👗 Fashion Friday – Five things you need to dress like Allison Argent #stylesteal.

Hi guys! Who’s been in post-show mourning? I know I have. I didn’t even watch Teen Wolf after series 5 but the fact that it’s over is so sad to me. So, I thought I would celebrate in a few ways – one, by doing style steals (I’ve already written a Lydia one here) and two, by doing a re-watch where I’m going to meta everything. I can’t wait, I really will miss Teen Wolf. I think it had its moments of being really bad but then really good. It was a clever show with a lovely cast and it’ll be missed.

But the person I miss the most is Allison! If you guys haven’t seen the show, I won’t spoil anything – but see below how to get her amazing style! P.S. Everything is on sale and this is also #notspons by Forever 21. Wish it was!

  1. Selfie Leslie Jumper, £19.00. 

Something that is a necessity with Allison’s style is layering. While you can’t wear this jumper alone, if you paired it with a floral dress underneath and some ankle boots, it would be perfect for her look.

Selfie Leslie Jumper

2. Strappy Cutout Sweater in Blush, £10.99. 

I’ve specified buying this in Blush because it is almost an exact duplicate to a dress that she wore in the show. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck in how many Allison outfits there were on Forever 21, all of these finds were only on the first page of the sale and they are perfect! If you pair this with a cute hairband and curls, it’s almost an exact replica of her outfit at the end of 3a.

Strappy Cutout Sweater

3. Striped Amore Patch Jumper, £10.99. 

The jumper that I really wanted to find was Allison’s heart jumper that everyone knows and loves but I think this is still a good choice. She’s into wearing cute jumpers and the little ‘amore’ badge is great for her links to Paris – the Argent family are from France for those of you who haven’t seen it. The only thing I’m not keen on is the turtleneck but if you guys can pull it off then go for it! I have a really weird thing against turtlenecks.

Striped Amore Patch Jumper

4. Scalloped Lace-Hem Jumper, £10.99. 

Again, this is almost an exact replica of an outfit she wore in series two. So much so that I’m actually super tempted to buy it myself as I love it so much. It’s so cute and the perfect colour for Allison. Pair it with some ankle boots and patterned tights and you’re good to go! ( Also, how cheap are these jumpers? Love it. )

Scalloped Lace-Hem Jumper

5. Woven Longline Jacket, £20.40. 

Green jackets are something that I associate with Allison as she wears them a lot, especially in series three. I thought this one was perfect because it’s quite loose and it’s also not too thick so you’d still be able to run in the woods with this on if you wanted to! (Not likely.)

Woven Longline Jacket

So, there you have it! Which piece was your favourite? Who would you like me to style steal from next? Let me know in the comments!

Morgie out.

P.S. Did you like my style steal? Please click here to see how to get Taylor Swift’s look for under £40.

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