Hey guys! How is it already November?! I can’t believe I’ve been getting my Birchboxes for as long as I have been but I still get so excited each time one arrives. I think, however, that this is my favourite one since the mermaid edition. This time, they partnered with Vogue and specifically the Beauty & Lifestyle director for Vogue, Jessica Diner. She gives her own opinions on the products which is really interesting to read. The products listed below are from the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame which is also super exciting so let’s get into it!

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  1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer, RRP £24.50.

Who hasn’t heard of this bronzer? It is one of the most hyped bronzers on the market which is, I’ll admit, why I was a bit apprehensive about trying it. I feel like a lot of the hyped products on Youtube/blogs etc all come from other people’s opinions and they’re only saying they like the product because their favourite influencer says they like the product. But I was proven wrong with this one! I am in love with this bronzer, it is so pigmented and it isn’t shiny or shimmery at all. It shows up really nicely on the skin and blends super easily which makes it look like you’ve just been away on holiday. I’m still not sure it’s worth the money but I definitely do see why people go on and on about it.

2. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, RRP £8.

The only thing that I have found quite frustrating with Birchbox is  their insistence on sending different types of dry shampoo. While I was grateful for it this time as I’ve literally just run out of my go-to Aussie dry shampoo, it is frustrating to have them sent all the time. Especially when the previous ones I’ve tried, I wasn’t impressed with. I do like this one because it melts into your hair really nicely but wow, it hits you with full force. The nozzle literally feels like someone has shoved the dry shampoo into a leaf blower and chucked it at your head. It smells really nice and does feel gentle on your hair which I’m guessing is due to the oat milk (which I’ve literally only heard of this week because my cousin’s been having it in his coffee, bless.) I do like it but I’m still not converted from my favourite! (P.S. I know both the above photos are the same but it was stressing me out to not have the same tiled aesthetic all the way through the post!)

3. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, RRP £17.

This was the product that I was most afraid of. I feel like face oils have been making more of an appearance in 2017 but whenever I’ve seen tutorials of people using them, I’ve been quite scared of them because I have really oily skin so I don’t need any more oil putting into them. This product is a blend of six oils including sweet almond and macadamia etc which is due to hydrate your skin and leaves it with a nice scent. I was previously only going to review it on my hair but I tried it on my face. You have to warm up the oil between your palms and then rub it over your skin. While it left my hands looking greasy which stressed me out it left my skin feeling really smooth and hydrated. I think it works even better than my normal moisturiser. I loved it.

4. L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream, RRP £8.

I don’t think there’s really much to be said about this. It does what it says on the tin and hydrates your dry hands. A little bit goes a long way which is good because it looks like the product is quite tightly packed within there so it should be quite long-lasting. It wasn’t greasy or sticky either which is nice, it literally just melts into your hands.

5. Birchbox Brush Cleaner, £5.

Finally, this beauty! I’ve been meaning to get myself a brush cleaner for a while but then I just kept thinking ‘will I actually use it?’ because I think we’re all in the same lazy boat when it comes to keeping your brushes clean. So naturally, I was really glad to see this. I tested it out pretty much right away with my beauty blender as I think it might be a big reason why I’m breaking out and you can’t see it in this photo but the scuzz that came off of it! It was disgusting and I’ve only had the beauty blender for a few weeks 🤢 Would recommend this 100% especially if you have problematic skin. <<<<
all, the box is worth £62.50 for the full size products and I would give the box a 9/10.

Do you guys get a beauty box? If so, tell me what your favourite product was!

Morgie out.

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  1. November 13, 2017 / 10:54 pm

    A few months ago I received the brush cleanser in my box! I really like it. Lovely post! 🙂

    -Jennifer x

  2. November 14, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    Lovely post. I love the Klorane Dry Shampoo- it’s my fav!

    • November 14, 2017 / 5:12 pm

      I love it too! The more I use it, the more I love it. Thanks for reading! ❤️😘

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