Friday! How has everyone’s week’s been? I can’t believe that May is already over and we are coming up to summer so quick. I suppose a lot of you are preparing for exams and revising a tonne, too. Or perhaps you’re planning your holidays in the sunshine! Unless of course, you live in Britain – then you’re planning on duvet days in the summer rain.

But I’ve really enjoyed May. Even if it has been ridiculously quick. And these are the things that I have enjoyed most:

  1. Topshop Midi Rings, various prices.

I have been OBSESSED with midi rings. The ones below aren’t the ones I got because they were on sale and I couldn’t find them but they’re the most similar ones that I could find. I have literally worn them every day and I’ve always been self conscious about my hands so this dresses them up just enough.

2. Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in Timelessfeelunique, £4.40

Okay, this is an oldie but a goodie. I have been loving this lipstick because it is so creamy and looks so pretty. I used to wear nothing but darker shades – even went as far as black last year – but now, I stick to neutrals more often than not. And this is perfect for it.

3. Pretty Little Liars, Netflix.

I’ve mentioned a few times about this show but it absolutely belongs on this list. I tried to watch it a few months ago and couldn’t get into it but then I finished Scream and Thirteen Reasons Why and was desperate for a new show. This is when PLL came in. I am already quite far into Series 1 and I’ve also bought the first book. The suspense, the witty lines and the clever plot has me clicking ‘next episode’ each time. Highly recommend it so far.

Image result for pretty little liars

4. Menthol steam room – most spas.

Okay, this isn’t one that I can necessarily link you guys to but I am 100% a supporter of menthol steam rooms. We went on a spa day for my sister’s birthday and there was a menthol steam room there. Ever since then, my skin has been so much clearer and I do put it down to that. I know not everyone can get to a spa day whenever they need one (which would be daily if it was my choice!) but I highly recommend it.

5. WordPress!

Yes, WordPress! I have enjoyed writing up my posts and interacting with you guys so much this month. Meeting new people through Community Pool, reading all of your amazing posts and talking to you on the comments on my blog posts. I can’t wait to see where this blog goes and I am just so thankful to all of you for your love and support.

God bless.

Morgie out.



      1. Yeah me too! I don’t want to read anything!🙈 But at the same time I kind of want to know what other people have been thinking

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