🎄 Blogmas #15 – Dramatic Christmas Glam Makeup Tutorial!

Hey guys! If you didn’t see my post yesterday, then I did a more simple Christmas look but this one is more glamorous and extra – just the way I like it. It’s still lowkey enough that you won’t look too overdressed while eating turkey or whatever you guys have for your Christmas dinner – you’ll just look gorgeous!

dramatic main

Let’s get down to it! ( Sidenote: it took 106 photos for me to find two I was happy with for this look – camera, why do you hate me?! )

My base is pretty similar to yesterday’s post, I used Nivea’s Daily Essentials moisturiser* as a primer – it’s seriously my favourite thing to use. As I’m writing this, I’ve been wearing my makeup (this look, actually!) for about seven hours and I can still smell the nice perfumed scent of the moisturiser. It’s definitely made an improvement to how oily my skin is, too. I then applied Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation* in 120, which is normally too dark for me but I feel like you get away with it when you’re doing a more dramatic look. Especially once you’ve got contour, etc, on. This is still the tiniest bit too dewy for me so I set it with Nyx’s HD Finishing Powder*.

dramatic brows

I used my Brow This Way* gel by Rimmel London on an angled eyebrow brush to give it a more intense, arched look. I still don’t like my eyebrows too intensely filled in (I’ll have to show you guys how I used to do them sometime… yikes.) but I feel for a more dramatic look, they need to match the rest of the face.

I’ve made a disclaimer about this palette in this post (it’s a fake, but an accidental one 🙁 I didn’t realise I was buying a fake, I thought it was a dupe with similar colours. Tldr: be careful buying makeup online! I personally haven’t had any issue with this palette and I love the formula but yes, just approach everything you buy with caution.) but they were the perfect colours for what I wanted to use.

First of all, I applied the burned orange colour all over my lid and then followed it up with a reddish brown. Then, I used my new Spectrum B04 brush to place the darkest brown in my crease. I just placed it into a thick line which looked terrifying at first but then I blended it out with a dense brush from No.7, I’m not entirely sure which one. Blend for the rest of your life until it looks super soft and pretty. You can tell this brown is my favourite as I’ve hit pan on it – I love it. I also applied it on my lower lash line. I then took the bright gold colour on my finger and laid it all across the lid under the cut crease I’d done. I also used Makeup Revolution’s Focus & Fix concealer to clean up the edges to make it really sharp and look better in general.

If you’re feeling brave like I apparently was then apply a winged liner. I’ve recently bought Rimmel London’s Glameyes liquid eyeliner* and I love it so much. It really makes me take my time on my eyeliner which I don’t normally do. It’s so black and if you’ve got a steady hand, it has a really nice effect. It finished this look off, I think. But I was so stressed doing it after all my hard blending work! I then applied my go-to mascara, Miss Baby Roll by L’Oreal*. I think this look would really benefit from lashes, though, but I don’t currently have any!

I love doing contoured looks and glam looks like this just scream for killer cheekbones. I took Nyx’s Blush & Contour Duo* and just swirled my brush into both of them and put it in the hollows of my cheeks. I then darkened it with my Benefit Hoola bronzer. I wanted a really intense highlight, too, so I took the bottom right colour from the Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold blush palette by Makeup Revolution. It’s so blinding, I love it.

Finally, the lips. I always relate a dark red lip to Christmas so LOC’s lipstick in Colour Me Confident was perfect for this look. I got this in my December Birchbox but I paired it with Rimmel London’s Black Tulip lipliner because like I said in my review, it bleeds like crazy without.

So, there you have it! A dramatic, glam makeup look for Christmas. Would you guys wear this? Let me know in the comments below and let me know if there’s any more makeup looks you would like me to do! I really enjoy doing them myself.

Morgie out.


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