Five things you need to get that Hayley Williams wardrobe #aesthetic.

With the release of ‘Hard Times’, I found myself remembering my love of Paramore this week. I understand why people don’t like the song and I can’t say I had it on repeat but I will always love Hayley Williams’ cute wardrobe. So! Here’s five things I’ve found on sale this week that you can get to dress like the Queen of vocals. (P.S #notspons. )

  1. Slogan Hooded Windbreaker Jacket – Topshop, £40.00 

Much like the scene kid tradition that Hayley has always rocked, she loves wearing bright colours. This bright yellow jacket may be a bit pricey but worth it for the standout style and rainy spring we have ahead of us.

2. Satin Ruffle Shirt Dress – Topshop, £15.00

A bargain at £15, if you ask me. Especially for Topshop. This shirt with its high collar is definitely something I can see Hayley wearing with some printed tights and Doc Martins.

3. Mixed Emotions Ringer Tee – Forever 21, £7.70.

Hayley has always loved her graphic tees and this would be perfect with a choker (as seen worn by the model) and some distressed denim shorts.

Mixed Emotions Ringer Tee

4. Happy Face Graphic Tee – Forever 21, £10.50

This is a little bit more pricey for Forever 21, but it’s more like a jumper than a tee. Damn, Hayley. Back at it again with the graphic tees. I can see this paired with a pinafore dress (as worn by the model) but a simple black dress over the top would compliment this nicely.

Happy Face Graphic Tee

5. Adelynn Ruffle Detail Skirt –, £4.00

Our cheapest and cutest item on this list. For the price, I can’t believe this hasn’t been snatched up already but it’s the perfect Hayley skirt. It could especially work with one of our tees above or like the model, with a bright sweatshirt.

Adelynn Ruffle Detail Skirt

So, there you have it. Do you agree with my list? What did you think of Hard Times? And, would you like me to continue this as a weekly series with other celebrities/characters from TV shows/films?

Comment below and let me know.

Morgie out.

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