🎥 TV Tuesday – Five Important Moments in Game of Thrones 1.3 (Lord Snow.)

Hey guys! We’re back to this re-watch series that I’m doing with Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf. I’m going to be doing my Teen Wolf post soon because I’ve been focusing more on Game of Thrones but yes! If you want to see the last post then click here. Also a disclaimer that I don’t own Game of Thrones, this is all purely written from me being a big fan!

Let’s get down to it.

  1. A moment I felt developed a character – Not a Queen, a Khaleesi. 

I have a feeling that a lot of these posts are going to have Daenerys in the development category because she is quite obviously one of the characters that develops most throughout the series and I think it’s so interesting to see how she started from the bottom (now she’s here). I love this moment where she declares what she is and totally pulls herself away from the Westerosi idea of power which is being a King or a Queen. Khals and Khaleesis are powerful within their own right and it’s a real declaration of her own identity, too, to say who she is. She’s never had power in her life and now, she has lots of it and she’s embracing it as much as she can.

lord snow dev

2. The best villain moment in the episode – Viserys losing power.

This was a really interesting juxtaposition that I noticed within this episode – I’ll go into more depth in the overall summary but with every step towards power that Daenerys takes, Viserys unwillingly takes a step back. You can see that he keeps falling into having a tantrum about not getting what he was promised but nobody listens to him. This is also juxtaposed with Jaime reliving when he killed the Mad King (aka Viserys’ father) and how he kept repeating burn them all, burn them all. We see Viserys keep repeating I am your King. He is quite obviously troubled like his father and you can see how much like a child he is and you can see any power he thinks he had slipping through his fingers.

lord snow vil

3. The best visual moment in the episode – Robert reminiscing about his life.

I think that Robert is one of the most interesting characters in the show as he is neither good nor bad – which is a common theme between a majority of the characters but his is definitely an interesting position. Seeing as he is actually the King and the whole show is about who will become the next King, it’s obvious what is going to happen to him at some point in series one but aside from how he gained the throne and his link to the Lannisters – there doesn’t seem to be anything that would directly villainise him to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. But why I like this moment is that he’s completely shrouded in light and is actually shining some light onto the backstory for the rest of the audience.

lord snow vis

4. A moment that made me feel something – Ned and Cat’s goodbye.

I love the Stark family. I think I say that literally every single post but I really do and the fact that this is the last time that the parents see each other literally breaks my heart. I’m guessing you guys have already seen the show if you’re reading this but the fact that this would be the last time Cat saw him before he died is so so sad. I think they are the purest couple on the show even if they do have a past of trouble and it’s so sad that we didn’t see more scenes with them.

lord snow ship 1

5. A moment that developed a relationship – Cersei’s conversation with Joffrey.

I really love the comparison that they used all the way through this episode like I mentioned earlier with Viserys and the Mad King but I especially love how they positioned this scene in the same episode as Ned’s conversation with Arya. Cersei really panders to Joffrey and says he can have anything he wants because he’s her son whereas Ned is a lot more honest in his parenting. Ned knows the harshness that life can bring and doesn’t want to fill any of his children with those false hopes – we see that with how brutally honest he can be. But Cersei has also seen how cruel the world can be and instead opts to shield her children from it as much as she can so we can see why Joffrey is the way he is.

lord snow ship

Overall – this entire episode is about winning and losing power. We see Jon take the upper hand at the Wall with his fellow Nights Watch and we see Daenerys gain her power, too. But in the same breath, we see Viserys’ power crumbling as he watches it.

So, there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post – what was your favourite moment of this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Morgie out.

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