Five things you need to know about The Butterfly Effect (2004.)

Hello, film fans! I haven’t written much about films this week as I’ve been on a beauty/style kick but I have to talk about this film which I mentioned in my April favourites. I saw a lot of good movies in April but this one had to be the one that topped the rest of them. It’s an oldie but I had never seen it before – I knew it was supposed to mess with your mind but I didn’t expect to get as emotionally invested as I did.

So, what do you need to know about it?

  1. Ashton Kutcher is brilliant.

This was something that really put me off of watching the film for a long, long time. I never really saw Ashton as someone who could take a role seriously. But like Jim Carrey did in 23, he really proved me wrong. I was worried that there was going to be too much comedy and it would detract from the serious nature of the film but it didn’t – his acting wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t crass and yes, he did make me laugh but it was from the dark delivery of some of his lines.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie, Ashton stars in the role of college student Evan Treborn who has seen more trauma than anyone his age should. He discovers when reading through some of his old journals that by reading them aloud, he can transport himself back to that time and change the course of history. One little thing can throw the entire future out, thus the title The Butterfly Effect which suggests the notion that a simple flap of a butterfly’s wings can change everything. Which leads me onto my next point.

2. It makes you think about what could have changed in your own life.

Me and my friend were only talking about this the other day. He said that his parents were planning to move to Australia when he was little and how crazy it was that everything could have changed – we could never have met and that would have changed a lot in my life. But because his parents decided not to move, we did meet. But what would have happened it we didn’t? I think I would like to Butterfly Effect a lot of things that happened in my life but as Ashton learns, he can see that sometimes, bad things do happen for the right reasons and that it shapes you as a person.

3. SPOILER ALERT – a dog dies.

I think this is quite a vital thing for people to know if they haven’t seen the movie as it was the moment where I almost stopped it. Actually, I did pause the film and had to walk away because I found it so uncomfortable to watch. I also found it quite needless – as if the writers had put it in there purely to be like yeah, look how grisly we are. this is a dark film.png sign us up for being dark and addressing dark things. It’s odd how a dog death can stick with you more than a human death.

Anyone see I Am Legend? Yeah.

4. You never know quite what side to be on.

Because Evan’s actions change a lot for the people around him, you never quite know who’s side to be on. In one story, a character is the villain. But when Evan changes their life, they turn into a Jesus-loving hero. But because we as the audience know that that character is actually more devil-like in the previous story, it gives you a very warped idea of who to believe, who to root for. I personally always found myself rooting for Lenny and Evan’s mum.

5. I don’t think I could watch it again.

It disturbed me in a lot of ways which I think is sometimes a really good thing for a film to do because it makes you think. But at the same time – there were some scenes that I definitely did not want to relive as I mentioned above.

All in all, I did think it was a good, thought-provoking film and I would give it a 7/10.

What did you guys think? Have you seen it before? Would you watch it again? What other films can you suggest that made you think like this one does?

Morgie out.

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