🎥 TV Tuesday – Five important moments in Teen Wolf 1.1. ( Wolf Moon. )

Hey guys! Alongside my Game of Thrones rewatch which you can find the first post of here, I’m going to be doing a Teen Wolf rewatch, too! I want to do these types of post for a lot of TV shows but so that my blog isn’t all over the place I will be sticking to these two for now! Please let me know in the comments below if there are any shows you’d be interested in me reviewing.

However! I’m going to mix up the layout of these posts as I feel it was a bit too wishy-washy. I’m going to break it down into five categories:

  1. A moment where I felt a main character was developed.
  2. The best villain moment in the episode.
  3. The most visually appealing moment in the episode.
  4. A moment that made me feel something.
  5. A moment that developed a relationship.

This may be subject to change but I think it will give me a firmer layout. So, without further ado: let’s go.

Overall: Scott, a normal teenage boy is bitten by a werewolf and gains his own abilities from the bite.

  1. Scott’s transformation into a wolf / Development moment. 

For someone who has been watching the show since the beginning, it’s amazing to me to see how much the characters have developed over the years. I love the introduction into Scott McCall; a seemingly normal teenager who has asthma and is a bit of a lone wolf, you might say. ( Too cheesy? Yeah. ) The entire episode is about him learning about his new identity as a werewolf and learning how to control it. But the moment that I loved the most was at the end of the episode when he finally breaks into full wolf mode. You can see how out of control he is and I think it’s one of the defining moments in the series. It was the moment in the series where I decided that I wanted to keep watching purely from how well acted it was by the amazing Tyler Posey.

wolf moon development

2. The introduction of the Argents / Villainous moment. 

Even though I would now never describe Chris Argent as a villain, from the initial interaction we see with him, you know that he is certainly going to be a character that will create conflict between the others. The reveal that Chris (the hunter that shoots at Scott moments after his transformation) is Scott’s girlfriend’s father was so clever and very nicely done by J.R Bourne. That smirk just lets you know that he’s up to no good even if he doesn’t even know that Scott is a werewolf yet which makes it all the more brilliant. Chris is literally warning him because he knows that he has an interest in his daughter which is just hilarious to me.

wolf moon villain

3. Stiles saving Scott / Visual moment. 

Even though this is a moment that you would skip past, I thought it was the one that spoke volumes in terms of their friendship purely from how it was filmed. In the screenshot below, you see Scott curled in on himself. He’s just shifted and is alone and vulnerable, surrounded by nothing but trees and an empty road which he’s got to walk down to get home. But then, the Jeep creeps up into sight and Stiles is there. This is a recurring theme within their friendship that no matter when Scott is alone and scared, he’s always got Stiles who is there for him.


4. Scott attacks StilesEmotional moment.

Juxtaposed to the previous moment, this was another defining scene in the series to show just how deep their friendship truly lies. Scott is constantly trying to work out his powers, what he is capable of doing and how he can control them. However, like most people in normal life, the brunt of this is taken out on the people that are closest to you. Stiles has been researching all about his abilities to try and help him but Scott is deadset on living a normal life and dating the new girl, Allison. Therefore, he gets incredibly angry with Stiles’ ADHD-induced excitement and pins him against the wall. Stiles’ hurt look says enough.

wolf moon emotional

5. Lydia bating Jackson / Development moment for a relationship.

While it would be all too easy to talk about Stiles and Scott again or Scott and Allison; I think this moment is one of the sneakiest hidden moments that actually gives us a great insight into what their relationship is like. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it but accurately portrayed by Holland Roden. We see that she is cheering on Scott purely to bate Jackson as when she catches his eye, she gives him this look. I love it because you can see how they challenge one another and how Lydia gets off on him being jealous. This is a recurring theme within their relationship that we see throughout this first series.

wolf moon ship

So, there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this – I certainly enjoyed writing it. Like I said earlier, please let me know if there’s any other TV shows you’d be interested in me doing and I’ll find another place to put them ( even if I post two on the same day, perhaps?) Let me know!

Morgie out.

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