Five things you need to know about La La Land (2017.) 

Now, I know this is a rather late review. But I wanted to hold back any thoughts that I had about this Marmite film until I saw it again. I had been excited for the film when it was announced that it was going to be released as I love musicals. Whether in film or theatre, I think they’re such a beautiful genre that is underrated. But I have mixed thoughts about La La Land.

Let’s get down to it.

  1. It is certainly one of a kind.

I can honestly say, for every pro and every con, it certainly is one of a kind in that I haven’t seen a film like it before. Yes, musicals are everywhere and they’ve been done in most settings (anyone seen the Camelot musical? That’s enough to put people off musicals for life). But the beauty of La La Land is that it obviously has musical qualities but it also has those that remind me of a silent movie. Emma Stone’s character talks about how she loved watching old movies with her aunt and there are definite glimmers of old cinematic techniques within the film. The way in which the leads fall in love, the way they talk to each other does make you think of times before this modern world of Tinder and speed dating.

2. John Legend is a legend.

My favourite part of this entire experience was the fact that John Legend was in it. I love John Legend and his music and I had a little fangirl moment when he came on screen. He acted effortlessly, made you believe his slightly dubious character of Sebastian’s ex-business-partner and the song Start a Fire that he sings in the film is so catchy!

3. It 100% deserved the Oscar win for cinematography.

I have very mixed, mainly negative views about this film but the one thing that I definitely can’t fault it for is the cinematography. The use of colours, editing and clever filming techniques all bring it together to make it a visual masterpiece. Especially the scene where Sebastian and Mia literally dance in the stars. It combines the magic of theatre and the beauty of special effects to make something stunning to watch.

4. It 100% didn’t deserve the Oscar win for screenplay.

While it’s visually stunning, the screenplay and plot is extremely lacklustre. Aside from the fact that they sing every now and then, there’s nothing special about the plot. Girl has dream, boy has dream, girl and boy fall in love, girl and boy break up and fulfil their dreams by themselves. It’s pretty much any other romantic film you’ve seen – with the added song.

5. It’s nothing special.

Honestly, obviously this is my own opinion. But I didn’t understand the fuss that this film got. I could see the good, but I could see the bad. I could see that it was visually beautiful but the acting was average, the script was average and although the songs are catchy – they weren’t awe-inspiring. Especially as the main song they kept going back to City of Stars was extremely dull.

What did you guys think of it? Am I being too critical?

Morgie out.

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