🎥 TV Thursday – Five Important Moments in Game of Thrones 1.1. (Winter is Coming.)

Hey guys! This is a new series I’m going to be doing every so often. If you want to see when then please click here to see my schedule. I decided to do a rewatch during the two year hiatus and as I did, I noticed things that were seemingly unimportant to the plot but now are prevalent.

  1. The White Walkers.

They are the very first things we see in this episode and for many, their first introduction to the ASOIAF series. I remember being incredibly disturbed by them but then, their importance didn’t seem that relevant. I didn’t quite understand why they were there, they were just an ever present being that didn’t seem to be much of a threat. But the more the series develops, the more you can see the importance of them and the fact that actually, every time someone says the well known motto Winter is Coming, it’s a foreshadowing of the icy monsters and the war that they will bring.

2. The introduction to the Stark family.

I often wonder what the story would be like if we had started the story from another family’s point of view. By nature, the reader/viewer of something automatically trusts the first people that they are introduced to. This means that subconsciously, your allegiances automatically lie with whoever this character may be; thus making unreliable narrators a really interesting technique. This family are seemingly functional which by default makes the other families look all the more dysfunctional.

3. The introduction to the Targaryen family.

I must admit, I forgot just how awful Viserys was and I suppose when I first watched it, I was still getting to grips with the show as a whole. But now, seeing how much Daenerys progresses, there is a great amount of discomfort in seeing how far she had to climb to reach where she is now in the current series. A line that I especially liked was when Viserys made mention to the fact that history books would state that his reign started today. For the re-watch audience, there is an irony in it in that we know that it is in fact the day that Daenerys begins to pave the way for her reign.

4. Rob and Lyanna.

Similar to the White Walkers, this is a plot point that I didn’t see as very important until the later series. To be honest, whenever people mentioned Lyanna, I was like… who? But now we can see that actually this was a plot point that put into motion all of the events of the series. It’s another thing to think on of what would have changed were this not to have happened.

5. Cersei and Jaime attacking Bran.

I think if anything, the final scene is a real insight into how far Cersei will be willing to go. For the first-time viewer, we can see that she thinks she is higher than the rest of them in the way she interacts with them. But this could be perceived as just a vain trait of hers and her dislike for the Starks merging together to make her act this way. As the series progresses, we see that there are only few things that Cersei truly cares about but the unmistakable one is her love for her children and how much she loves being a mother. Which makes this scene all the more harrowing. Especially as in Series 7, once she’s upon the throne – she doesn’t care who knows that she’s sleeping with Jaime. If I was Bran and I knew that I’d be like ‘thanks a lot!’ But this was obviously a plot point that had to happen and a clever one at that. Not only does it shape Bran’s entire arc, it also entices the audience to watch more because it’s the definition of a cliffhanger.

I’m not entirely sure how I want to format these posts yet, I will have a think but if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know!

Morgie out.

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