Five things I did this weekend.

Hi guys! I haven’t been around much this week because it was my sister’s 28th birthday so we were celebrating that. I’m not allowed to take leave from work during May/June so we had to pack a lot into this weekend, so I thought I’d share it! Especially as I met someone very exciting.

  1. Had a cooked breakfast.
  2. Visited our beautiful countryside.
  3. Met Navi (aka, the official decoy for Michael Jackson) and Jennifer Batton.
  4. Danced until the early hours.
  5. Sat in a spa for a day.

I’m all about well-being. About making the time to do things that you love and one of my favourite things is to spend time with my family. We had a beautifully cooked breakfast with all the trimmings – bacon, sausage, beans, scrambled eggs, hash browns and mushrooms. If you’re not British and an Full English sounds really strange to you – I advise you to try it. It’s a thing of beauty.

I also like to take the time every now and then to realise that I’m very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world. It’s so easy to become acclimatised to our everyday and not appreciate the small wonders that can be just outside of our doorstep. I personally find my town very boring and lifeless but I am so close to rolling countrysides and cute seaside towns that I really enjoyed exploring on Saturday.

But my absolute favourite part was meeting Navi. If you guys haven’t heard of him, don’t worry – I hadn’t either. He was hired by Michael Jackson himself to be his decoy when he didn’t want to be spotted in public and wanted to escape and he also hired him to play at his birthday parties. He was playing in my town and it was such a spectacle to see. He brought the King of Pop back to life again and due to the very kind gift from my Mother, we also got to do a meet & greet with him afterwards. He liked my name and gave me a hug and bantered my sister about ‘leaving me hanging’! He was very funny and sweet and also wanted to make my mum smile. My mum recently broke her foot and is now in crutches. After seeing this, he asked me what my mum’s name was and then when she approached him greeted her by name. She was very perplexed but it made her smile!

The picture’s below:

I had quite a busy weekend as I also had a hen-do to go to but when I met up with my friends, they had already been dancing for hours! Even though I hadn’t had anything to drink, I still enjoyed dancing along to classics like Take on Me and Tainted Love.

Finally, I sat in a spa. Hovering between the menthol steam room, the hot tub and the sauna – it was so relaxing and what I needed after a stressful week at work. Even though most spa places are quite expensive, it’s definitely something to save your pennies for – I am still feeling the benefits today!

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow!

Morgie out.


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