💻 Tip Tuesday! Five sites that have helped me grow my blog.

Hey guys! How’s your week going? I hope it’s going well. As some of you may know, I haven’t been very well and while that has been super frustrating, it had given me time to put a lot into my blog and to be able to find new ways to grow it. Everyone has seemed to enjoy my blogging tips so far so I thought I would continue it. While this hasn’t necessarily increased my follower count by a huge amount – it definitely has made a difference to my understanding of how the blogging world works.

  1. Twitter.

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Now, this may seem obvious but it was one that I really didn’t think of much. Everyone and their mother has stressed the importance of social media when it comes to blogging and because I’ve never been any good at managing it, I kind of put it to one side. But ever since I’ve been on Twitter, I have definitely felt more comfortable in the blogging community. Everyone is after the same thing there and there are super helpful things like blogger chats where you can meet other bloggers. Everyone I have met so far has been very sweet and willing to promote other people’s posts. It’s also a great way to connect with brands if that’s a route you want to take your  blog down.

2. Influenster.

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I had never heard of this site until recently and it is such a good source of being able to grow your blog and review new products. I’ve only been signed up for about a week and I’ve filled in about 30+ reviews. There’s multiple different categories like beauty products, food products, mum/baby products – you name it, it’s there for you to review. The more reviews you do and the more influence you have ( aka. how many followers you have across various platforms ), you’re more likely to get sent a Voxbox. This is similar to the beauty subscription boxes like Birchbox that you get – except it’s free for you to review on whatever platform you choose. It’s a really great way to build your posts.

3. Bloggersrequired.

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I like this for a lot of different reasons – there’s a community of people who you can speak to and build your relationships with. But the actual site’s goal itself is so that you can find blogging assignments where brands post campaigns etc for you to get involved in. You either get paid or you get to keep the product that you’re reviewing, standard for this type of site. A thing that I really like about it is that they will promote your giveaways on there – they’ll either promote it for free which is just a standard one time post or they’ll post it on their social media etc for £15. While it might seem like an odd thing to spend money on, it’s another way to get your blog out there.

4. Stumbleupon.

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I literally discovered this last night right before I went to bed so I’ll probably make another post on it once I know more about it but the basic principle is that it’s like a randomiser for blog posts. So, you input what your interests are and it’ll create a newsfeed of blog posts that its algorithm thinks you’ll like. You can upload your blog posts, too, underneath different categories. It’s a good way to up your views in principle – but I’ll let you know in future what I think about it!

5. Pinterest.

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This is like the holy grail for bloggers and I’m literally so in love with Pinterest. I haven’t used it as much as I probably should for actual blogging purposes just because I’m having real difficulties with the website? I have a separate Pinterest for my own writing and for some reason, it really hates me logging in and out and swapping accounts. But I can see why people love it so much – I’ve seen some people say it’s doubled their views.

So, there you have it! Do you guys have any other sites that you’ve found beneficial to your blog? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.

P.S. Blogmas is starting soon! Please comment below what you would like to see from me.

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  1. November 24, 2017 / 11:49 pm

    Interesting tips. I have yet to use any of these. Yup that includes twitter too. lol

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