Club, £3.00.

I think you can see the colour scheme that I’m going with for this post but this is one of my newest additions to my lipstick condition. It’s a lovely purple/berry colour which is so dark and beautiful. It takes a few swipes to get full pigmentation but it’s perfect for the winter months. And for that price, you can’t go wrong. Same disclaimer as above!

5. Rimmel London Colour Rush in the Redder the Better* £2.90.

Again, the red lip is the way to go for Christmassy makeup and I do love it so much. This one is a pencil applicator which is super creamy and easy to put on so you don’t necessarily need to put a lipliner on with it. I love the colour and pigmentation of this and I was super surprised as I said before because I don’t really like red lipsticks – especially bright ones like this – but I’ve worn this quite a few times since I bought it.


So, there you have it! What’s your favourite colour to wear for winter? Let me know in the comments below. Are you doing blogmas? Link me to your post so I can see it!

Morgie out.


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*affiliate link. All opinions are 100% my own and I haven’t been paid to make this post. 


🎁 Whatever Wednesday – Blogmas post ideas!

Hey guys! Who’s excited for Blogmas? I know that I am! I’ve already written up a fair few posts of mine but I thought that I’d make this one as a guide for people who are lacking in inspiration or just need a few ideas! If you guys are struggling then don’t feel bad about it or despondent, twenty four ideas is a lot to come up with – especially when we have our minds on things like Christmas shopping etc. This is predominantly for beauty, lifestyle and fashion bloggers but they can spread to other types of bloggers, too!

Let’s get into it.

  1. Favourite makeup product for winter.
  2. Why you decided to do Blogmas.
  3. Gift guide for mothers.
  4. Gift guide for fathers.
  5. A makeup look for Christmas day.
  6. An outfit for Christmas day.
  7. Gift guide for grandparents.
  8. Gifts for a makeup lover.
  9. Favourite Christmas films.
  10. Your favourite makeup trends for this year.
  11. Your favourite fashion trends for this year.
  12. Favourite Christmas songs.
  13. Gift guide for boyfriends.
  14. Gift guide for girlfriends.
  15. Your Christmas traditions.
  16. Your favourite Christmas memories.
  17. Christmas party outfits.
  18. Christmas party makeup.
  19. Favourite people participating in Blogmas.
  20. Favourite people participating in Vlogmas.
  21. Top things you are grateful for this year.
  22. Top things you have learned by blogging this year.
  23. Your Christmas wishlist.
  24. Christmas Eve traditions.

I hope this helps some people! I’m sticking to a very similar guide but it’s not exactly this way. Let me know if you’ll be doing Blogmas and link me to your blog below as I would love to read the posts!

Morgie out.


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💻 Tip Tuesday! Five things I’ve learned about #affiliate marketing.

Hey guys! If you want to see my previous post on what I’d learned from blogging in general then definitely give that a look. I feel like affiliate marketing is something that people don’t like to talk about because we have this really weird thing that if money is involved it has to be hush hush? I really don’t understand that which is precisely why I’m making this post!

Just before we get into it – if you haven’t entered my giveaway then you should click here to do so!

  1. The sites I’ve used.

So, my favourite site to find affiliates so far has been Linkshare / Rakuten. I only recently signed up for it and I found out about it through Birchbox. There are so many smaller brands on there who are willing to work with smaller bloggers to promote their products. The application system is so easy – all you have to do is fill in a few questions about how many views your blog gets on average per month (I’ll talk about this later), where you’re from, what your blog’s topic is etc. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this and gain success from it because there are literally thousands of brands who want to work with people. In my first day of signing up, I got accepted onto two affiliate programs when I only had just over 100 followers and less than 500 views per month. It is achievable.

The second site I use is Awin. The only reason I’m not as keen on Awin is that their link converter isn’t entirely compatible with WordPress which is a big reason why I’m considering moving my blog away and being self-hosed with Bluehost, which is another site that I’ve heard very good things about. Awin’s link converter is a plugin that you can use with WordPress but for some reason, the package you have to be on with WordPress then takes your posts off of the reader which is not any good as a large percentage of my views come from the reader. It’s swings and roundabouts, really, of what you want an outcome of most. There are some brands that don’t use the convert-a-link so it might not affect you. But it’s something I thought I should mention.

Anyway! There’s lots of really good, well-known brands on there and you hear back about applications quite quickly. At the time of writing this, I have been accepted onto two affiliate programmes which I’m super excited about. Awin also have a small commission for advertising them so if you’re interested then click on the image below. If you do sign up, I’ll receive a small commission but that’s not the only reason I’m advertising them – I genuinely think they are so good.

2. It is not a make-money-fast method.

While I have heard success stories from affiliate marketing, please please please don’t quit your job until you know that you have a steady income from it. A lot of the commission is quite small and obviously, it relies a lot on people actually buying the products with your code/from your link. A lot of brands use the 30 day cookie promise which is that if the person returns to the site and decides that they do want to buy the product then you will still get the commission from it as your link is sat in their cookies.

3. You have to be 100% honest with both the brand and your readers.

I know that when money is involved, anyone is tempted to take on just any brand and promote it to your readers so long as you get a few pennies from it. But I can promise you that this will lost the trust of your readership if they buy something from the brand that you’ve promoted and it turns out to be shockingly awful. I’m not saying in terms of things like makeup – so for someone with dry skin, a foundation might be perfect but then when tried on an oily-skinned person, they found it atrocious. I’m talking about generally just poor quality products. Ensure you do research about the brand and don’t be afraid to message them about any concerns you might have. If they cancel your affiliation with them then they aren’t worth it! Always put your readers first. I’m pretty sure it’s also a legal requirement now to state whether a post is sponsored so make sure you do do that.

I also put be honest with your brand. A lot of the T’s and C’s of affiliate programmes state that you are not allowed to click on your own link or get a friend to do it. It might seem like a clever idea and a quick way to get money but I can assure you, you will be found out and it just isn’t worth it!

4. You have to work hard.

Ever since I discovered affiliate marketing, I have probably made about 100+ applications to programmes through various different sites. A lot of them get rejected and some, you just never hear back from which can be quite disheartening but I promise you – there will be a brand that will want to work with you. But it requires a lot of scrawling on the internet and writing a lot of applications to get there – treat it like a job hunt because that’s basically what it is. If you think about what you have to go through to get a job, affiliate marketing seems pretty small fry.

5. Build your way up.

Finally! Aim small. I’m not talking in terms of your dreams but in terms of short-term goals, don’t try and approach businesses like ABH Cosmetics and Jeffrey Star and Apple or whatever to partner with them if your viewership is low. I can assure you that it is a waste of your time and theirs and that it’ll only bring you down if your application doesn’t get accepted. When you feel like your blog is in a place to approach brands like that then obviously go ahead but there will always be brands that will want to work with up and coming stars for the very same reason as you! They can’t get hold of the likes of Zoella etc because they are just too small. It doesn’t mean they are any worse than these big brands just like you aren’t any worse than Zoella – they’ve just been at it a lot longer than you have. Remember that everyone starts somewhere and wouldn’t it be great to be with a brand long enough to see them grow?

Sorry for this incredibly long but I hope useful post! If you guys have any more questions then please let me know in the comments and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Morgie out.


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💄 Makeup Monday! Peachy pink makeup look 🍑

Hey guys! So I’m a little nervous/excited for this post as I’ve never done a makeup tutorial before but first time for everything! This makeup look is inspired by my new jumper which is in the photo above. It’s got half pink and half green sleeves and while I’m not quite brave enough to put green on my lids yet – I thought this look went perfectly with it. Keep reading to see how I got it!

peachy makeup

So recently, I’ve been breaking out like crazy which hasn’t been fun and I wondered if it was my foundation so I tried an old favourite for this look which is the Rimmel Lasting Perfection foundation in soft beige – it’s way too dark for me which is why I look so healthy in the pictures above instead of my usual pasty self. I’m also scared that my beauty blender isn’t helping my skin problem so I applied it with clean hands and then set with the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder.

I wanted the peachy-ness and the pinks to be the main focus of this look so I didn’t go too ham with my eyebrows, I just used a crease brush and the contour shade from the below Kate palette to give my brows a really soft, natural look.

I then used the same palette (it’s in Coral Glow if you wanted to know) and the blush shade as an eyeshadow. I paired it with Burnout from the Urban Decay Burnout palette to make it a bit deeper. I then applied my favourite mascara which is the tarte 4-in-1 Lights Camera Lashes.


I wanted this look to be super blush-y so I took my Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold and I used the most pink shade I could see in the palette on my cheeks. I was really surprised because when I first got this, it was so pigmented but I’m not sure if it’s that I was using a darker foundation but it didn’t show up as well as it normally does so I put Thrilled by tarte on top as well to deepen it. I also used the shade below to highlight, it is *Jeffree Star voice* BLINDING!


I then used my trusty Rimmel London lip liner in Tiramasu (I seriously love this shade so much, @Rimmel London: NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS.) I then applied Nyx Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee but it just wasn’t pink enough for me so I applied the Revolution Liquid Lipstick in Peach Charming to finish it off.

peachy makeup

So, there you go! Did you guys like this look? If so, I might do more makeup looks because I’ve had this weird obsession with matching my makeup to my outfits recently instead of doing a general look. Let me know if you want more posts like this!

Morgie out.

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🎬 Film Friday – Films I watched in November.

Hey guys! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of November. It seemed like no time at all that it was summer. I’ve seen a few people do a summary of what films they watched over a month and this month, because I’ve been poorly – I’ve seen loads! They’re not all necessarily new ones, but I thought I would include them anyway. So, let’s get down to it!

50/50 – I’ve heard so much about this one, I don’t know why I’ve never actually sat down and watched it. I guess it’s because of the disturbing topic but I’ve never seen such an accurate portrayal of cancer. It’s not romanticised, it’s not dramatise. They really emphasise the ‘everyday’ with it and bring elements of comedy into it. While that sounds like it wouldn’t work, it does. It’s truly emotional and both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen did an amazing job at it. 9/10. 

Bridesmaids – This is another film that I know why I ignored it. I’m really not a comedy film person – it has to really entice me to watch it. Especially ones like this which derive from the predecessors like The Hangover and Due Date etc. But I really enjoyed this one. It was more than a comedy because the main character was truly believable, even if some of the scenes were dramatic. The thought of losing your best friend to someone better than you on paper is something I think we all go through at one time or another. I really enjoyed it and now, I get the hype that surrounds it. It had some laugh out loud moments but it also made me feel emotional, too. 10/10.

Disney’s Robin Hood – I’ve seen this film 1000x. It’s my Dad’s favourite Disney film and it will always hold a place in my heart. I love the animation, the old BBC-esque voices. I relate to Prince John way too much. His tantrums are just me. Everything about it is so good, especially the little whistled tune at the beginning. 9/10.

Identity Thief – Again, this was just one of the things that I put on as somethign to have in the background. There had been a lot of hype surrounding its release but I really enjoyed it. Jason Bateman is someone that I’ve heard a lot about but I’ve never actually seen him in anything. He really reminded me of Morgan Freeman and I really enjoyed this film. While I wouldn’t say it made me laugh, it definitely had some heart-warming moments. 7/10. 

Pocahontas – This is one of my top five Disney films. I love it so, so much. It always was a favourite of mine when I was little and that hadn’t changed now. I can watch it over and over and over again. I know it’s not historically accurate but as a separate entity, it is such a good film. The music is stunning10/10.

Fantastic 4, The Silver Surfer – I haven’t seen this film in so long – probably since it came out? But it’s just an easy super hero film to watch. Nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering. It is funny seeing Chris Evans as another superhero before turning into Captain America but I have to say, I prefer him as Johnny. 6/10.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire – I can’t even remember the last time I watched this. I think it must be about the time that it first came out.  I don’t really like the story but the individual characters are so funny. I especially love the little Mole character, he literally had me in stitches. 5/10. 

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World – Now, I’m really at two ends with this film because I really enjoy it but I don’t  really see why they made it? I get that they wanted to be ~historically accurate~ even though they were far from it. The music is beautiful and I think it’s its only saving grace. The animation feels really awkward and they really push the romance between John Rolfe and Pocahontas – they also make John Smith act totally different and obnoxious so that the audience ends up wanting John Rolfe and Pocahontas to end up together. I sound like I’m being really negative. I do enjoy it, I do. But I can see why people hate it. 7/10. 

Spiderman 3 – I know that the original Spiderman movies are ones that create controversy because a lot of people don’t like them. They are super cheesy and Tobey MacGuire’s acting is hilarious in parts but I love these films. Especially the third one. I love the whole Venom story arc and how questionable Peter Parker really becomes thorughout – bullying Eddie to get what he wants, cheating on MJ, not telling Harry the real reason why they fell out. There’s a lot of elements to the story and yes, the dance scene is so cringey to watch but it always has me in hysterics. I’ll always love these films. 10/10. 

So, there we have it! I’m sure there’s some more there that I have watched but these are the ones that have stuck with me. Do you guys like any of these films? Let me know in the comments!

Morgie out.


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👗 Fashion Friday! Five things I bought from Romwe #under£50.

Hey guys! From my previous posts, it’s pretty obvious that I love Romwe so much. I know that it’s had some bad publicity due to its low prices, people are unwilling to buy from it. However, I’ve never had a bad experience with it. So, I’ll cut to the haul!

  1. Embroidery Mesh Panel Cuffed Blouse, £7.02 reduced from £23.43.

This is a bit of an experimental buy as I’ve never had a shirt like this before but I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love blouses and especially quirky ones like this. I love the colour of it, too. It’s quite a basic style but the mesh panel just adds so much more to it which I absolutely love. The only thing I’m a little uncertain about is the middle of the shirt as the fabric makes it look a little like it’s inside out? But I think it should be okay. We’ll see!

2. Cut Out Neck Contrast Sleeve, £5.46 reduced from £20.30.

These jumpers keep being advertised to me on Facebook so I finally gave in. I love the mismatched colours, I think it just brings such a new dynamic to it and it kind of reminds me of Hayley Williams’ style, which I’ve done a post on before so you guys know how much I love her wardrobe! The sleeves look super long, too, which I am so into.

3. Open Shoulder Raw Hem Heathered Pullover, £4.68 reduced from £21.08.

I have so many open shoulder things in my wardrobe, I seriously need a restraining order. I have a jumper quite similar to this but it looks so soft and for that price, I couldn’t resist!

4. White Letter Print Drop Shoulder Crop T-Shirt, £5.46 reduced from £26.53.

I have literally been obsessed with these types of t-shirts recently and I will admit I buy them on the sole purpose of wearing them as pyjamas. I get so hot at night no matter what time of year that all I want is a shirt and shorts and these cropped ones are so perfect for that but the drop shoulders make them super cosy and comfortable, too! Love it.

5. Lantern Sleeve Pleated Detailed Shirt, £5.46 reduced from £19.52.

Finally, this little beauty. I love the shape of this and how it looks like it’ll sit. It’s such a lovely fabric by the looks of it, too, and perfect for work!

So, there you have it! Which item did you like most? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.

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💻 Tip Tuesday! Five sites that have helped me grow my blog.

Hey guys! How’s your week going? I hope it’s going well. As some of you may know, I haven’t been very well and while that has been super frustrating, it had given me time to put a lot into my blog and to be able to find new ways to grow it. Everyone has seemed to enjoy my blogging tips so far so I thought I would continue it. While this hasn’t necessarily increased my follower count by a huge amount – it definitely has made a difference to my understanding of how the blogging world works.

  1. Twitter.

Image result for twitter logo

Now, this may seem obvious but it was one that I really didn’t think of much. Everyone and their mother has stressed the importance of social media when it comes to blogging and because I’ve never been any good at managing it, I kind of put it to one side. But ever since I’ve been on Twitter, I have definitely felt more comfortable in the blogging community. Everyone is after the same thing there and there are super helpful things like blogger chats where you can meet other bloggers. Everyone I have met so far has been very sweet and willing to promote other people’s posts. It’s also a great way to connect with brands if that’s a route you want to take your  blog down.

2. Influenster.

Related image

I had never heard of this site until recently and it is such a good source of being able to grow your blog and review new products. I’ve only been signed up for about a week and I’ve filled in about 30+ reviews. There’s multiple different categories like beauty products, food products, mum/baby products – you name it, it’s there for you to review. The more reviews you do and the more influence you have ( aka. how many followers you have across various platforms ), you’re more likely to get sent a Voxbox. This is similar to the beauty subscription boxes like Birchbox that you get – except it’s free for you to review on whatever platform you choose. It’s a really great way to build your posts.

3. Bloggersrequired.

Image result for bloggersrequired logo

I like this for a lot of different reasons – there’s a community of people who you can speak to and build your relationships with. But the actual site’s goal itself is so that you can find blogging assignments where brands post campaigns etc for you to get involved in. You either get paid or you get to keep the product that you’re reviewing, standard for this type of site. A thing that I really like about it is that they will promote your giveaways on there – they’ll either promote it for free which is just a standard one time post or they’ll post it on their social media etc for £15. While it might seem like an odd thing to spend money on, it’s another way to get your blog out there.

4. Stumbleupon.

Image result for stumbleupon logo

I literally discovered this last night right before I went to bed so I’ll probably make another post on it once I know more about it but the basic principle is that it’s like a randomiser for blog posts. So, you input what your interests are and it’ll create a newsfeed of blog posts that its algorithm thinks you’ll like. You can upload your blog posts, too, underneath different categories. It’s a good way to up your views in principle – but I’ll let you know in future what I think about it!

5. Pinterest.

Image result for pinterest logo

This is like the holy grail for bloggers and I’m literally so in love with Pinterest. I haven’t used it as much as I probably should for actual blogging purposes just because I’m having real difficulties with the website? I have a separate Pinterest for my own writing and for some reason, it really hates me logging in and out and swapping accounts. But I can see why people love it so much – I’ve seen some people say it’s doubled their views.

So, there you have it! Do you guys have any other sites that you’ve found beneficial to your blog? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.

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💻 Tip Tuesday! Where to shop for Black Friday 2017 makeup deals!

Hey guys! How is everyone’s weeks going? I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for a good deal and even though Black Friday is predominantly an American thing to go alongside Thanksgiving, I’m so glad that in the UK, we get to benefit from it, too. So, I thought I would compile together a list of where you can find the best deals for your beautyholic needs this Black Friday!


Okay, I thought that I would split this post up into drugstore and high end because I know this blog caters to both (I’d really like to stretch more into high end products but girl’s gotta have cashola to do that.) so let’s delve into the beautiful world of drugstore.

    1. TAM Beauty. *

What deals are they doing? 50% off selected brands which runs from today (21st) to the 27th of November at midnight. They are also offering free UK delivery when your order goes over £30 which I am 100% taking advantage of.

What products do they sell? For those of you that don’t know, TAM Beauty is the organisation behind companies such as Makeup Revolution and I ❤ Makeup etc. They do really cheap, quality products. I’ve reviewed quite a few of them in past posts on my blog and am aiming to do a haul soon!

2. Superdrug.

Image result for superdrug

What deals are they doing? Up to 50% off which runs one day only on the 24th of November so you’d better get buying. They haven’t stated officially yet which brands are taking part so keep a look out for that – the link above takes you to their Black Friday page where they’ll be releasing the information.

What products do they sell? Superdrug is like the ultimate drugstore in the UK, in my opinion. They sell a bunch of brands online and in store at really reasonable prices. They feature brands such as Loreal, Rimmel London, Barry M, etc. You name a drugstore brand and they’ll sell it. #notsponsored, btw.

3. Boots.

Image result for boots logo

What deals are they doing? Similarly to Superdrug, Boots are only running the offer for one day on the 24th. So, RIP our bank accounts on that day, right? They’re actually being super shady about the specifics but they quite often have deals running so I imagine they’re going to be pretty good.

What products do they sell? They are similar to Superdrug in that they sell a lot of drugstore products and brands. The difference is that they sell Nyx which is one of my favourite brands ever so I’m really hoping they’ll be taking part in the day, too. Above is a link to their Black Friday page where I imagine they’ll be releasing more information.


     4. Beauty Mart

Image result for beautymart

What deals are they doing? They are one of the longest running Black Fridays that I could find as they’re running their deal from the 20th of November (yesterday) until the 27th. They’ll be doing up to 50% off of selected brands.

What products do they sell? I’ve only recently discovered this website but they do a lot of brands that I’ve never heard of so I imagine they’re new/upcoming or a bit smaller which is never a bad thing! It might be a good way to find new brands that you love and aren’t over-hyped. I’ve put this in the high-end section as it is a bit pricier than drugstore but they aren’t quite as expensive as some high end products;. Check the site out yourself and see what you think.

5. Beauty Bay.

Image result for beauty bay

What deals are they doing? They haven’t stated yet what they are doing but if you check this link then you’ll be able to see. I imagine because they haven’t stated that they are running the deals any longere than anyone else that it’s only for one day but don’t hold me to that!

What products do they sell? They are pretty much the go-to for high end brands. They are one of the only places in the UK that stocks brands like Jeffree Star which is so good because it means we don’t have to pay fees for getting it shipped from America. They sell lots of beautiful brands that you see your favourite influencers talking about. #notspons. I just really love them.

So, there you have it! Please expect a Black Friday haul from me soon because I will 100% be taking advantage of these deals to build up my makeup collection and I will swatch/review everything. Let me know in the comments below if there’s something specific you would like me to try out.

Morgie out.

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💄 Makeup Monday! What’s inside my makeup bag?

Hey guys! My last post about the makeup I couldn’t live without seemed to get a lot of attention so I thought I would go through what else is in my makeup bag. I’m going to try and keep this as concise as possible but I know I’m super nosy when it comes to post like this so if you’re the same as me then I think you’ll enjoy this post. I’m going to break it down into different categories so that this post isn’t all over the place. I’m also going to state the retail price, what I would rate it, where I got the product from (if I remember!) and a small review.

Also, if you guys haven’t entered into my giveaway yet then click here to do so!

Makeup prep. 

  1. Merci Handy Hello Sunshine hand cleansing gel, £3.00, Birchbox. 10/10. Even though this has such a high rating, it’s purely from the fact that I love my hands feeling super clean before I do my makeup. This one isn’t particularly special for any reason.
  2. Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturiser, £3.25, Sainsburys. 8/10. Again, this is just a super cheap moisturiser but I like it because Clean&Clear stuff doesn’t break out my skin.
  3. Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 primer and setting spray, £6.99, my local pharmacy. 100/10. I’ve already written about how much I love this product here. I also found it on Amazon reduced to £4.89 here* so that’s a real bargain. I think I’m gonna get some in myself because I haven’t seen it that cheap anywhere.
  4. R+Co Badlands dry shampoo paste, £22, Birchbox, 7/10. I really like the idea of this product. I normally write up my Birchboxes in full but I’ve actually lost the leaflet from my October one which is so bad but this is such a good little product. I normally go for the Aussie dry shampoo but this one is perfect for my fringe. You literally warm up the past between your fingers until it melts into an oil and then run it through your hair. Not sure if it’s worth the money but I really do enjoy this.
  5. Tarte Drink of H20 moisturiser, £33, Amazon. 10/10. I’m in mourning for this moisturiser. I still have the little pot of it to remind me to buy some more because it smells gorgeous and makes your face feel so nice. But it’s just so expensive!


  1. 2x Primark PS Pro Beauty Blenders, £1.50, Primark, 10/10. I love Primark’s brushes/applicators. I bought myself a Boots Beauty Blender a while back and I was really unimpressed with it but I love these two. I can definitely see the difference between using them and using my fingers which is what I normally do.
  2. Spectrum A05 brush, £6.99, Birchbox. 10/10. I’ve already reviewed this here. In love.
  3. Primark PS… Eyebrow Brush, £1, Primark. 10/10. As I said before, I love Primark’s brushes. I used to use the Barry M eyeliner brush as my eyebrow brush but this is my new favourite because on the end is a spooley which I love.

Face products. 

  1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour with Comfort Serum in Soft Beige, £8.29, my pharmacy. 8/10. I like this one for more of a night out rather than an every day but I do really like the finish on this one and the longwear on it even though it’s a little too dark for me. I think Rimmel must be doing a sale with Amazon because I found this reduced to £5.59, too, here*.
  2. ModelCo. contour stick, £8, Birchbox. 10/10. I’ve reviewed this here.
  3. Tarte 12 hour Amazonian Clay blush in Thrilled, Amazon. I’ve literally looked everywhere and I can’t find this! I think they may have discontinued it so I’m not sure of the price but I’ll rate this a 10/10. I’ve reviewed it in full here.
  4. Rimmel London Stay Matte setting powder in Warm Beige, £3.99, my local pharmacy. 8/10. I don’t really like using powders as I think it clogs up my pores but this one does what it should. This has been reduced in the Amazon sale to £2.35!! Ahhh!! Click here to get it. *
  5. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer bronzer in light, £3.05, my sister. 7/10. Honestly, I’ve never really been much of a bronzer person as I don’t see it show up on my skin unless I apply it super heavily but if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know below!
  6. Collection sheer loose powder in translucent, £2.99, Superdrug. 5/10. Okay, I feel like that rating is the tiniest bit unfair just in the fact that I don’t really use loose powder ever because in general I don’t like it but I feel like this one makes me oilier which is no bueno.
  7. Mannakadar Beauty 3-in-1 highlighter, blusher and eyeshadow in Fantasy, £14.50, Birchbox. 9/10. I’ve already reviewed this here but I actually would like to take back what I said as when I’ve tried it again, I am in love. I wouldn’t use it as a highlighter just because of the colour and my skin tone but I use it as an eyeshadow pretty much every day.
  8. Revolution Focus & Fix liquid concealer in light, £2, Superdrug. 6/10. Similarly to the powder, I’m not a huge fan of concealer as I feel like your foundation should do the job in the first place. This one is really thick and doesn’t blend very well but it does the job under your eyes.
  9. NYX colour correcting concealer palette, £10.50, Boots. 9/10. I’ve already reviewed this here.

Lip products. 

  1. Dr Pawpaw original balm, £6.95, Birchbox. 10/10. I’ve already reviewed this here.
  2. Rimmel London lipliner in Spice, £2.99, my local pharmacy. 10/10. I’ve already reviewed this here.
  3. Revolution liquid lipstick in Peach Charming, £6.00, TAM Beauty. 10/10. This is my newest purchase and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect shade for me and it dries to such a nice matte finish. It does transfer but not too much.
  4. L’Oreal lip paint in Nude-ist, £6.99, Superdrug. 9/10. This is seriously so stunning. I love this, the finish of it, the colour, the applicator and the smell. The only reason it doesn’t have full marks is because it comes off quite easily but it might just be that colour so I will update you guys if anything changes.
  5. Revolution liquid lipstick in Sovereign, £6.00, Superdrug. 8/10. I really love this colour, it’s super metallic and beautiful. I’m going to be posting a Christmas makeup tutorial with it soon so keep your eyes out for that. It takes a few coats to get the application spot on but it’s still so lovely.
  6. Maybelline Color Sensation in Divine Wine, £6.99, Boots. 8/10. I love this colour. The lipstick itself is a little dry but the colour is to die for.
  7. Rimmel London lipliner in Black Tulip, £2.99, my local pharmacy. 10/10. I think I’ve said enough times how much I love these lipliners. This is the perfect colour for a red lip.
  8. Rimmel London Kate lipstick in Rossetto, £5.49, Sainsburys. 10/10. The Kate lipsticks have never let me down. They are super creamy, super pigmented and just stunning. This will forever be my favourite colour.
  9. NYX butter gloss in Creme Brulee, £5.50, Boots. 9/10. I’m not a huge fan of lipglosses as I don’t like the sticky feeling of them but the finish on this one is so beautiful. I love it to bits.

Eye products. 

  1. Rimmel London Brow This Way brow gel in Medium Brown, £4.49, my local pharmacy. 8/10. Again, I’ve never really used brow gels before so I was a bit sceptical but this is perfect for a quick look if you don’t have time to do your brows properly. The only thing I don’t like is that when it dries, it dries out your brows so much and makes them almost crusty? Very odd. This has been reduced to £3.26 here*.
  2. NYX felt tip liner in Jet Black, £9, Boots. 7/10. Woe to my teenage self but I’m actually not that big a fan of eyeliner anymore. It takes too long and I just feel like it doesn’t suit me anymore. But I really like this eyeliner, it’s one of the easiest ones that I’ve ever used.
  3. Tarte 4-in-1 Lights Camera Action mascara, £12.95, Amazon. 10/10. I’ve already reviewed this here.

Well done if you made it down here, you’re just as nosy as me! I love seeing people’s makeup collections – it just intrigues me so much. All of my opinions are of course, entirely my own and they also aren’t sponsored at all. Even if I’ve had a bad experience with a product doesn’t mean you will as we are all built differently and what works on some skin types might not on another’s!

I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in seeing the rest of my makeup collection as it’s growing quite a bit!

Morgie out.

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*affiliate links are included in this post so if you buy through that link, I will receive a small commission but all opinions are 100% my own. Nobody has asked me to make this post / review these products. 


🎥 Film Friday! Five thriller films you need to see.

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. If there’s one thing that I love doing, especially in the colder, darker months: it’s watching a thriller. I don’t like horror films at all, you wouldn’t be able to pay me enough to watch one but the ones that make you sit right on the edge of your seat are just my absolute favourite. Ones that have you clawing your face off because you know he’s behind the door! are what I call an evening well spent. This list is not my favourite thriller films but just ones that I’ve watched recently and really enjoyed – they are also all on UK Netflix so if you’re in that area then you will be able to watch them!

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  1. You Get Me (2017.)

This kind of feels like a remake of Fatal Attraction only with less tension. I really enjoyed this film, don’t get me wrong. It features a young man who is pictured below who after a fight with his girlfriend has a one night stand to get back at her only to regret it the next day. However, his one night stand isn’t willing to let him go so easily. I think the best thing to learn from this film is that you never know who people are or what they’re truly capable of. I would rate it a 7/10. It wasn’t earth-shattering but created enough tension and uncomfortableness to earn its thriller status. The fact that it used modern technology like texting and social media was really interesting, too, as it is a very easy way to stalk people.

Related image

2. Don’t Breathe. (2016.)

I really enjoyed this film just because of the concept of it. I love intruder films so much (but I’m terrified of burglars? So, I’m possibly a masochist in that right.) and this one is one of the best films I’ve ever seen as it turns the genre on its head. Three teenagers break into a blind veteran’s home in hopes to rob the place easily because of his condition but he turns out to be 10000x stronger than them. The only thing I would say with this one is a huge trigger warning because there is something so gross at the end that I almost turned it off. But I would give it a 9/10.

Image result for don't breathe     3. Hush. (2016.)

This was one that I had on my watch list for so long but never got around to watching it. Simply because it looked like it was either going to be really really good or really really shocking. It was the former, luckily! It’s very similar to Don’t Breathe in that it focuses around a young woman who is deaf and her house is stalked by the man in the mask below. Cinematically, it is stunning. It immerses the audience into her point of view which leads you frustrated as for the first twenty minutes of the film, she has no idea that anyone is even there whereas the audience can see it clear as day. It’s quite gory which put me off a bit but it’s very well made. I would give it an 8/10.

Image result for hush netflix

4. Sleeping With The Enemy, (1991.)

Now, I’ve never really been a fan of Julia Roberts but this did change my opinion of her. I’d been told by a colleague to watch this film and I have to admit, I was reluctant for whatever reason but I was so glad I watched it. All of the characters were so well played and the subtle tension buildup was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The plot involves a woman who is so desperate to escape an abusive marriage that she Gone-Girls herself and fakes her own death. However, her husband soon works out what she has done and sets out to find her and return her home. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy about this film so I would give it a 10/10. Would thriller again.

Image result for sleeping with the enemy

5. The Stepfather, (2009.)

This was another film that I put off watching just because I had seen the establishing scene in a media class a few years ago and it scared me so much that I thought the rest of the film was going to be scary, too. But it’s probably the least scary of this list. Everyone knows the stigma that comes with being a step-parent but the step-father in this fills the stereotype by beginning to tear through the seams of his new family. I really enjoyed this film, it left me with the excited shivers that you get when you’ve seen something good. The only thing I would say is I would have liked more tension/jumpscares. I know, I’m a sucker for punishment. 9/10.

Related image

So, there you have it! Which thriller is your favourite? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below.

Morgie out.

P.S. Would you like me to write another genre list? Let me know which one you would like to see!


🎥 TV Thursday – Five important moments in Game of Thrones 1.2. (The Kingsroad.)

Hey guys! So, this is the second instalment of my Game of Thrones rewatch and honestly, I’m enjoying rewatching this beautiful series so much – it’s just reminding me more and more of why it’s my favourite show. If you want to see the previous episode then please click here. I’m also rewatching Teen Wolf and you can find the first post of that here. It also contains the layout of what these posts are going to be like so definitely give that a read.

I just want to apply some warnings for this post for people who haven’t seen the show: mentions of child death, animal death and bullying. Also a disclaimer that I own no rights to Game of Thrones, I’m just a fan.

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  1. A moment that I feel developed a character – Cersei opening up to Catelyn.

All that we’ve learned so far about Cersei is that she’s sleeping with her brother and that she would do anything to keep that a secret – even enabling said brother to push their host’s son down from the top of a tower. But in this scene, we start to see what a complex character she truly is. She goes to visit Bran and Catelyn and opens up to her that she has lost her own child before – one that looked quite similar to Bran. We see true sorrow and guilt in her eyes and we learn that Cersei’s weakness is definitely her children which for people who have seen the rest of the show, we know that that definitely plays into the rest of the show.

kingsroad dev

2. The best villain moment in the episode / Joffrey bullying Micah.

I use the word ‘best’ in terms of what was the most villainous moment in the episode. It’s really difficult with Game of Thrones because it has such questionable characters in it with varying motives and upbringings that it’s quite difficult to be able to place who is truly a villain and who isn’t. There’s few definitive villains. But I think one that we can all agree on is Joffrey Baratheon. In this episode, he really shows his true colours when he begins to bully the butcher’s boy, Micah, for no other reason than to really show his power over other people. He comes across incredibly vain and spoiled which is probably due to growing up knowing that he will one day inherit the Seven Kingdoms. But he is soon overpowered by Arya and shows how he is actually a scared little boy with a power complex. He begs her not to do anything which shows the true weakness of his character – he’s all talk at the moment because he is only a prince and Robert doesn’t seem to give into him as much as Cersei does. I had to do some research into how old they’re all actually supposed to be at this point and Joffrey is only supposed to be 12 in the books but apparently, D&D decided to change this to 16. For? I’m not sure what reason. But this scene is basically the setup for Joffrey’s character.

kingsroad vil

3. The most symbolic moment in the episode / Lady being killed.

Now, I changed this category for the sake of this episode because for this one, there was only one other visual moment that I found but my reasoning to choose it was a bit wishy-washy. So instead, I chose this moment because I never realised how symbolic it was. The Lannister family and the Stark family prove to be the most opposing family of the entire show and this first moment of Cersei insisting that they kill the direwolf – which is the Stark’s family sigil – is symbolic and foreshadowing of things to come. The Lannisters send their regards.

kingsroad vis

P.S. I know that the above photo is Nymeria, I just didn’t want to include a screencap from that scene because it’s too upsetting.

4. A moment that made me feel something – Joffrey getting slapped.

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy seeing Joffrey get slapped across the face? I really enjoy this scene because it shows what a weed Joffrey really is when he doesn’t have Cersei behind him to support his ludicrous manner and it also shows how Tyrion really isn’t afraid of him. It reminds you, again, that Joffrey is nothing more than a child who hasn’t been disciplined properly so Tyrion takes it upon himself to do that. I could go on for days about Tyrion’s character and I’m sure in future posts, I will. I also might get slapped across the face for saying this but doing my rewatch made me realise how much I miss Joffrey. He brought such an interesting and conniving dynamic to the whole show – I don’t think his place has been filled at all since.

kingsroad emo

5. A moment that developed a relationship – Dany taking charge of Drogo.

Due to the nature of this scene, I really don’t want to get down into the details of it – but I think that this is a really important scene to show how powerful Daenerys truly is and how she isn’t as naive as she seems in the first few episodes. She purposefully seeks out a way from Doreah to be able to make him happy because she knows that that means she gets what she wants, too. Like Tyrion, I could write pages about Dany and Drogo’s relationship and about the pros and the cons of it – but I think this is a really defining moment for them. Especially with the screencap below following Doreah’s line love comes in at the eyes.

kingsroad rel

Overall – the Lannisters and Ned Stark leave Winterfell in charge of Catelyn and Robb while Jon joins the Night’s Watch. Robert Baratheon hears the Daenerys Targaryen has wedded Khal Drogo and fears for the rising power of the Dothraki and what it could mean for his reign.

So, there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post – what was your favourite moment of this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Morgie out.

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💻 Tip Tuesday! Five ways to get more followers.

Hey guys! Yes, we are back to the most answered question on any social media site – how do I get more followers? Now, there’s always been this weird stigma around how many followers you have because quite often, it can branch into sounding like bragging. But that isn’t the case! You’ve worked hard for the followers you have and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it – no matter how big or small the number may be. These people have looked at your blog and you and decided they wanted more! How amazing is that? While I don’t have an exceptionally large follower count, these are the things that I have learned.

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  1. Engage.

I cannot stress this enough! Make friends with your followers, comment on their posts and read their posts. We are all here for the same reason – to write. If you comment on other people’s posts, it gets your name out there and people see that you are engaged with other people. A friendly face is always inviting.

2. Promote yourself.

Make use of your social media accounts. This is something that I’m struggling to do myself as I’m really not any good with Twitter or any social media accounts really but I know that it is something that definitely helps me if I promote my post there. You’re addressing a wider community of people rather than the people on WordPress – which isn’t small by any means – but there might be people who have never seen your blog before who discover it through a hashtag and fall in love!

3. Tag, tag, tag!

As long as you don’t spam the tags or tag something that is irrelevant to your post, they are honestly your best friends. You’ll learn as you go on what are the best tags to use for different posts but don’t be afraid to do it. It’s the best way for people to find your blog and read all of your lovely posts.

4. Be consistent.

Now, I know we all live busy lives and this can be quite difficult to do but I see a dramatic increase in my followers when they see that I post more regularly. It’s like anything – if you had a favourite TV show and you expect it to be on every Tuesday but then suddenly one week it’s not, you get despondent and aren’t as engaged with it. If you’re like me and have a full time job then find a day in your week when you can write up multiple posts and schedule them. Ever since I’ve done that, I’ve found that I’ve been a lot more productive and that I’m happier with what I’m writing because I’m not exhausted after a hard day.

5. Follow other people in your community.

Again, this is a weird perception that some people have. Obviously you can’t follow everyone otherwise you would lose track of just who you were following and why. But this is really a good way to engage with people – you can even collaborate with other bloggers and have your posts broadcast to their followers. You might make some good friends from it, too. There’s seriously no downside to this.

I hope this helped, guys! Have you guys got any additional tips?

Morgie out.

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Hey guys! How is it already November?! I can’t believe I’ve been getting my Birchboxes for as long as I have been but I still get so excited each time one arrives. I think, however, that this is my favourite one since the mermaid edition. This time, they partnered with Vogue and specifically the Beauty & Lifestyle director for Vogue, Jessica Diner. She gives her own opinions on the products which is really interesting to read. The products listed below are from the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame which is also super exciting so let’s get into it!

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  1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer, RRP £24.50.

Who hasn’t heard of this bronzer? It is one of the most hyped bronzers on the market which is, I’ll admit, why I was a bit apprehensive about trying it. I feel like a lot of the hyped products on Youtube/blogs etc all come from other people’s opinions and they’re only saying they like the product because their favourite influencer says they like the product. But I was proven wrong with this one! I am in love with this bronzer, it is so pigmented and it isn’t shiny or shimmery at all. It shows up really nicely on the skin and blends super easily which makes it look like you’ve just been away on holiday. I’m still not sure it’s worth the money but I definitely do see why people go on and on about it.

2. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, RRP £8.

The only thing that I have found quite frustrating with Birchbox is  their insistence on sending different types of dry shampoo. While I was grateful for it this time as I’ve literally just run out of my go-to Aussie dry shampoo, it is frustrating to have them sent all the time. Especially when the previous ones I’ve tried, I wasn’t impressed with. I do like this one because it melts into your hair really nicely but wow, it hits you with full force. The nozzle literally feels like someone has shoved the dry shampoo into a leaf blower and chucked it at your head. It smells really nice and does feel gentle on your hair which I’m guessing is due to the oat milk (which I’ve literally only heard of this week because my cousin’s been having it in his coffee, bless.) I do like it but I’m still not converted from my favourite! (P.S. I know both the above photos are the same but it was stressing me out to not have the same tiled aesthetic all the way through the post!)

3. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, RRP £17.

This was the product that I was most afraid of. I feel like face oils have been making more of an appearance in 2017 but whenever I’ve seen tutorials of people using them, I’ve been quite scared of them because I have really oily skin so I don’t need any more oil putting into them. This product is a blend of six oils including sweet almond and macadamia etc which is due to hydrate your skin and leaves it with a nice scent. I was previously only going to review it on my hair but I tried it on my face. You have to warm up the oil between your palms and then rub it over your skin. While it left my hands looking greasy which stressed me out it left my skin feeling really smooth and hydrated. I think it works even better than my normal moisturiser. I loved it.

4. L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream, RRP £8.

I don’t think there’s really much to be said about this. It does what it says on the tin and hydrates your dry hands. A little bit goes a long way which is good because it looks like the product is quite tightly packed within there so it should be quite long-lasting. It wasn’t greasy or sticky either which is nice, it literally just melts into your hands.

5. Birchbox Brush Cleaner, £5.

Finally, this beauty! I’ve been meaning to get myself a brush cleaner for a while but then I just kept thinking ‘will I actually use it?’ because I think we’re all in the same lazy boat when it comes to keeping your brushes clean. So naturally, I was really glad to see this. I tested it out pretty much right away with my beauty blender as I think it might be a big reason why I’m breaking out and you can’t see it in this photo but the scuzz that came off of it! It was disgusting and I’ve only had the beauty blender for a few weeks 🤢 Would recommend this 100% especially if you have problematic skin. <<<<
all, the box is worth £62.50 for the full size products and I would give the box a 9/10.

Do you guys get a beauty box? If so, tell me what your favourite product was!

Morgie out.

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Guys!!! I’m seriously so excited and honoured to have reached this amazing number. Thank you all so much for reading this little blog of mine, I have enjoyed every moment of it so much. I don’t know what I did before blogging, it has been such a lovely outlet and I have met so many beautiful people.

So, I’ll cut to the chase! I’m doing a giveaway! Seeing as my blog is predominantly beauty/fashion based, I thought that makeup was the best way to go so I will be giving away the below:

Makeup Revolution The Palette Edit  - Click to view a larger image

This amazing giftset includes all that you can see above – three eyeshadow palettes, one blush palette and one bronzer palette. I swear by the blush palette, it is one of my favourites.

So! What are the rules?

  1. You must be following this blog and my Twitter. Obviously, I won’t know if you unfollow straight after the giveaway but it would be very sad if you did.
  2. You don’t have to be in the UK ( which is where I’m based ) but you will have to allow for it to take a little bit longer to post if you are far away!
  3. You must comment below on what your favourite makeup product is and why.
  4. I will choose the winner at random! I’ll put all entries through random.org and the first person generated on the list will be contacted so that I can arrange posting it off to you! The winner will be announced on the 1st of December,  so you have plenty of time to enter.
  5. Have a great day!

Again, thank you guys so much for following – it means the world to me.

Morgie out.

P.S. I do know that I do also have a lot of film followers, when I reach the next goal, I will do a film-based giveaway, I promise!


❓ FAQ Friday! What would you like to hear from me?

Hey guys.

So this is a bit of a different post but I’m sitting here looking at my book of ideas and I’m looking forward to what I have coming up for you guys but I’m really interested to hear about what you would like to see. Do you have any questions about makeup/blogging/films that you would like me to answer? Is there a product you would like me to review? A brand? Would you like me to do more/less of a certain type of post? Or are there any questions in general you would like to ask me? I’d really be interested to know.

Blogmas is on the way so that is something I will be doing but what would you like from me in 2018?

Please let me know in the comments below and also follow me on Twitter because I’ll be doing some polls like this soon!



🎥 Film Friday! Five things you may have missed in Lion King (1994.)

Hey guys! As some of you may know, film is one of my biggest passions. I have a degree in it and I’m actually training to teach it at the moment. It’s always been something that I’ve been interested in ever since I was little. My mum said that I would always sit in front of the TV and happily rewatch films again and again. Not much has changed. I wanted to start a series where I would break down films into the mis-en-scene and review the cinematography, some of the directorial choices, etc. So, where better to start than one of my favourite films in the world? Hope you enjoy!

  1. Scar and Mufasa’s confrontation.

Scar in general deserves his own post, I think. I’ve always had an affinity for villains, especially of the Disney variety, but Scar is one of my favourites. To those of you who have looked into his backstory, it’s incredibly sad and unlike some of the other villains who take over because they can, he is the only one who has a legitimate reason. But, as I said! That is another post all together. I’ve never really paid much attention to this scene before I started watching it critically and one thing I loved was the lighting in it. One of the beautiful things about the Lion King is its cinematography through animation and how much detail is applied to it. The first confrontation with Scar and Mufasa is testament to this as all the way through, Scar is in shadow while Mufasa is shrouded in light. If we needed any more inclination as to who is the bad guy then there it is. A really subtle beautiful moment.

2. The irony of the song ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King. ‘

I actually hadn’t noticed the relevance of this until I was watching it with my friend and as Simba started to sing this catchy song, they said ‘you won’t be saying that in a minute.’ It really opened my eyes to how morbid this entire thing is. Obviously, Simba is only a child and doesn’t know exactly that the only way for him to become King is for his Father to die but I think it is one of the subtle lessons within this film – be careful what you wish for. Simba later discovers that being King isn’t what he wanted, having his Father is but he realises it all too late. Also, can we talk about the colours in this scene? They are incredible. I really miss 2D animation like this, I think it was just so stunning. If you look at the screencap below, you can see the painted background and then Simba animated on the top of it. No wonder this film won so many awards.

Image result for i just can't wait to be king           3. Nazi-Hyenas.

I think everyone and their Mother has pointed this moment out but it is  really strange one and I’m not entirely sure why Disney put it in. Obviously, for children, it’ll go over a lot of their heads but it makes Scar even more of a terrifying villain with his dictator stance standing over the top of all of the hyenas. Again, I don’t want this to become a Scar post but I think his link to the hyenas is another one of his interesting traits. He promised them food which shows that for whatever the reason may be, Mufasa doesn’t allow hyenas to share the Pride Lands’ food. You can tell me this is because the hyenas attack antelope, etc, but so does Mufasa! And he openly admits to it! I want to know more about the hyenas, dammit.

Image result for be prepared lion king

4. Simba grieving for Mufasa.

I think this is another one of the moments that I really admire Disney for putting in. While I don’t agree with them killing every parent to ever exist, I think it is something that a lot of children sadly go through. But I think the thing that differentiates Lion King from the rest of the films is that they actually let Simba find the body. While it creates a really poignant, sad moment for the audience, it may bring some catharsis to people who have been in the same situation as Simba. Life doesn’t work the way that some children’s films pretend, the body of a loved one doesn’t just disappear. Even though it’s disturbing seeing Simba try to wake up his dad, I think it’s a moment that is needed.

Related image

5. The colour contrast since Scar becomes King.

Aside from the previous screencap, the film was full of life and colour. But the moment that Mufasa dies and Scar takes over, it is drained and turns into this horrible grey-green colour to portray the difference in their rules. While this isn’t difficult to see why they’ve done this, I couldn’t help but think about when Jesus dies in the Bible and there’s an eclipse, shrouding everything in darkness. That’s what it feels like in the Lion King. I also want to talk about the particular screencap below. As some of you may or may not know, the Lion King is based off of the same story as Hamlet. If any of you have seen the iconic scene in Hamlet, then you’ll appreciate this moment with me.

Related image

So, there you have it! What are some of your favourite moments in Lion King? Do you agree with what I’ve said above or did you see something different? Film is like any other art and is subjective so everyone receives things differently – I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Morgie out.

P.S. What film would you like me to do next? Let me know in the comments.

P.P.S Did you see my last film post? Click here to check out five theories I have about Moana (2016.)


🎥 TV Tuesday – Five important moments in Teen Wolf 1.1. ( Wolf Moon. )

Hey guys! Alongside my Game of Thrones rewatch which you can find the first post of here, I’m going to be doing a Teen Wolf rewatch, too! I want to do these types of post for a lot of TV shows but so that my blog isn’t all over the place I will be sticking to these two for now! Please let me know in the comments below if there are any shows you’d be interested in me reviewing.

However! I’m going to mix up the layout of these posts as I feel it was a bit too wishy-washy. I’m going to break it down into five categories:

  1. A moment where I felt a main character was developed.
  2. The best villain moment in the episode.
  3. The most visually appealing moment in the episode.
  4. A moment that made me feel something.
  5. A moment that developed a relationship.

This may be subject to change but I think it will give me a firmer layout. So, without further ado: let’s go.

Overall: Scott, a normal teenage boy is bitten by a werewolf and gains his own abilities from the bite.

  1. Scott’s transformation into a wolf / Development moment. 

For someone who has been watching the show since the beginning, it’s amazing to me to see how much the characters have developed over the years. I love the introduction into Scott McCall; a seemingly normal teenager who has asthma and is a bit of a lone wolf, you might say. ( Too cheesy? Yeah. ) The entire episode is about him learning about his new identity as a werewolf and learning how to control it. But the moment that I loved the most was at the end of the episode when he finally breaks into full wolf mode. You can see how out of control he is and I think it’s one of the defining moments in the series. It was the moment in the series where I decided that I wanted to keep watching purely from how well acted it was by the amazing Tyler Posey.

wolf moon development

2. The introduction of the Argents / Villainous moment. 

Even though I would now never describe Chris Argent as a villain, from the initial interaction we see with him, you know that he is certainly going to be a character that will create conflict between the others. The reveal that Chris (the hunter that shoots at Scott moments after his transformation) is Scott’s girlfriend’s father was so clever and very nicely done by J.R Bourne. That smirk just lets you know that he’s up to no good even if he doesn’t even know that Scott is a werewolf yet which makes it all the more brilliant. Chris is literally warning him because he knows that he has an interest in his daughter which is just hilarious to me.

wolf moon villain

3. Stiles saving Scott / Visual moment. 

Even though this is a moment that you would skip past, I thought it was the one that spoke volumes in terms of their friendship purely from how it was filmed. In the screenshot below, you see Scott curled in on himself. He’s just shifted and is alone and vulnerable, surrounded by nothing but trees and an empty road which he’s got to walk down to get home. But then, the Jeep creeps up into sight and Stiles is there. This is a recurring theme within their friendship that no matter when Scott is alone and scared, he’s always got Stiles who is there for him.


4. Scott attacks StilesEmotional moment.

Juxtaposed to the previous moment, this was another defining scene in the series to show just how deep their friendship truly lies. Scott is constantly trying to work out his powers, what he is capable of doing and how he can control them. However, like most people in normal life, the brunt of this is taken out on the people that are closest to you. Stiles has been researching all about his abilities to try and help him but Scott is deadset on living a normal life and dating the new girl, Allison. Therefore, he gets incredibly angry with Stiles’ ADHD-induced excitement and pins him against the wall. Stiles’ hurt look says enough.

wolf moon emotional

5. Lydia bating Jackson / Development moment for a relationship.

While it would be all too easy to talk about Stiles and Scott again or Scott and Allison; I think this moment is one of the sneakiest hidden moments that actually gives us a great insight into what their relationship is like. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it but accurately portrayed by Holland Roden. We see that she is cheering on Scott purely to bate Jackson as when she catches his eye, she gives him this look. I love it because you can see how they challenge one another and how Lydia gets off on him being jealous. This is a recurring theme within their relationship that we see throughout this first series.

wolf moon ship

So, there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this – I certainly enjoyed writing it. Like I said earlier, please let me know if there’s any other TV shows you’d be interested in me doing and I’ll find another place to put them ( even if I post two on the same day, perhaps?) Let me know!

Morgie out.

P.S. I’ve recently discovered a site called Shirtcity where you can design and personalise a bunch of products like t-shirts, aprons, pillows, jumpers, mugs etc. They have preset designs already there and if you like Teen Wolf, they have lots of wolfy designs! Check it out by clicking the logo below. If you guys do decide to buy anything, I will receive a commission but I want to assure my readers that I only promote brands/businesses that I 100% support and like myself. Otherwise, what’s the point?


👸 Morgie Monday! Five things I learned from the Shack.

Hey guys! So, I wasn’t quite sure what day to post this on. If you guys don’t know, I try to stick to this structure to keep some stability to my blog. But recently, I watched the Shack and I’ve also read the book and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Due to the nature of the film, this is going to be a predominantly religious ( even though I hate that word ) post so if that isn’t your cup of tea then I understand!

  1. Life is painful for everyone. I think I’ve always had a strange idea that bad things only happen to certain people. There seem to be people in life that get away with everything and don’t seem to have anything bad happen to them. But this film was a clear reminder of the fact that everyone goes through pain at some stage in their life and that that isn’t dependent on how good or bad you are – life just happens.
  2. God acts like a parent for you. Something that I really enjoyed about this film and the book was the personification of Papa, aka God. When Mack first sees her, she is in the form of a woman and she states ‘I didn’t think you needed a Father right now. ‘ I think this is a huge reason why I find it sometimes difficult to perceive God as a parent. My dad left when I was quite young and I haven’t had a close relationship with him since which is why I think it’s been difficult for me to see God as a Father. But to watch Papa on screen and treating Mack as a parent would a child was something truly beautiful – even down to little things like helping him put flour on his hands when they were baking. I also liked how they then turned it on its head and God appeared as a Father at the end when Mack needed it most. For me, it was a reminder that God sometimes appears to us in ways that you don’t expect and sometimes that can be through other people.
  3. God doesn’t want you to judge others.  The judgement scene was the one that made me think the most out of any scene in the film. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Mack is met with the personification of Wisdom and she asks him to judge the actions of God which he does so easily. She then presents him with the image of his two children who have both committed wrongs against him and asks him to damn one to hell and to commit one to heaven. He refuses and asks her to take him instead and she reminds him that this is the choice that he thinks God makes every day. It really made me think about how good and evil is subjective and how one person’s good is another’s evil and that everyone is the product of their own childhood. Really thought-provoking.
  4. God feels your pain and wants you to hand it over to Him. By far, the saddest scene was when ( * SPOILER * ) Mack and God find Missy’s body in the cave and they prepare a coffin for her to be properly buried. The combination of the music and the beautiful scenery created such an emotional scene that I don’t know how anyone couldn’t feel something about it. I know that I was a sobbing wreck, I literally had a little puddle of tears in my clavicle. Mack moves towards the coffin to place Missy into it but he stumbles and falls to his knees and begs Jesus to take her from him. I feel like this is the moment that a lot of us reach in our lives that we feel like we can’t physically carry something whether that be our heartbreak or our guilt and we just commit it to Him. It really made me think about what I need to hand over.
  5. It is possible to have a conversation with God.  This is something that I have known for a long time but I’ve never properly applied it. Watching the representation of Jesus and the Holy Spirit conversing with Mack about things like flowers and music and fish was odd but it did remind me that God wants a relationship with us just like we would have any other relationship. I feel like I quite often ask for things instead of thanking Him when things go the way I want and asking for comfort when things don’t. I liked the moment when Papa asked Mack about how his homelife was going and he said that she already knew. She reminded him that yes, she did; but she still wanted to listen to what he had to say. It really challenged me to have more conversations with God rather than dressing it up with airs and graces.

Have you guys seen this film / read this book? What did you take from it?

Morgie out.

P.S. I’d be interested to bring my faith into this blog some more – is there anything you guys would be interested for me to write about? Let me know in the comments below!

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👗 Fashion Friday – Five things you need to dress like Allison Argent #stylesteal.

Hi guys! Who’s been in post-show mourning? I know I have. I didn’t even watch Teen Wolf after series 5 but the fact that it’s over is so sad to me. So, I thought I would celebrate in a few ways – one, by doing style steals (I’ve already written a Lydia one here) and two, by doing a re-watch where I’m going to meta everything. I can’t wait, I really will miss Teen Wolf. I think it had its moments of being really bad but then really good. It was a clever show with a lovely cast and it’ll be missed.

But the person I miss the most is Allison! If you guys haven’t seen the show, I won’t spoil anything – but see below how to get her amazing style! P.S. Everything is on sale and this is also #notspons by Forever 21. Wish it was!

  1. Selfie Leslie Jumper, £19.00. 

Something that is a necessity with Allison’s style is layering. While you can’t wear this jumper alone, if you paired it with a floral dress underneath and some ankle boots, it would be perfect for her look.

Selfie Leslie Jumper

2. Strappy Cutout Sweater in Blush, £10.99. 

I’ve specified buying this in Blush because it is almost an exact duplicate to a dress that she wore in the show. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck in how many Allison outfits there were on Forever 21, all of these finds were only on the first page of the sale and they are perfect! If you pair this with a cute hairband and curls, it’s almost an exact replica of her outfit at the end of 3a.

Strappy Cutout Sweater

3. Striped Amore Patch Jumper, £10.99. 

The jumper that I really wanted to find was Allison’s heart jumper that everyone knows and loves but I think this is still a good choice. She’s into wearing cute jumpers and the little ‘amore’ badge is great for her links to Paris – the Argent family are from France for those of you who haven’t seen it. The only thing I’m not keen on is the turtleneck but if you guys can pull it off then go for it! I have a really weird thing against turtlenecks.

Striped Amore Patch Jumper

4. Scalloped Lace-Hem Jumper, £10.99. 

Again, this is almost an exact replica of an outfit she wore in series two. So much so that I’m actually super tempted to buy it myself as I love it so much. It’s so cute and the perfect colour for Allison. Pair it with some ankle boots and patterned tights and you’re good to go! ( Also, how cheap are these jumpers? Love it. )

Scalloped Lace-Hem Jumper

5. Woven Longline Jacket, £20.40. 

Green jackets are something that I associate with Allison as she wears them a lot, especially in series three. I thought this one was perfect because it’s quite loose and it’s also not too thick so you’d still be able to run in the woods with this on if you wanted to! (Not likely.)

Woven Longline Jacket

So, there you have it! Which piece was your favourite? Who would you like me to style steal from next? Let me know in the comments!

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you like my style steal? Please click here to see how to get Taylor Swift’s look for under £40.


💄Makeup Monday! Five must-haves in my makeup bag!

Hi guys, it’s been a while! If you guys want to see where I’ve been / what’s been going on with my life then please click here. I’m still in the same position, unfortunately, but I missed this blog too much. So I thought I would queue up a bunch of posts today so that this blog is still active even on days when I don’t feel like writing. So, let’s get started. I’d be interested to do this post again in a few month’s time to see if these are the same / have changed.

  1. Rimmel London’s #Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray, £6.99.

This was a pressure buy that I wasn’t sure I was going to like. My go-to die hard setting spray was the Nyx mattifying setting spray. I only had a small tester bottle of this from Christmas but I loved it and I didn’t think that I would ever find a similar product. But then Rimmel London came through. This is honestly one of the best products I have ever used. I’m already stressed that they’re going to discontinue it because that always seems to happen to products I fall in love with. It’s really made a difference in how long my makeup lasts. I put it on at the beginning, I put it on my beauty blender to dampen it and I also put it on at the end to set everything. It is perfect and it lasts for so long! I’ve had this one bottle since February and you guys have just read how many times I use it a day and it’s still going! Highly recommend it.

Image result for Rimmel London's #Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray. 

2. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation in Ivory, £9.99.

I’m always in a love-hate relationship with any foundation. As the seasons change, so does your skin. Some days, an oily foundation might work for you and some days, a drier foundation might work for you. But this one is my favourite foundation because it fits my skin so perfectly. I’m super pale and it’s impossible to find the right shade. Sometimes, even the ‘ivory’ shades are yellow and gross and don’t match at all but this one was perfect. It’s slightly oily which doesn’t always work for me but it’s got buildable coverage and it doesn’t clog up your pores. I’ve found it works better with a beauty blender. ( Sidenote: I don’t approve of L’Oreal as a brand in general due to their animal testing in some of their branches but if I find a cruelty-free dupe for this, I’ll be moving straight over to it! )

Image result for L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation in Ivory. 

3. Revolution Ultra Brow Palette in Medium to Dark, £7.99.

This was actually a recommendation from my bestie. I had never used Revolution before so I was a bit apprehensive but I would honestly never go back to any other brow product. Both the waxes and the powders are amazing; they last all day and are easy to apply. I don’t use the little brushes in the palette (to be honest, I’m not even sure where they’ve gone) but the powders are amazing and so long lasting. I bought this palette in December last year and it’s still going strong. The wax is a bit gross now but the powders are amazing. The highlighter is also great.

Image result for Revolution Ultra Brow Palette in Medium to Dark. 

4. Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold, £6.00

The above product was my introduction to Revolution and I absolutely love it as a brand. I think it is amazing quality for the prices. They are all so cheap and I’ve not had a product that I haven’t liked so far. I’m going to do a post about Revolution in general one day soon as I have been so impressed by them but this is by far one of my favourite things I own. The highlighters are stunning and so pigmented – they all show up on my pale skin and the blushes are beautiful. I use it every day even if I’m going for a more lowkey makeup look.

Image result for Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold. 

5. Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Lipliner in 011 Spice, £2.99.

These lipliners are the only lipliners I will use ever. They are so cheap but so amazing. They are pigmented, not too creamy and aren’t dry at all. I love this colour the most because it matches my lip colour exactly so it’s easy to reshape my lips when I feel like doing that. I went a bit crazy and bought a few versions of this because I got paranoid about it running out!

Image result for Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipliner in 011 Spice.

So there you have it! What are your die-hard items? I’m sorry for my absence, guys. I’m back for business now, though!

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my last makeup post where I reviewed tarte? Check it out!


Life + hair update! (Aka, where have I been?!)

Hi guys!

Some of you may have noticed my absence, especially with my promise of my scheduled posts so that I could keep up to date with my posts some more and ensure that they were consistent. While I had all the good intentions in the world, I have unfortunately fallen ill and have been signed off work for over a month. While what’s wrong with me doesn’t affect my ability to write up blog posts, my inspiration has been somewhat lacking as I haven’t been feeling 100% both mentally and physically. Normally, I don’t like to bring that side of my personal life into my posts but that’s just the way it is at the moment! I’m currently awaiting appointments and I have started medication for the issue so I’m hoping to see improvement soon!

I am also hoping to start posting again soon. My Birchbox is on its way and I have tried a bunch of new makeup recently that I want to review. I am hoping to write up a few posts in one go and schedule them so that I don’t lose you guys! All I ask is for your patience.

Secondly, my hair! I had a pretty drastic change and went from a very bright blonde to a dark brown and I am loving it. I seriously don’t see myself going blonde again any time soon! See the picture below:

What do you guys think? Which suits me better?

Lots of love, thank you guys for being amazing as always.

Morgie out.


💄 MAKEUP MONDAY – September Birchbox review #oliverbonas.

How are we already at my next Birchbox review? I can’t believe how quickly this year is going! I think it’s because everyone is so busy at the moment, it’s just making the time fly by. I love this edition of the Birchbox as it has a very enlightening motto – work hard, play hard and be kind. I put one of the stickers that Oliver Bonas kindly distributed within the boxes on the back of my phone and it’s a reminder to do so throughout the day! So, let’s get down to the products.

  1. Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser / RRP £22.

This really reminds me of the Garnier eye roller that they used to (possibly still?) do. It’s a gel formula that intends to brighten and tone your under eye area to hide dark circles etc. I was really excited about this as my eyes always feel and look really tired but I was disappointed. I didn’t feel like it did anything whereas the Garnier one gave me an instant reaction. This is definitely not worth the price!

Image result for Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser

2. Dr. PawPaw Original Clear Balm / RRP £6.95

This claims to be a ‘multi-tasker’ and says that you can use it as a lip balm or a moisturiser or to smooth split ends or to smooth sunburn. It has fermented pawpaw which is has natural healing agents within that hydrate. I really liked this but I couldn’t actually use it as anything other than a lip balm. It was so tightly packed within the packaging that I could barely get enough out to use on my lips. Very nice, though!

3. Manna Kadar Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush, Highlighter and Eyeshadow / RRP £15.

This was the one that I was most excited for but also was the most disappointed in. Birchbox advertised this in the previous box as being something really exciting as it was ~full size~ but honestly? It was such a let down. I tried to swatch it but it was so lacking in pigmentation that you could barely see it. I think the fact that it claims to be 3-in-1 is laughable, too, as you can use blushes as eyeshadows anyway. It’s a real let down. 0/10.

Image result for manna kadar fantasy

4. Arrow BOOST Colour Enhancing Lip Balm / RRP £11.

From my least favourite to my favourite. I was so excited when I saw this as I have heard about these colour enhancing lip products but I’ve never had the chance to use one myself. Not only does it smell GORGEOUS, it is so soft on your lips and it made my lips a really pretty colour. It feels weightless seeing as it’s just a balm, too, which is amazing. It adjusts to your natural pH which means that everyone will get a different colour payoff.

Image result for arrow boost color enhancing lip balm

5. Beauty Protector, Protect & Detangle / RRP £18.50.

I’ve only just about five minutes before writing this post decided that I like this product. I’m not usually into hair products but I really like this one. The difficulty that I found with it was that it only had visible results when I blow-dried my hair. When I let it dry naturally as I usually do, there was no results. But my hair is sooooooo soft right now, guys. I’m loving life. It’s got 10000x more movement, too. My hair normally just sits where it is and doesn’t want to move but it’s moving around like Rapunzel’s right now. Not sure if it’s worth the steep price, though!

Image result for beauty protector protect & detangle leave in conditioner

There you have it! If you want to see my previous Birchboxes then please click here. Also, I know I was due to post the beginning of this weekend but I’ve come down with the lurgie. I’m off to bed the moment this is posted 😦 womp womp womp. But! I am considering doing my Birchbox unboxings in a video as I feel like you guys aren’t getting the true scope of what the products are like with me just writing about it. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Lots of love,

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my last post? It was all about Game of Thrones 1.1.

P.P.S Check out my schedule to see what is coming up next!


🎥 TV Thursday – Five Important Moments in Game of Thrones 1.1. (Winter is Coming.)

Hey guys! This is a new series I’m going to be doing every so often. If you want to see when then please click here to see my schedule. I decided to do a rewatch during the two year hiatus and as I did, I noticed things that were seemingly unimportant to the plot but now are prevalent.

  1. The White Walkers.

They are the very first things we see in this episode and for many, their first introduction to the ASOIAF series. I remember being incredibly disturbed by them but then, their importance didn’t seem that relevant. I didn’t quite understand why they were there, they were just an ever present being that didn’t seem to be much of a threat. But the more the series develops, the more you can see the importance of them and the fact that actually, every time someone says the well known motto Winter is Coming, it’s a foreshadowing of the icy monsters and the war that they will bring.

2. The introduction to the Stark family.

I often wonder what the story would be like if we had started the story from another family’s point of view. By nature, the reader/viewer of something automatically trusts the first people that they are introduced to. This means that subconsciously, your allegiances automatically lie with whoever this character may be; thus making unreliable narrators a really interesting technique. This family are seemingly functional which by default makes the other families look all the more dysfunctional.

3. The introduction to the Targaryen family.

I must admit, I forgot just how awful Viserys was and I suppose when I first watched it, I was still getting to grips with the show as a whole. But now, seeing how much Daenerys progresses, there is a great amount of discomfort in seeing how far she had to climb to reach where she is now in the current series. A line that I especially liked was when Viserys made mention to the fact that history books would state that his reign started today. For the re-watch audience, there is an irony in it in that we know that it is in fact the day that Daenerys begins to pave the way for her reign.

4. Rob and Lyanna.

Similar to the White Walkers, this is a plot point that I didn’t see as very important until the later series. To be honest, whenever people mentioned Lyanna, I was like… who? But now we can see that actually this was a plot point that put into motion all of the events of the series. It’s another thing to think on of what would have changed were this not to have happened.

5. Cersei and Jaime attacking Bran.

I think if anything, the final scene is a real insight into how far Cersei will be willing to go. For the first-time viewer, we can see that she thinks she is higher than the rest of them in the way she interacts with them. But this could be perceived as just a vain trait of hers and her dislike for the Starks merging together to make her act this way. As the series progresses, we see that there are only few things that Cersei truly cares about but the unmistakable one is her love for her children and how much she loves being a mother. Which makes this scene all the more harrowing. Especially as in Series 7, once she’s upon the throne – she doesn’t care who knows that she’s sleeping with Jaime. If I was Bran and I knew that I’d be like ‘thanks a lot!’ But this was obviously a plot point that had to happen and a clever one at that. Not only does it shape Bran’s entire arc, it also entices the audience to watch more because it’s the definition of a cliffhanger.

I’m not entirely sure how I want to format these posts yet, I will have a think but if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know!

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my previous post? It’s a review of some tarte makeup products which I tried. Check it out and be sure to follow so that you can see my next post which is coming tomorrow and it’s how to achieve a 90’s wardrobe for under £50! See you lovelies tomorrow.


💄 MAKEUP MONDAY – Five Things I Tried From #tarte!

Hey guys! Welcome to my first edition of Makeup Monday where I’m going to be reviewing brands / posting looks and how you can get them, etc. For those of you who didn’t see my last post about tarte, I wasn’t very impressed with it! But the more videos that I watched, the more people that I spoke to about the brand, etc, I thought that it would be worth giving it another try. I bought one of those tester kits which contain bite sized versions of their full product so that you can test them out for yourself.

I was extremely excited when it came in the post and couldn’t wait to try out the products. Here is what was in the kit!

  1. Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturiser, RRP £30.00

This is a big problem that I have with tarte in the first place is that it is extremely expensive. I wasn’t all too impressed when I saw this little pot of moisturiser as it was barely filled up even for a tester kit. The texture and the initial smell also reminded me of Calpol so I was reluctant to try it! Especially as I have sensitive skin but I did and I was really impressed. It sits nicely on the skin and does give it a light feeling, as if you’ve only used something as light as water. The smell also grew on me and I’ve almost completely run out of it as I’ve used it every day.

I don’t think I would pay the full price for it but for a tester, it was a lovely product to use.

Image result for drink of h20 tarte moisturiser

2. Deluxe BB tinted treatment, RRP £38.00

While I normally begrudge spending lots of money on foundations, this was one that I really, really loved and I am definitely tempted to buy it for its full price. Although the shade was a little too dark for me, everything else made up for it. It was light, felt creamy and smooth as it sat on the skin and had just enough coverage to be more than a BB cream. It looked so natural and healthy that I would definitely choose it over a heavier foundation. It made my skin feel velvety soft, too!

Image result for tarte bb treatment primer

3. Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush, £26.99.

This range of blushes is what I link to tarte in my mind. I had heard wonders about it and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was stunning to say the very least. It sits on the skin beautifully, is well pigmented and is just a gorgeous product in general. I have never been so in love with a blush. The hype is true!

Image result for amazonian clay blush

4. Rainforest of the Sea Setting Mist, RRP £22.00

Bleh. This was for certain my least favourite product in the kit. It’s a setting spray but it doesn’t really spray so much as flick really sticky product onto your face. It left my face feeling gross and the makeup shifted around it. Definitely a loss here.

Image result for rainforest of the seat setting mist

5. Lights Camera Lashes mascara, RRP £22.00.

From my least favourite to my favourite product. This is seriously the best mascara I have ever used. My eyes normally get really irritated with mascara as I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to a lot of types but this one gave me absolutely no irritation. It leaves your lashes looking huge as if you’ve got falsies on and it comes off so easily, too. Normally mascara clings to the base of your lashes but this one doesn’t. It makes your lashes at least three times longer and it is stunning. I’ve had a lot of compliments since I started wearing it!

Image result for lights camera lashes

So, what do you guys think of tarte? Is it worth the hype? Let me know below!

Morgie out.

P.S. Check out my posting schedule to see which post is coming next!


September blog update!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little bit silent recently. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m going through a lot of changes; I’ve recently started a second job that will eventually lead me to teaching so I am also going to be starting my teaching course. Which means that I’ll be quite busy in the upcoming months! But I really don’t want my blog to suffer because of that. But the haphazard manner in which I have been posting simply won’t do with the structure of my life soon so I’ve had a rethink.

As you guys can tell, my format has been listing five things about whatever topic it is I’m discussing. I definitely don’t want to lose this so I will still be keeping this but I want you guys to know what is coming when which is why I’ve created a schedule for my posts.

I’ll be posting twice a week.

Once a month, I will post a schedule of what is coming up so you guys can see. I’m also going to have set days on which I post certain things. See below for this!

Makeup Monday – this is rather self explanatory. I’ll either be reviewing makeup, posting makeup looks or opening my Birchboxes which I get monthly (click to see my previous unboxing.)

Morgie Monday – this is when I’ll post personal posts, what I’ve been up to or just general thoughts such as this.

TV Tuesday – again, self-explanatory. I’ll be talking about different TV shows or shows on Netflix that I’m watching. I want to go into more detail, discussing meta and theories in these posts. My last post of this nature was about Game of Thrones.

Tip Thursday – this is where I’ll be posting tips about blogging or life hacks etc. like this.

Fashion Friday – this is where I’ll be posting my style steals or hauls that I get from various brands. My last style steal was Taylor Swift’s wardrobe.

Film Friday – this is similar to my TV show posts where I’ll be delving deep into film and discussing the mis-en-scene and cinematography of them. I want to really focus on writing about film as it’s what my degree is in and it’s also what I’ll be teaching. It’s a real passion of mine and I don’t talk about it nearly enough on this blog – but this is the last post that I did.

Schedule Saturday – this is only a monthly post where I’ll be posting what will be upcoming on my blog.

Stat Sunday – this is an experimental blog where I’ll be posting my stats. What drew the most attention from where etc as I’m hoping it’ll enable me to track the progression of my blog.

How have your guys’ weeks been? I will be starting this effective next week but my next post will be a review on some Tarte makeup that I’ve tried out! So be sure to check that out.

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my last post? It’s five ways to battle writer’s block – give it a read.


Five ways to battle writer’s block.

Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday if you’re in the same area as me. I went shopping and bought a few new outfits for work and today, I went to see Spiderman: Homecoming which I might do a post about later, possibly. I need to think of how to word it, what exactly I want to include in the post, etc. But as I sat down to write today’s post which was going to be about Game of Thrones (and I still might write it in the future) I found myself coming up short. So I thought of all of the things that I could write about.

The answer was at the forefront of my mind – ways to beat writer’s block. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember so these are the things that I think help the most!

  1. Reading other people’s work.

This expands into blog posts, books or poems. There’s a difference between being inspired about something and copying it. If you saw a blog post that you liked and you thought that you wanted to have your own spin on the topic then there’s nothing saying that you can’t do it. So long as you ensure that it is entirely your own work and that you’re not repeating what was said in the previous post – it could be a really good way to get your writing mojo back. Everyone’s work is inspired by something in some small way so never feel afraid to do this. If you don’t feel comfortable then talk to the writer if you can! Ask them whether they would be comfortable with you doing it or even credit them.

2. Listening to music.

One thing that I really find helps me concentrate in any situation is listening to music. My personal favourite if I’m writing fictional stuff are soundtracks but otherwise, anything will do. Some people might find this distracting but I find it helps me to focus and can also prompt ideas.

3. Talking to other people about what they want to see.

Something I’ve done in the past is make a post where I’ve purely written down what I would be interested to write on this blog in the future and I’ve also asked what you guys would like to see. I like to do this at the end of my posts anyway but I’ve found that a post that is solely focused on that is more likely to gain a response. Don’t be waylaid by that though – still ensure that it’s something you want to write about!

4. Walk away from the computer.

The more you try to write something and come up empty, the more frustrated with yourself you’ll be. I’ve found that in the past, it’s easier for me to walk away and do something else. Watch a film, have a shower, go for a walk before I can sit back down and try to write again. If you force yourself, it might not come out the way that you want it to, anyway.

5. Try to write as consistently as you can.

Even though I don’t post on here every day, I do attempt to write every day. Whether it’s silly little stories or a poem in the back of my notebook, I thrive the most when I’m writing. Sometimes, you can barely write anything more than your name and some days, you can write a novel. But what’s important is to keep at it and not be discouraged by anything! It’s your passion – be passionate!

So, there you have it! What  do you guys find helps you best when you have writer’s block? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my last post? It was a Taylor Swift style steal. Check it out!

P.P.S. If you need more blogging advice, head to my post about what I’ve learned in my time blogging.



Hey guys! As promised, here is my Taylor Swift style steal and in perfect timing too as her new single was released today. If you guys haven’t had a chance to listen to it – do! It’s caused a bit of controversy for various reasons that I haven’t quite looked into enough but it’s a dang good tune. All of these are from Topshop but as always #notspons. I just thought when researching her style that Topshop’s style of clothes fitted Taylor’s style the most.

  1. Strappy Back Swing Dress, £7.00. 

Something I saw a lot in the pictures of Taylor just out and about is that she sticks to these dresses/pinafores that you can put another shirt underneath. Dependent on the season, she seems to hop between a crop top or a longer sleeved shirt. Although pink isn’t a colour I link to Taylor, it would go well with her hair.

 2. Acid Long Sleeve Nibbled T-Shirt, £1.00. 

Yes, you read that right. No, it wasn’t a typo. One pound! For this shirt! I thought it was a typo at first but then I looked into it and it isn’t – even though I’m not too sure on the quality, if you wore it underneath one of the dresses like above or just wore it out and about on errands, etc, you would still look super stylish. It looks like it’s soft and this shade of blue is something Taylor is seen in a lot.

 3. Embroidered Gingham Shorts, £10.00. 

These are perfect for a Taylor look. A staple outfit for her is a bright coloured shirt, shorts or a skirt paired with very very high heels. When she wears shorts like this, it makes her legs look even longer which is the look she seems to go for a lot. I can see this paired with a bright yellow shirt if you could pull it off – not sure I could! The shirt that the model is wearing is perfect for Taylor, too. I can imagine her saying something like that but I couldn’t find it in the sale.

4. Toucan Embroidered Jeans, £10.00

First of all, how gorgeous is the shape of these jeans?! I love them so much – they are so pretty. Again, if you paired this with some really high block heels then it would be perfect for the Tay-Tay look.

5. Stripe Lace Up Bralet, £8.00. 

If you guys are confident enough to wear something like this then I take my hat off to you because I don’t think I ever could but it is definitely something that Taylor would wear with her stunning figure. It’s super pretty and cute and could again be put under a pinafore or something of the like. It could also be worn over something if you guys think it’s a little bit too revealing!

So there you have it! I might do a second part of this post just because she has such a lovely style. I hope you guys enjoyed this post – please let me know who you would like to see next in my style steal! Also – what do you guys think of her new song? Let me know in the comments!

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my previous post about different blogging platforms? Check it out!

P.P.S. Did you see my last style steal? I try to do them at least twice a month so stay tuned to see who will bee next!



Five blogging platforms you can use.

Hi guys! Who’s glad it’s the weekend? I certainly am! I know I said in my last post that I was going to do a style steal which is on it’s way but I thought that I would do a blogging specific post as you guys seemed to enjoy the last one. A few posts ago, I asked what you guys would like me to write about and one of you commented saying that you would like me to review the different types of platforms that you can run your blogs from. So, here goes!

  1. WordPress.

This is the obvious one as this is being published on WordPress. I was first introduced to it when I was in college as we had to keep a blog running charting our inspiration and progress within our projects. We also had to keep notes about the lectures etc and design it so that it matched the aesthetic of our work. I have to admit, I found it very hard to use but ever since it’s been updated (bear in mind, when I first used it – it was about four years ago) it’s been a God-send! There are some features that I like and some that I don’t. I really like the usability of the reader features which enables everyone to interact easily with their readers and easily access other people’s blogs. The actual post page is really user-friendly, too, once you know your way around it a little bit.

The only thing that I don’t like is the actual customiser page. I found it really hard to use as I couldn’t find how to get my blog posts on my actual front page. When I eventually did, it was easier. Another point I would make about WordPress is that they are very helpful – I once sat on live chat for well over an hour with one of their staff members with an issue I had and they were very friendly even if I was a bit frustrated!

2. Tumblr.

Tumblr was my first experience in blogging and one that I still use from time to time. In truth, the only reason I ever found out about it was because I was looking for pictures of David Tennant! Hilarious. I’ve used Tumblr for years – since I was 15, I think – and I think it is probably the most social of the blogging platforms. I met my best friend on there and we are still besties to this day. There are still people I talk to from my early days on Tumblr, too. They have an easy to use IM system which enables you to interact with your followers. The themes are easy to customise and there are some beautiful free theme makers out there. The posting system is easy, too, aside from the fact that it sometimes crashes.

The only thing that I would say about Tumblr is that it isn’t really for article blogging. When my following was at its highest on Tumblr, it was because I was creating Doctor Who gifsets constantly. It’s more about sharing photos and talking about fandoms rather than discussing topics like WordPress and Blogger. There’s also a very strange atmosphere on Tumblr which is a big reason why I have pulled away from it quite a lot – there’s a lot of drama and arguments which I’m not about.

3. Blogger.

I only recently looked into Blogger for the sake of this post and I am withholding too much judgement for the moment just because I haven’t had much experience with it. At first glance, the setup is incredibly easy – mine was already setup which makes me think it links to your Google account. It knew I wanted to call my blog ‘morgiereacts’ and the initial setup is simple and user-friendly. It’s an idiot’s guide to setting up a blog, really.

Another thing that I really do like about this is the theme setup. It was much easier than WordPress, I have to admit and there’s a lot more choice in what you can do and how you can make your blog look.

The only thing I would say that I didn’t like (and it might be me having Saturday brain!) was that I couldn’t find at all where to find other blogs. I think it’s much easier on Tumblr (you have to follow five blogs before you even  start on Tumblr) and WordPress to access other people’s blogs but once I found it, it had a similar reading list to what WordPress uses. I will keep you guys updated on what I think!

4. Ghost.

Womp, womp, womp. I was excited about this one as it had really good reviews but the thing that I don’t like about it automatically, straight off the bat is that you only get a 14 day free trial before you have to start paying monthly for it. I do pay for my current blog but WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all let you have the blog for free as long as you want with some limitations. Actually, I take that back about Tumblr – the only thing you have to pay for if you want is some of the themes. But WordPress withhold some features until you pay and you have to pay for a domain with Blogger.

But I was definitely put off of Ghost as I saw this as I don’t think that two weeks is long enough to be able to assess whether you want to continue using the platform. For all I know, it might be a really good platform but I think when you’re dealing in such a lucrative business as blogging, you need to give people a longer try-before-you-buy. Maybe that’s me being cheap!

5. Bloglovin.

I’m not entirely sure that Bloglovin’ counts as a platform but I am going to use it as one as it has all of the features of one. It’s a mixture between Twitter and other blogging platforms as it’s more of a place to advertise your posts but you can link an entire post to your bloglovin account. You can follow people (Zoella uses this!) and use tags and photos as you would on WordPress. I’ve had a few people click on my posts and come to my blog from Bloglovin’ so it might be something for you guys to look into and see if you like it yourself! There’s nothing special about the design nor the interaction features but I know that a lot of people do use it.

So, there you have it! I hope this was an informative post for you guys. If you agree/disagree then please let me know!

Morgie out.

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P.P.S. I am 100% going to do my Taylor Swift style steal as the next post so keep an eye out for that!


Five characters I miss in Game of Thrones.

Hey guys! As we are nearing the end of HBO’s TV series, I find myself reflecting back on when I first embarked on watching the show.

I don’t want to be a hipster, but when I first started watching it, you had to do that torrent-thing where you had to wait at least 24 hours to download an episode of something, leaving your laptop on all night. I remember going to school (that’s how long ago it was!) and being excited about coming back to watch it. I was intrigued to see it purely because of the cinematography. I had no clue as to the plot but I had seen gifs on Tumblr and thought that it looked like a beautiful show. I wasn’t wrong. But I remember about halfway through the first episode feeling completely ‘what is all the fuss about?!’ Until the scene where Bran finds Jaime and Cersei and is thrown from the tower.

From then on, I was hooked. To this day, Game of Thrones is still a highlight of the year for me and I am going to miss it severely when it’s gone. But there are some characters that I wish were still in it!

  1. Ned Stark.

Is anyone surprised by this? I think everyone misses Ned. I’m already a huge fan of Sean Bean – another big reason why I wanted to watch it – but I really enjoyed Ned’s character. He seemed to be the most normal and noble in Westeros and I think that if he was still in the show – he would have a real chance at being the King. But of course, it’s Sean Bean so he had to be killed! I remember after watching the episode, I rang my nan and just cried down the phone. She, of course, had no idea what I was talking about but was empathetic nonetheless.

Image result for ned stark

2. Robb Stark.

Another of my boys that I really miss. Not that I’m a huge Stark fan or anything… They are by far my favourite family and unfortunately for me, Robb’s death was spoiled for me before I even saw the episode. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t mind spoilers – unless it’s Game of Thrones. Then I Hulk-out. My friend came into our Drama lesson, unknowing that I had yet to see the episode and shouted ‘I can’t believe Robb died!’ Unlike some of the characters in this show, I’m not violent but I could have throttled her! I was devastated during the scene but I still think it was one of the best filmed and acted scenes in the show.

Image result for robb stark

3. Joffrey Baratheon.

Yes, yes. This is probably the moment when I’ve lost you all and you think I’m a crazy person. But I have always had a love for villains, however bad they are. If any of you have read the books, you know that they watered down Joffrey (believe it or not, show-only-ers) but I miss the sheer shock that he used to bring to the show. I couldn’t believe some of the things that he would say or do or how much of a little monster he was! I think I was more sad for Cersei during his death – it was brutal.

Image result for joffrey baratheon

4. Khal Drogo.

Another death that got ruined for me and another one that still really upset me. Even though I knew that he died, I didn’t know how and I thought it was one of the weirdly more brutal ones that they did. Even though Game of Thrones specialises in shock and gore, there was something more unnerving about the silent way in which Daenerys smothered him to save him, in a sense. The way in which you just saw him twitching and heard her sobbing – it really stuck with me.

Image result for khal drogo

5. Ramsay Snow.

Yep. You guys definitely think I’m crazy now. I love Iwan Rheon though, so I’m excused? Again – it’s just the fact that he was one of the most un-apologetically gruesome villains that made him so interesting to me. Most of the time, writers give their characters some element of softness, which was what I thought they were going to do when he revealed that he was with someone. But then when she died and he just said ‘she’s good meat, feed her to the hounds’… I was in shock! He’s a brilliant villain, if terrifying and he was portrayed amazingly.

Image result for ramsay snow

So there you have it! Who do you guys miss and why?

I haven’t seen the new episode (the one that was on last night) so please don’t tell me any spoilers or I will literally cry! Make sure you follow my blog and sign up for email updates so that you can see my future posts – my next one is a Taylor Swift style steal so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Morgie out.

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↝ AUGUST BIRCHBOX REVIEW ; #mermaid vibes.

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already August and I also can’t believe it’s already my next Birchbox opening! Here is my July post if you guys are interested in seeing what I got last time. Now, the only difference is that I didn’t take any pictures of the box or the products myself because I want to wait until I have a better setup with a camera/background etc. The last photos I took were taken just on my sister’s duvet and I wasn’t quite happy with them. But I have included pictures of what the products look like on so – I hope that that’s more helpful!

  1. Spectrum Collections A05 Brush in Glam Clam.

The A05 brush is the one to the right of the middle biggest brush and it is gorgeous. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my adversity to spending a lot of money on makeup brushes before but I am extremely adverse to it. I didn’t really see before what the difference was in high quality vs. low quality brushes. The brush that I currently use for powder is £1 from my shop at work. This brush comes in a whole set which prices at £59.99. For me, that’s a hefty amount but after using the brush, I am so tempted. You barely have to dip the brush in for any product to be picked up and the bristles are so soft, you can barely feel it touch your skin. The colouring is also stunning so I am genuinely quite tempted to buy the whole set. Especially if it comes in the cute little clam bag.

2. LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Out of Your Shell.

A dupe that I can find of this is the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk but honestly, this one is a nicer shade because it’s more of an off-white than a pure white. I used it the other day for the first time when I was going out for dinner with the famalam and I was really impressed. When me and my mum first swatched it, we were unsure to say the least. It was creamy and pigmented, which is all good stuff – but it wouldn’t come off for love nor money. My mum was worried she was going to be stained with it forever! But once I put it on in the waterline and as a shadow base, it was stunning. To be honest, the main difference between this and the NYX jumbo pencil is the colouring because the price is £8 which I think is similar.

Image result for loc one and done shadow stick

3. Number 4Sugar Texturising Spray.

Now, I’m not really a fan of using loads of different things for my hair. I used to and I’m pretty sure it was a big contribution to why my hair was straw at the end of it. I’m all for trying new shampoos etc but now, the only thing I use outside of shampoo products is dry shampoo. I sometimes use argan oil but I haven’t had much success with it. But I decided to try this one out so that I could obviously write this review and I really liked it. I’ve used texturising sprays before and they have done nothing but this one, you could really see the defined waves. It looked like I had curled my hair, it was so good. Not sure it’s worth the RRP of £20, though. Especially as the picture below seems to be the full size? Yikes.

Image result for Number 4™ Sugar Texturising Spray. 

4. Merci Handy, Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel.

Honestly, I’m not even going to bother showing you guys a picture of this. I was so disappointed when I saw this in the box because? Why? Birchbox, why? I get everyone wants to keep their hands clean but seriously… The packaging is naff, the scent is average and I don’t get why they thought it belonged in this box. Hmph!

5. Cargo Cosmetics, BeachBlush in Sunset Beach.

My only grudge with this is that when it came (which Birchbox did warn about and I am going to contact them about it) is that it was crumbly. Not completely unusable, as I did test it out and it is gorgeous but still – I was a little put out. But the blush/bronzer/highlight is so stunning. It gives you a really natural glow but if you wanted to build it up and be a bit extra, it’s perfect for it. It’s a new staple favourite of mine and I’m hoping that the pot lasts a long time as it’s normal price is £28. But I must admit – I am a little obsessed with it so it might be worth the money. Might be.

Image result for cargo cosmetics beach blush

So, there you have it! I must admit, I was impressed with a lot of these products and that brush – I am keeping it forever. It’s my new favourite. Do you guys get a beauty box subscription? What product was your favourite?

Morgie out.

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Five things I’ve done to celebrate my birthday.

Yes, I am one of those people who has to milk out their birthday for as long as humanly possible. No, I don’t normally milk it for this long. As I said in my July post at the beginning of the month, I was super excited to celebrate my birthday. We had a whole weekend planned out that was going to be filled with fun things. But unfortunately, my sister and designated driver dislocated her shoulder in an accident at work and we had to postpone. So, we did it this week.

  1. Had a Disney film day and ate too much.

And I really mean we ate too much. On my actual birthday, we spent the day at home with my nan. I’m not sure if I’ve ever stated the situation we’re in but my nan had a stroke about two years ago and it left her in need of full time care which my mum provides. While we wouldn’t have it any other way and love having her live with us, it means that getting away and doing things as a family isn’t something that we can do all that often anymore. But we always make the effort to make our birthdays special for my nan as well – even if she can’t go out with us. We watched Moana, Beauty and the Beast and we ate so much cake and popcorn that all of us had tummy ache. I even went up to bed for a bit! On my birthday like a total party pooper.

2. Had a garden party with the besties.

The following day, I invited two of my best friends over for some drinks in the garden. Which escalated into drinks in the garden with Dominoes. It was so amazing and that night, there was a thunderstorm which we all watched before deciding that we were being a bit silly and went and watched it from inside. It was a really atmospheric night, though and one I won’t forget.

3. Had a spa getaway with the fam.

I’ve mentioned my love of spa days in previous posts before but I seriously do love them. They are my absolute favourite things to do – so relaxing and chilled out and you come back feeling 100% better. Well, that was exactly what we decided to do. We all pitched in so that we could have a better getaway and booked a night in at Boringdon Hall near Plymouth. We’ve been there before and it is such a lovely place to go. We were really living the high life – champagne in the hot tub, the pool nearly all to ourselves and being able to jump in and out of the sauna and steam rooms whenever we liked. It was busy, don’t get me wrong. But everyone seemed more interested in reading their books on the loungers! Waste of money if you ask me but each to their own.

4. Found a secret bar.

This is kind of a tag-on to the previous point but it needed its own point as it is something that truly is one of the more memorable moments of my life. We had a lovely meal at the hall – steak and chips and fried mushrooms. But what really made the meal was our waiter. He was from Romania and was absolutely hysterical. Every time he came to our table, he would have some funny story to tell us or would try to make us guess something about either him or the hall. I guessed where he was from and he began to tell us the story of the real Dracula. Now, vampires have never scared me that much. But what he then went on to tell us did scare me. He told us that the hall was haunted – which was something I had never heard before so I’m pretty sure he was making it up – and that there had been a few ghost sightings there. He then lead us through to a bookcase and told us to pull on one of the books. After my mum guessed the right one, the bookcase opened all Scooby-Doo like onto a secret bar. It was truly amazing – and also hysterical because the waiter decided to hide behind the bookcase to make my sister jump and she screamed so loud. Truly a moment I will never forget.

5. Had afternoon tea.

Like a true Brit, one of my favourite things to do is drink tea in a tea room. However, I was a bit of a phoney today as I didn’t fancy a scone but I had a teacake instead. It was so nice and warm and just what I needed on a grim, rainy day. The staff were very friendly and what was even better was that my Mother (who is dairy-free) could have the scones, too! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

All in all, I have been thoroughly spoiled with what I’ve done and I will never forget my 22nd.

Hope you guys are keeping well! Stay tuned for my next post because my August birchbox arrived and it’s a good’un! Here’s the link to my July birchbox.

Morgie out. x

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Five things you need to get Lydia Martin’s wardrobe.

Hi guys! Now, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but one of my favourite shows in the world is Teen Wolf. If you guys haven’t seen it then you need to add it to your watchlist – it’s a little cheesy at first but it is so good. It’s recently come back, even though I haven’t watched the newest episode but I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a style steal!

So, without further ado – here are five things I found that you need to get Lydia’s wardrobe. #notspons.

  1. Imitation Leather Skirt, £8.99. 

A leather skirt is always what I think of whenever I think of Lydia’s wardrobe. My favourite outfit of hers involves a imitation burgundy leather skirt – an outfit I liked so much that I had to go out and try and find something myself that was like it. She normally pairs her skirts with blouses.

Imitation leather skirt - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 1

   2. Blouse with lace, £9.99. 

Side note; a big reason why I chose H&M for this style steal was that I knew that the wardrobe people on set buy Lydia’s wardrobe from H&M a lot. I don’t know where I know that from – hours of scrolling through Teen Wolf BTS videos, probably! But this blouse is a near match to an outfit she wore in S5, which she paired with a bright green cardigan.

Blouse with lace - White - | H&M GB 1

Image result for lydia martin series 5

3. Satin dress, light blue, £7.99. 

This one is one of the most exact matches that I’ve ever found during a style steal. This dress matches the dress that Lydia wears in the episode where she first kisses Stiles (SPOILER) in Series 3. The main difference is that it is slightly lighter than the one in the show and also the same length all the way around whereas Lydia’s is longer at the back. But this is still a pretty good match and I screamed a little (geddit) when I saw it.

Satin dress - Light blue - Ladies | H&M GB 1Image result for lydia martin blue dress

4. Short cargo jacket, £13.99. 

Again, this is quite a good match to one of her earlier outfits. Green is quite a staple colour in her wardrobe, as is blue. But especially a khaki green like this one – even though it’s missing the big buttons on either side, this could be easily sewn on if you wanted an exact match.

Short cargo jacket - Dark green - Ladies | H&M GB 1

5. Short bandeau dress, £11.99.

This one is heavily inspired by the dress she wore to that famous prom in the first series. I won’t spoil anything but this is quite close to the one that she wore and it is stunning. Also, for the price – you can’t go wrong!

Short bandeau dress - Vintage pink - Ladies | H&M GB 1

So, there you have it! My Lydia Martin style steal. Who would you guys like me to do next?

Morgie out.

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Five things you need to get Belle’s (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) look.

Hey guys! If you’re a fan of the new Beauty and the Beast reboot, then I’m sure you guys know that the DVD was released last week. If you guys haven’t read my review, I urge you to do it as it was my very first post!

This is more of an inspired by style-steal, as my Daenarys Targaryen one was, too! This is a series I’m interested in doing as I love the Disney Princesses and I love doing the style steals! So, if you guys want to find out how to get Belle’s look, keep reading. #notspons. Also, all of these clothes are in the sale so grab them quick!

  1. White Lace Up Front Bardot Neck T-Shirt, New Look, £6.00. 

This shirt reminds me of the main dress she wears when she’s in the village with the blue dress. In the original cartoon, obviously, there’s an apron over her dress but in the 2017 reboot, they made it more of a corset. This lace up front and drop-shoulder would look great under a pinafore dress if you wanted to reflect that original outfit.

White Lace Up Front Bardot Neck T-Shirt | New Look

2. Pale Blue Floral Embroidered Cold Shoulder Shirt, New Look, £12.00.

Whenever I think of Belle, I think of the blue dress that I mentioned above but also, a lot of flowers and delicate things. She’s definitely one of my favourite Princesses because of how gentle she is but also because of how brave she is – the fact that she would give her life for her father’s is something you don’t often see in Disney films. But I can imagine Belle in something like this with the delicately embroidered flowers and again, the cold shoulders. Even though the Beast’s castle is probably cold enough.

Pale Blue Floral Embroidered Cold Shoulder Shirt | New Look

3. Yellow Bow Front Split Midi Dress, New Look, £10.00. 

Of course, I couldn’t do this look without trying to match the iconic golden-yellow dress that she wears during the famous dance scene. I remembered always wanting one like that when I was younger and my mum did buy me one! But I still think the dress is beautiful to this day and this was the closest that I could find to it that still leaves it being casual enough to wear normally. If you guys can pull off yellow, I envy you.

Yellow Bow Front Split Front Midi Dress | New Look

 4. Blue Satin Ballet Pumps, New Look, £5.00. 

I don’t normally include shoes in my style-steals but I thought these ones were just so cute and would go with the outfits that match the blue dress at the beginning of the film. The vibrant colour of the shoes are so beautiful, too, I was just immediately drawn to them.

Blue Satin Ballet Pumps | New Look

5. Pale Blue Scallop Hem Lace Tunic Dress, New Look, £24.00. 

This is the most expensive one but it’s also the closest match that I could find to Belle’s blue dress – the belt around the middle and the cute lace around the edge reminded me of her so much so if you were looking to do a near direct Disneybound then this would be a good option! Especially if you put a bow in your hair.

Pale Blue Scallop Hem Lace Tunic Dress | New Look

So, there you have it! If you guys have any ideas of who you would like me to do next then please let me know in the comments! My next post is another style steal of Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf as that’s coming back soon!

Morgie out.

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