Hey guys! So I’m a little nervous/excited for this post as I’ve never done a makeup tutorial before but first time for everything! This makeup look is inspired by my new jumper which is in the photo above. It’s got half pink and half green sleeves and while I’m not quite brave enough to put green on my lids yet – I thought this look went perfectly with it. Keep reading to see how I got it!

peachy makeup

So recently, I’ve been breaking out like crazy which hasn’t been fun and I wondered if it was my foundation so I tried an old favourite for this look which is the Rimmel Lasting Perfection foundation in soft beige – it’s way too dark for me which is why I look so healthy in the pictures above instead of my usual pasty self. I’m also scared that my beauty blender isn’t helping my skin problem so I applied it with clean hands and then set with the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder.

I wanted the peachy-ness and the pinks to be the main focus of this look so I didn’t go too ham with my eyebrows, I just used a crease brush and the contour shade from the below Kate palette to give my brows a really soft, natural look.

I then used the same palette (it’s in Coral Glow if you wanted to know) and the blush shade as an eyeshadow. I paired it with Burnout from the Urban Decay Burnout palette to make it a bit deeper. I then applied my favourite mascara which is the tarte 4-in-1 Lights Camera Lashes.


I wanted this look to be super blush-y so I took my Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold and I used the most pink shade I could see in the palette on my cheeks. I was really surprised because when I first got this, it was so pigmented but I’m not sure if it’s that I was using a darker foundation but it didn’t show up as well as it normally does so I putΒ ThrilledΒ by tarte on top as well to deepen it. I also used the shade below to highlight, it is *Jeffree Star voice* BLINDING!


I then used my trusty Rimmel London lip liner in Tiramasu (I seriously love this shade so much, @Rimmel London: NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS.) I then applied Nyx Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee but it just wasn’t pink enough for me so I applied the Revolution Liquid Lipstick in Peach Charming to finish it off.

peachy makeup

So, there you go! Did you guys like this look? If so, I might do more makeup looks because I’ve had this weird obsession with matching my makeup to my outfits recently instead of doing a general look. Let me know if you want more posts like this!

Morgie out.

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