ūüéĄ Blogmas #19 – Latest in Beauty Cosmopolitan Party Starter box!

Hey guys! We are getting so close to Christmas but Christmas came quite early for me yesterday – I had my haul post from yesterday and my Latest In Beauty package. I’ve been looking for an additional subscription box to Birchbox because I just love getting them through the post so much! Then I discovered Latest in Beauty.

Their original initiative is that you can pick the products that you get each month from a selection they update on their website monthly. While I really like this idea, I actually decided to go for one of their collection boxes instead. They team together with various brands/films/whatever and create a box based on what they think matches the brand if that makes sense. The box that I picked was their collaboration with Cosmopolitan and it’s specifically for partying!

Let’s get into it!

  1. St. Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss, 30ml.

Sample worth: £2.40
Full size worth: £8 for 100ml.

I was so excited to see this in the box as I’ve already tried St Tropez products before and I absolutely¬†love¬†them. This one isn’t a full on fake-tan, it’s just to give you a golden glow and make your skin look softer. I think this would be perfect for on top of a fake tan but on my pale skin, it just looked¬†so¬†oily and like I’d put my hand into a chip pan. I didn’t really like this so I’ll be filing it away until summer comes around again to see how I feel about it! If you’ve got darker skin than me, I think it would look lovely. (Also, sorry for the state of my nails, getting them done in two days!)


2. It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Pencil, full size РRRP £19.00.

The main difference already between Latest in Beauty and Birchbox is that Birchbox puts the full price in their little booklet but LIB doesn’t which I¬† think is a real shame! I was so shocked when I saw the price of what this should really be – I’ll tell you guys how much I paid for all this at the bottom of the post! I was so excited to try an IT Cosmetics product in itself. I’ve heard a lot of good things and I loved this product. The shape of the pencil made it easy to create fake hair strokes. I’m doing a post tomorrow using all of these products so you can see how my brows look then! It’s a lot of a softer look than I’m used to but it looks super natural.

lib brow

3. Erborian Pink Perfect Creme, 5ml.

Sample size: £5
Full size: £15 for 15ml.

I haven’t actually heard of this brand before so I was a little dubious but I really liked this primer. I think it made my makeup sit nicely on the skin. It claims to completely blur your pores but I wouldn’t say this was the case. The Nyx Pore Filler definitely did a better job of doing that but this is still a lovely product nonetheless. The texture of it is like Angel Delight, that’s all I can describe it as – it’s definitely more of a cream than silicone-based. It did leave a bit of an oily sheen but I do have naturally oily skin anyway so that’s not entirely its fault.


(¬†get 15% off erborian.co.uk using code¬†COSMOERBO¬†until 26th Jan ’18 )

4. Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge, full size РRRP £7.49

This could not have come at a better time as I’ve just had to throw away my old PS Beauty beauty blenders, they got so disgusting even though I did wash them. Grim. I really liked this sponge. It was a lot more dense than the other ones I’ve used so it almost blended too well? If you want a really natural look for your contour then this is the way to go – blending was literally effortless.


5. Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red, 3ml.

Sample worth: £2.50.
Full size: £5 at 6ml.

I was so excited to see this in here as I have been wanting to try Sleek’s liquid lipsticks for so long and it certainly did not disappoint. I pulled a face when I saw that it was a lip cream as I don’t normally get on well with them but this is literally a liquid lipstick. At first, I was no into the colour as it was a very clown-ish red but when it dried down, ooooh man. I literally fell in love. It is the softest lipstick ever, you can barely feel it on your lips. I can honestly say it’s the only lipstick I own that dries down to completely matte, too. I’m so into it, it’s made me fall in love with red lipstick again. I’m going to be doing a look with this tomorrow so make sure you look out for that!


( get 15% off sleekmakeup.com with code COSMOBOX until Boxing Day )

6. Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste, 35ml.

Sample worth: £3.85
Full size: £11 for 100ml.

Excuse these really atrocious pictures of my face, I’d just got out of the shower and was about to go to bed. I’ve seen a lot about charcoal toothpastes but I’ve always been too scared to try them. I really liked this – it wasn’t as black as I thought it was going to be but it definitely did make a difference to my teeth on first use so I’ll be interested to see what continued use does!


7. Soaper Duper Vanilla Shea Body Wash, 100ml.

Sample size worth: £1.20
Full size: £6 at 500ml.

I always pull a face when I see body wash stuff in subscription boxes just because I’m not really that fussed? As long as it makes me smell good and gets me clean then that’s all¬† I care about. This smells so good, though, it’s really milky and creamy. It literally comes out like milk which unnerved me a bit but then it builds up a lot. I can still smell it on my skin now and I showered last night at 9pm and it’s 3pm the next day.


8. Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Portable Razor, full size РRRP £4.97.

I was¬†so¬†happy to see this in here as I think it’s such an innovative idea. It always happens to me in summer that you’re just about to sit down with your friends and you spot that one little patch you missed – this is perfect for that! It’s also super naughty and I wouldn’t recommend because I know you’re not supposed to do it but I’m definitely going to use it for those pesky chin hairs that appear.

lib razor

9. Tigi Mini Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray, 100ml.

Sample size worth: £2.36
Full size worth: £9.10 at 385ml.

I’ve got to admit that I don’t use hairspray all that often – literally just if I curl my hair which happens once in a blue moon because I get really frustrated with it – so I might put this in a giveaway but I’ve heard good things about Bed Head!

lib hair spray

10. Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long, 2.4g.

Sample size worth: £1.66.
Full size: £8.99 for 13g.

This was the one that I was most excited for in preparation but unfortunately, the most disappointed with. I get that it’s a sample size but I don’t think the photo shows just how tiny this really is. It is¬†so¬†small that I can barely get even my fingers in to get any colour and I really had to dig my brush in to get anything. I’m going to be using this in the look tomorrow, too, so stay tuned for that. The colours themselves were lovely and pigmented but¬†impossible¬†to blend nicely. Some parts kept sticking to random patches on my lid and refused to move.


11. Nails Inc Nail Polish in Mayfair Market, full size РRRP £15.

My mum is obsessed with this brand – she swears by it. I get my nails done as a monthly treat so I couldn’t use this but my mum uses the one that I got in Birchbox all the time. She loved this colour.


(¬†get 25% off nailsinc.com using code¬†COSMO25¬†until 25th January ’18 )

12. GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Mask Treatment, 15g.

Sample size worth: (approx) £11.20
Full size: £33.60 at 50g.

I can’t believe how much this product is worth. I really didn’t like it and it really didn’t like me. My skin reacted so badly to it which I was really disappointed by as I’ve heard a lot of good things about GlamGlow but it made me come up in a red patchy rash. What a rip off for that amount of money though! Especially with how much you had to use – if it works on your skin then by all means, love it to bits. I just really didn’t.


13. Eylure Volume No.100 Lashes, full size РRRP £5.39.

I love Eylure lashes. I’ve only ever tried them and Social Eyes but I really love them. I just wish I was better at putting them on which is why there isn’t an image of what they look like on. Also the fact that I’m going to be wearing glasses all day and they are so annoying with glasses! These are really beautiful, though. I’ll put a picture on my Instagram when I eventually try them.

lib lashes

(¬†get 30& off at eylure.com using code¬†COSMOLOVESEYLURE¬†until 31st Jan ’18 )¬†

14. Glitterlution Glitter Pots, ???

I literally can’t find how much these should be. I¬†hate¬†glitter, I am a disgrace to beauty gurus everywhere but I seriously can’t stand it. It was all over my box which I was really sad about because I know I’m gonna be finding it in my room for the next twenty years now. I’ll probably put these in a giveaway, too, if people want them!

lib glitter

Finally, I also got a full size pack of makeup wipes which are worth ¬£3.99 and a Beauty Pie 24 hour pass which gives you discount on Beauty Pie’s makeup for 24 hours. I’m gonna give it a look and probably give it its own post! All in all – I was¬†unbelievably¬†impressed with Latest in Beauty. I’m definitely going to be going back to them again. Let’s do the maths!

Worth of box with sample/full sizes: £88!
Worth of box if all full sizes: £154.52!
What I paid: £25!

Literally crazy value. I’m #shook. If you guys are interested then definitely give them a look. I wasn’t sent this by Latest in Beauty, I am affiliated with them in terms of I’ll get a commission if you click through my banner and buy something¬†but¬†that doesn’t change my opinion at all nor did they ask me to say anything that I have said.

Morgie out.


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