Five things you need to know about Kingsman: Golden Circle (2017.)

I don’t know anyone else’s opinion to this film franchise but it is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I watched the first film as something to do while I was wrapping up presents for my friend’s birthday – and within five minutes, I was hooked. So, to see the trailer for the sequel has my little spy heart pounding.

So, what did we learn?

  1. The HQ is going to blow up.
  2. But Mark Strong will survive.
  3. The Queen aka Julianne Moore is going to star in it.
  4. Channing Tatum is cosplaying Brokeback Mountain.
  5. Colin Firth is back?

Break it down now:


As far as trailers go, this one is pretty spoiler heavy. Such as the HQ blowing up, leaving Eggsy and Merlin in cinders (I haven’t mentioned yet how much I love the fact the agents have Arthurian legend names but I really do.) and point five in this post. However, the juxtaposition of the explosion and My Way by Frank Sinatra really drew me in and made me emotional within the first ten seconds.

2. Merlin returns.

I love Mark Strong. That’s all that needs to be said. They couldn’t do a sequel without him.

3. Give us Mo(o)re Julianne.

After seeing her performances in Still Alice and The Hunger Games, I have become a super-fan of Julianne. She is enigmatic, controls the screen and I’m so excited to see what she will bring to this story. I’ve yet to look too much into the plot as I want everything to be fresh when I go to see it in the cinema but I can’t wait to see whether she’ll be a villain or a hero. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for your favourite films with Julianne in, please comment and let me know.

4. Channing Tatum as a spy-cowboy?

What more could you want? I’ve never understood much of the hype about him but I am interested to see if he will prove me wrong.

5. SPOILER ALERT AGAIN – Colin is returning.

I don’t really understand why they put this in the trailer as Harry’s death was one of the most vital parts in the previous film for me. I was so shocked and upset (who likes seeing Colin Firth die?) so to treat his return from the dead in a haphazard manner has me questioning whether it really is Harry at all? Maybe I’m too invested? (Nah.)

What was your favourite part of the trailer? Please comment and let me know.

Morgie out.

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