๐ŸŽ„ Blogmas #18 – Giveaway Haul from Karina!

Hey guys! This is only going to be a little post but I’m so excited because my giveaway winnings from the lovely Karina came yesterday – along with my package from Latest in Beauty which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow! You guys should follow Karina’s blog here and also her Youtube here.

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Face by Sam and Nic Chapman.

This book is amazing! Written by the lovely ladies at Pixiwoo, it gives you all you need to know about makeup. I’ve already read a fair bit of this and it’s the background for all of my photos which is why it doesn’t have its own photo. I’ve already learned a lot about it and it’s not a book full of repeated information they’ve shared in their videos or stolen from someone else – it’sย soย lovely and will really help me broaden my knowledge of makeup.

2. Real Techniques Contour Brush.

I’ve never used Real Techniques brushes or tools before so I was so excited when these came through. I’m a Spectrum stan but these are so good. I’ve heard wonders about them and they did not disappoint! The contour brush is so good for working your contour in while still maintaining the shape of it. I’ve never seen a round contour tool before so I was dubious as to how it would work but it worked so nicely and gave a really nice finish.

giveaway brush 1

3. Real Techniques Detail Brush.

This is such a teeny tiny brush, I love it so much. It’s curved into a point at the end so it’s perfect for faux freckles if you’re into that – which Iย reallyย am at the moment, I can’t get enough! – but it’s also really good for cleaning up your lipstick. I haven’t tried it yet to do a cut crease but I’m definitely going to soon!

giveaway brush 2

4. Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

First of all, I want to say I’m sorry for how shiny the orange handle of the brushes are – the sunlight was not my friend today. I think you’re supposed to use this for foundation but I wasn’t sure about it because I wanted to try it with blush. It worked so so nicely and made it look really natural. I’ll try it again in future for foundation but as you’ll see, the next brush specifies that it’s for foundation so!

giveaway brush 3

5. Real Techniques Square Foundation Brush.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned but my history with foundation brushes is not great. I’ve tried a fair few and I’ve never liked the effect that they’ve given nor the finish they leave on your face. I think they quite often look streaky but wow, this one is amazing. I was a bit worried about the shape of it because I thought it was a recipe for disaster but it has given my face such an airbrushed look – I cannot recommend it enough! I use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation* and it’s never looked so good before. Brushes really do make all the difference.

giveaway brush

6. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Plum This Show.

Again, the sun isn’t my friend in these pictures but this is honestly one of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever used in my life. Even though it’s a bit streaky, once you build it up, it looks amazing and stays on so well. It doesn’t dry out your lips, it doesn’t sit heavily on them. You can’t even tell you’re wearing lipstick. It also survived a cup of tea, three biscuits and a roast dinner! Amazing – I’m definitely going to be buying more shades of this!


So, there you have it!

Make sure you follow Karina and stay tuned for tomorrow when I review my Latest in Beauty box.

Morgie out.


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