September blog update!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little bit silent recently. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m going through a lot of changes; I’ve recently started a second job that will eventually lead me to teaching so I am also going to be starting my teaching course. Which means that I’ll be quite busy in the upcoming months! But I really don’t want my blog to suffer because of that. But the haphazard manner in which I have been posting simply won’t do with the structure of my life soon so I’ve had a rethink.

As you guys can tell, my format has been listing five things about whatever topic it is I’m discussing. I definitely don’t want to lose this so I will still be keeping this but I want you guys to know what is coming when which is why I’ve created a schedule for my posts.

I’ll be posting twice a week.

Once a month, I will post a schedule of what is coming up so you guys can see. I’m also going to have set days on which I post certain things. See below for this!

Makeup Monday – this is rather self explanatory. I’ll either be reviewing makeup, posting makeup looks or opening my Birchboxes which I get monthly (click to see my previous unboxing.)

Morgie Monday – this is when I’ll post personal posts, what I’ve been up to or just general thoughts such as this.

TV Tuesday – again, self-explanatory. I’ll be talking about different TV shows or shows on Netflix that I’m watching. I want to go into more detail, discussing meta and theories in these posts. My last post of this nature was about Game of Thrones.

Tip Thursday – this is where I’ll be posting tips about blogging or life hacks etc. like this.

Fashion Friday – this is where I’ll be posting my style steals or hauls that I get from various brands. My last style steal was Taylor Swift’s wardrobe.

Film Friday – this is similar to my TV show posts where I’ll be delving deep into film and discussing the mis-en-scene and cinematography of them. I want to really focus on writing about film as it’s what my degree is in and it’s also what I’ll be teaching. It’s a real passion of mine and I don’t talk about it nearly enough on this blog – but this is the last post that I did.

Schedule Saturday – this is only a monthly post where I’ll be posting what will be upcoming on my blog.

Stat Sunday – this is an experimental blog where I’ll be posting my stats. What drew the most attention from where etc as I’m hoping it’ll enable me to track the progression of my blog.

How have your guys’ weeks been? I will be starting this effective next week but my next post will be a review on some Tarte makeup that I’ve tried out! So be sure to check that out.

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you see my last post? It’s five ways to battle writer’s block – give it a read.

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