🎁 Whatever Wednesday – Blogmas post ideas!

Hey guys! Who’s excited for Blogmas? I know that I am! I’ve already written up a fair few posts of mine but I thought that I’d make this one as a guide for people who are lacking in inspiration or just need a few ideas! If you guys are struggling then don’t feel bad about it or despondent, twenty four ideas is a lot to come up with – especially when we have our minds on things like Christmas shopping etc. This is predominantly for beauty, lifestyle and fashion bloggers but they can spread to other types of bloggers, too!

Let’s get into it.

  1. Favourite makeup product for winter.
  2. Why you decided to do Blogmas.
  3. Gift guide for mothers.
  4. Gift guide for fathers.
  5. A makeup look for Christmas day.
  6. An outfit for Christmas day.
  7. Gift guide for grandparents.
  8. Gifts for a makeup lover.
  9. Favourite Christmas films.
  10. Your favourite makeup trends for this year.
  11. Your favourite fashion trends for this year.
  12. Favourite Christmas songs.
  13. Gift guide for boyfriends.
  14. Gift guide for girlfriends.
  15. Your Christmas traditions.
  16. Your favourite Christmas memories.
  17. Christmas party outfits.
  18. Christmas party makeup.
  19. Favourite people participating in Blogmas.
  20. Favourite people participating in Vlogmas.
  21. Top things you are grateful for this year.
  22. Top things you have learned by blogging this year.
  23. Your Christmas wishlist.
  24. Christmas Eve traditions.

I hope this helps some people! I’m sticking to a very similar guide but it’s not exactly this way. Let me know if you’ll be doing Blogmas and link me to your blog below as I would love to read the posts!

Morgie out.


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