Five things you need to get Lydia Martin’s wardrobe.

Hi guys! Now, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but one of my favourite shows in the world is Teen Wolf. If you guys haven’t seen it then you need to add it to your watchlist – it’s a little cheesy at first but it is so good. It’s recently come back, even though I haven’t watched the newest episode but I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a style steal!

So, without further ado – here are five things I found that you need to get Lydia’s wardrobe. #notspons.

  1. Imitation Leather Skirt, £8.99. 

A leather skirt is always what I think of whenever I think of Lydia’s wardrobe. My favourite outfit of hers involves a imitation burgundy leather skirt – an outfit I liked so much that I had to go out and try and find something myself that was like it. She normally pairs her skirts with blouses.

Imitation leather skirt - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 1

   2. Blouse with lace, £9.99. 

Side note; a big reason why I chose H&M for this style steal was that I knew that the wardrobe people on set buy Lydia’s wardrobe from H&M a lot. I don’t know where I know that from – hours of scrolling through Teen Wolf BTS videos, probably! But this blouse is a near match to an outfit she wore in S5, which she paired with a bright green cardigan.

Blouse with lace - White - | H&M GB 1

Image result for lydia martin series 5

3. Satin dress, light blue, £7.99. 

This one is one of the most exact matches that I’ve ever found during a style steal. This dress matches the dress that Lydia wears in the episode where she first kisses Stiles (SPOILER) in Series 3. The main difference is that it is slightly lighter than the one in the show and also the same length all the way around whereas Lydia’s is longer at the back. But this is still a pretty good match and I screamed a little (geddit) when I saw it.

Satin dress - Light blue - Ladies | H&M GB 1Image result for lydia martin blue dress

4. Short cargo jacket, £13.99. 

Again, this is quite a good match to one of her earlier outfits. Green is quite a staple colour in her wardrobe, as is blue. But especially a khaki green like this one – even though it’s missing the big buttons on either side, this could be easily sewn on if you wanted an exact match.

Short cargo jacket - Dark green - Ladies | H&M GB 1

5. Short bandeau dress, £11.99.

This one is heavily inspired by the dress she wore to that famous prom in the first series. I won’t spoil anything but this is quite close to the one that she wore and it is stunning. Also, for the price – you can’t go wrong!

Short bandeau dress - Vintage pink - Ladies | H&M GB 1

So, there you have it! My Lydia Martin style steal. Who would you guys like me to do next?

Morgie out.

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