🎥 TV Thursday – Five important moments in Game of Thrones 1.2. (The Kingsroad.)

Hey guys! So, this is the second instalment of my Game of Thrones rewatch and honestly, I’m enjoying rewatching this beautiful series so much – it’s just reminding me more and more of why it’s my favourite show. If you want to see the previous episode then please click here. I’m also rewatching Teen Wolf and you can find the first post of that here. It also contains the layout of what these posts are going to be like so definitely give that a read.

I just want to apply some warnings for this post for people who haven’t seen the show: mentions of child death, animal death and bullying. Also a disclaimer that I own no rights to Game of Thrones, I’m just a fan.

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  1. A moment that I feel developed a character – Cersei opening up to Catelyn.

All that we’ve learned so far about Cersei is that she’s sleeping with her brother and that she would do anything to keep that a secret – even enabling said brother to push their host’s son down from the top of a tower. But in this scene, we start to see what a complex character she truly is. She goes to visit Bran and Catelyn and opens up to her that she has lost her own child before – one that looked quite similar to Bran. We see true sorrow and guilt in her eyes and we learn that Cersei’s weakness is definitely her children which for people who have seen the rest of the show, we know that that definitely plays into the rest of the show.

kingsroad dev

2. The best villain moment in the episode / Joffrey bullying Micah.

I use the word ‘best’ in terms of what was the most villainous moment in the episode. It’s really difficult with Game of Thrones because it has such questionable characters in it with varying motives and upbringings that it’s quite difficult to be able to place who is truly a villain and who isn’t. There’s few definitive villains. But I think one that we can all agree on is Joffrey Baratheon. In this episode, he really shows his true colours when he begins to bully the butcher’s boy, Micah, for no other reason than to really show his power over other people. He comes across incredibly vain and spoiled which is probably due to growing up knowing that he will one day inherit the Seven Kingdoms. But he is soon overpowered by Arya and shows how he is actually a scared little boy with a power complex. He begs her not to do anything which shows the true weakness of his character – he’s all talk at the moment because he is only a prince and Robert doesn’t seem to give into him as much as Cersei does. I had to do some research into how old they’re all actually supposed to be at this point and Joffrey is only supposed to be 12 in the books but apparently, D&D decided to change this to 16. For? I’m not sure what reason. But this scene is basically the setup for Joffrey’s character.

kingsroad vil

3. The most symbolic moment in the episode / Lady being killed.

Now, I changed this category for the sake of this episode because for this one, there was only one other visual moment that I found but my reasoning to choose it was a bit wishy-washy. So instead, I chose this moment because I never realised how symbolic it was. The Lannister family and the Stark family prove to be the most opposing family of the entire show and this first moment of Cersei insisting that they kill the direwolf – which is the Stark’s family sigil – is symbolic and foreshadowing of things to come. The Lannisters send their regards.

kingsroad vis

P.S. I know that the above photo is Nymeria, I just didn’t want to include a screencap from that scene because it’s too upsetting.

4. A moment that made me feel something – Joffrey getting slapped.

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy seeing Joffrey get slapped across the face? I really enjoy this scene because it shows what a weed Joffrey really is when he doesn’t have Cersei behind him to support his ludicrous manner and it also shows how Tyrion really isn’t afraid of him. It reminds you, again, that Joffrey is nothing more than a child who hasn’t been disciplined properly so Tyrion takes it upon himself to do that. I could go on for days about Tyrion’s character and I’m sure in future posts, I will. I also might get slapped across the face for saying this but doing my rewatch made me realise how much I miss Joffrey. He brought such an interesting and conniving dynamic to the whole show – I don’t think his place has been filled at all since.

kingsroad emo

5. A moment that developed a relationship – Dany taking charge of Drogo.

Due to the nature of this scene, I really don’t want to get down into the details of it – but I think that this is a really important scene to show how powerful Daenerys truly is and how she isn’t as naive as she seems in the first few episodes. She purposefully seeks out a way from Doreah to be able to make him happy because she knows that that means she gets what she wants, too. Like Tyrion, I could write pages about Dany and Drogo’s relationship and about the pros and the cons of it – but I think this is a really defining moment for them. Especially with the screencap below following Doreah’s line love comes in at the eyes.

kingsroad rel

Overall – the Lannisters and Ned Stark leave Winterfell in charge of Catelyn and Robb while Jon joins the Night’s Watch. Robert Baratheon hears the Daenerys Targaryen has wedded Khal Drogo and fears for the rising power of the Dothraki and what it could mean for his reign.

So, there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post – what was your favourite moment of this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Morgie out.

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