Five things you need in/on your work desk. 

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really pedantic about my work desk. Not about the cleanliness of it (my desk is 100% the messiest in the office, which I always tell my boss shows a creative mindset) but what is on there and what is in your drawer. Here are just a few things I think are essential.

  1. Something to personalise it.

The average full-time worker spends more time at work than at home, so personalise your desk if your boss allows it! Whether it’s a picture of your family, your dog or a little ornament. I personally have a collection of Funko Pop! Dolls which I have on my desk. I have a comic book Harley Quinn with a mallet as below. It really helps to spark conversation, too, if you’re new to your workplace as most people would ask about the picture/the ornament.

Image result for harley quinn funko pop doll mallet

2. Snacks.

Now, where I would normally pretend that I’m crazy healthy and keep blueberries and yogurt and granola in my snack drawer, that just isn’t the case. During the day, I get super hungry and I think it’s the fact that I’m not moving around very much due to the nature of my work. Normally, my snacks consist of crisps, crackers, boiled sweets and cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are supposed to improve your mood so if I’m having a bad day, you can normally see me scoffing them down.

3. NYX Argan Oil Lip Balm.

Yes, another NYX product of mine that I love and apply every single day at least a few times a day. My office’s rubbish air conditioning strikes again on the daily and usually leaves me with very sore, cracked lips. Sometimes, it gets so bad that they split and start bleeding which is super embarrassing in the middle of work. So, I always keep a little pot of lip balm with me and recently, I’ve been loving this one. I’ve had it since Christmas and have used it every day and it still has barely made a dent in it. Love it. It smells amazing and makes your lips super soft.

Related image

4. Perfume.

I feel like this post is just me complaining about the air conditioning in my office but it’s so bad. We have quite a small office with about thirty bodies in there and some of the people in my office (bless their hearts) insist on keeping a heater on all day every day. Even in the summer months. Which leads to me getting hot and sweaty which is why I always keep some perfume or deodorant or both in my drawer. It’s not very conspicuous with the loud SHHHHHHHHHH it makes while you apply it but it also helps to cool you down so it’s a necessity for me.

5. Tea.

Finally, this is the most important one for me. Tea bags. I’ve recently been loving Sainsbury’s Earl Grey tea bags because they’re super cheap, they’re Fairtrade and they taste amazing. I have a bit of a reputation at work for being a tea addict as I probably drink about ten cups while I’m at work but I find it really boosts my productivity.

Image result for sainsbury's earl grey

So, there’s my list of essentials I need in my desk! How about you guys? Do you have things that you can’t get through the day without? Does your office have awful air conditioning? Let me know!

Morgie out.

(P.S, how hilarious is that stock image? That’s me leaving work on a Friday!)

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