Hey guys! As promised, here is my Taylor Swift style steal and in perfect timing too as her new single was released today. If you guys haven’t had a chance to listen to it – do! It’s caused a bit of controversy for various reasons that I haven’t quite looked into enough but it’s a dang good tune. All of these are from Topshop but as always #notspons. I just thought when researching her style that Topshop’s style of clothes fitted Taylor’s style the most.

  1. Strappy Back Swing Dress, £7.00. 

Something I saw a lot in the pictures of Taylor just out and about is that she sticks to these dresses/pinafores that you can put another shirt underneath. Dependent on the season, she seems to hop between a crop top or a longer sleeved shirt. Although pink isn’t a colour I link to Taylor, it would go well with her hair.

 2. Acid Long Sleeve Nibbled T-Shirt, £1.00. 

Yes, you read that right. No, it wasn’t a typo. One pound! For this shirt! I thought it was a typo at first but then I looked into it and it isn’t – even though I’m not too sure on the quality, if you wore it underneath one of the dresses like above or just wore it out and about on errands, etc, you would still look super stylish. It looks like it’s soft and this shade of blue is something Taylor is seen in a lot.

 3. Embroidered Gingham Shorts, £10.00. 

These are perfect for a Taylor look. A staple outfit for her is a bright coloured shirt, shorts or a skirt paired with very very high heels. When she wears shorts like this, it makes her legs look even longer which is the look she seems to go for a lot. I can see this paired with a bright yellow shirt if you could pull it off – not sure I could! The shirt that the model is wearing is perfect for Taylor, too. I can imagine her saying something like that but I couldn’t find it in the sale.

4. Toucan Embroidered Jeans, £10.00

First of all, how gorgeous is the shape of these jeans?! I love them so much – they are so pretty. Again, if you paired this with some really high block heels then it would be perfect for the Tay-Tay look.

5. Stripe Lace Up Bralet, £8.00. 

If you guys are confident enough to wear something like this then I take my hat off to you because I don’t think I ever could but it is definitely something that Taylor would wear with her stunning figure. It’s super pretty and cute and could again be put under a pinafore or something of the like. It could also be worn over something if you guys think it’s a little bit too revealing!

So there you have it! I might do a second part of this post just because she has such a lovely style. I hope you guys enjoyed this post – please let me know who you would like to see next in my style steal! Also – what do you guys think of her new song? Let me know in the comments!

Morgie out.

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P.P.S. Did you see my last style steal? I try to do them at least twice a month so stay tuned to see who will bee next!



  1. Tasha
    August 26, 2017 / 10:03 am

    i loved her new song… could you do a mid-season look soon?

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