Morgie Rants: Tarte Cosmetics.

So, one thing I will say before I start is that I have never used/tested tarte makeup before. Not because I don’t want to – but because their website is so glitchy and awful that I cannot physically purchase what I want to try.

I was so excited when I checked my email half an hour ago to find that tarte were running an offer until midnight that meant that you could pick seven full size products including a makeup bag, lipstick, foundation, a brush, eyeliner and a blush of your choice for £50. Obviously, I quickly went onto the tarte site and began to pick through what I wanted. I was getting more excited about trying the products as I picked the shades I wanted and saw my custom bag coming together.

Then, when it came time to checkout, I clicked checkout. Obviously.

Then, the entire bag disappeared.

Thinking this was just a glitch with the site with traffic being too high, I came out and tried again and got to the same position before it deleted the bag again. I then thought it was because I wasn’t logged into my account yet so I tried to log in but it persistently told me that my account didn’t exist. Which it obviously does otherwise I wouldn’t have the email.

I finally (after many, many tries) got to the stage where I put in my card details. I got through the whole billing process and clicked ‘finish order’ – relieved that I finally got through the ordeal. Then, it said that the only thing I had in my basket was a 19p mascara and no makeup bag.

I was too tried and frustrated to continue and also wary that they could be taking my card details time and time again. All in all, disappointed as I was excited to try. I’m not sure if it’s the website’s fault and that it has some glitches that it needs working out or whether it was from the traffic being too high but I was frustrated nonetheless.

Did any of you have better luck than me?

Morgie out.


    • May 8, 2017 / 5:20 pm

      It really was! And it keeps reminding me that my now £100+ bag is still in my basket. #firstwordproblems 😂

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