💻 Tip Tuesday! Five ways to get more followers.

Hey guys! Yes, we are back to the most answered question on any social media site – how do I get more followers? Now, there’s always been this weird stigma around how many followers you have because quite often, it can branch into sounding like bragging. But that isn’t the case! You’ve worked hard for the followers you have and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it – no matter how big or small the number may be. These people have looked at your blog and you and decided they wanted more! How amazing is that? While I don’t have an exceptionally large follower count, these are the things that I have learned.

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  1. Engage.

I cannot stress this enough! Make friends with your followers, comment on their posts and read their posts. We are all here for the same reason – to write. If you comment on other people’s posts, it gets your name out there and people see that you are engaged with other people. A friendly face is always inviting.

2. Promote yourself.

Make use of your social media accounts. This is something that I’m struggling to do myself as I’m really not any good with Twitter or any social media accounts really but I know that it is something that definitely helps me if I promote my post there. You’re addressing a wider community of people rather than the people on WordPress – which isn’t small by any means – but there might be people who have never seen your blog before who discover it through a hashtag and fall in love!

3. Tag, tag, tag!

As long as you don’t spam the tags or tag something that is irrelevant to your post, they are honestly your best friends. You’ll learn as you go on what are the best tags to use for different posts but don’t be afraid to do it. It’s the best way for people to find your blog and read all of your lovely posts.

4. Be consistent.

Now, I know we all live busy lives and this can be quite difficult to do but I see a dramatic increase in my followers when they see that I post more regularly. It’s like anything – if you had a favourite TV show and you expect it to be on every Tuesday but then suddenly one week it’s not, you get despondent and aren’t as engaged with it. If you’re like me and have a full time job then find a day in your week when you can write up multiple posts and schedule them. Ever since I’ve done that, I’ve found that I’ve been a lot more productive and that I’m happier with what I’m writing because I’m not exhausted after a hard day.

5. Follow other people in your community.

Again, this is a weird perception that some people have. Obviously you can’t follow everyone otherwise you would lose track of just who you were following and why. But this is really a good way to engage with people – you can even collaborate with other bloggers and have your posts broadcast to their followers. You might make some good friends from it, too. There’s seriously no downside to this.

I hope this helped, guys! Have you guys got any additional tips?

Morgie out.

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  1. November 16, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    Absolutely agree with everything! Making blogger friends is essential! x

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