🎄 Blogmas #22 – Beauty Pie review / first impressions / haul!

Hey guys! We’re only two days away! I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas, nor how close we are to the end of Blogmas! I’m going to miss it so much 🙁 I’ve really enjoyed posting every day. Just for small future reference, I’m going to take a break over Christmas until the 28th/29th where I’ll be back with posts again and then another break over New Years. But when we’re in 2018, I’ll be posting three times a week if not more! So make sure you keep an eye on this blog – there’s lots of exciting times ahead!

Anyway – onto the post. A few days ago, I tested out Latest in Beauty which is a subscription box with a twist. You can see the post here. One of the things that they provided within the Cosmopolitan edit was a 24 hour membership with Beauty Pie. I’d never heard of the brand before so I was a little bit skeptical but I was proven wrong! A membership with Beauty Pie enables you to have 85% discount on their products – reducing their prices from high end to even cheaper than drugstore! Latest in Beauty provided £100 credit per membership (full price, so if you bought five products that were originally £20 then your £100 would be gone, ya dig?) and there was no limit to what products you could choose.

So, what did I buy?

  1. Sundust Powder Face and Body Bronzer, in Two Week Tan.

RRP: £28
Member’s price: £4.80

I’ve never tried this brand before so I was a little bit skeptical but from everything else that I had tried with Latest In Beauty, I did trust their judgement. But the first thing I will say is that I don’t think I’ve ever had makeup with such gorgeous packaging. Inside and out. It is the nicest thing I’ve ever used as you can see in the pictures below. I’ve never been a huge fan of bronzer but I guess I haven’t used the right one because this one is just amazing. I can’t get over the design of it but the formula is lovely too. It blends easily and while it’s a little bit too orange for my skin, you can blend it out enough that it’s just a really lovely glow. I’ll stop saying lovely but that’s the only way I can describe this product!

2. Pro-Stroke Luminizer Highlight Powder in Beaming.

RRP: £24
Member’s price: £5.50.

Again, is this not the most beautiful packaging you’ve ever seen? I love how they don’t just think about the sleek design on the outside but they really pay attention to what is inside. It is so beautiful, I almost don’t want to use it. But I did. I was expecting this to be more bedazzling but it’s perfect for creating a really subtle glow. When I tried to apply this with a brush, there was literally nothing there so I would recommend using your fingers. The formula is really buttery which turns from almost a cream product to a powder. It applies so nicely to the skin and looks natural.

3. Fantasticolour Liquid Lipstick in Winner.

RRP: £20
Member’s price: £4.37

If you guys have been following me for a while then you’ll know how obsessed I am with liquid lipsticks. I am literally trying every one that I can at the moment so if there’s any that you think I should try please let me know in the comments. I really like this one – there’s nothing that particularly amazing about the formula but for the price I got it for with this deal, it’s pretty good. It does transfer quite a lot which I was a bit disappointed by but its real selling point is definitely the applicator. It is so precise, you don’t even need a lip liner beneath! The formula itself is coconut infused which is something I think needs to be in bigger, bolder letters because my mum is so allergic to it.

4. 3D Liquid Shine Liquid Lipstick in Blushy.

RRP: £20
Member’s price: £3.25

I would say that this one is the one I’m the most disappointed with but it’s literally entirely my fault for buying a pinky lipstick. I thought this was going to be more of a nude pink but it’s literally bright pink which I never wear so I’m royally gutted about that. I might try it again and see if I can convert myself to a pink lipstick but if not, I’ll be cleaning up the applicator and using it in a giveaway. The reason I’m so gutted is the formula is gorgeous. It’s a mixture between a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick and it is so shiny and beautiful. It also plumps your lips so it’s a win/win. If you buy it in the right colour.

P.S. Who likes my Christmas tree nails? They’re so lush.

So, there you have it! I would be really interested to try more Beauty Pie products but full price, I just can’t afford them right now so @Beauty Pie, if you wanna hit me up with some products – wink wonk.

Morgie out.


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