Nutribuddy Review – breakfast for people on the go!

Hey guys! I’m so excited about this post because it is the first time that I’ve been picked for a blogger opportunity and honestly, I feel so blessed – thank you so much Nutribuddy! I want to disclose first of all that they haven’t paid me to do this review, I was just sent the product for a 100% honest review and that is what I can assure you guys I will always give on this blog.

I’ve been wanting to delve more into the lifestyle side of writing on this blog (which you guys have also said you would be interested in from my poll on Twitter, which is great!) So, I think it’s best first of all to introduce to you guys what my morning is like. It normally involves sleeping in as long as I can before doing my quick makeup look which only takes ten minutes. I also pick out an outfit, say good morning to my Mum and my sister and my guinea pigs and then I run out of the door. I get the bus at 7.30am each morning which is pretty killer!

But what’s worse is that I get really car-sick on the bus. Especially if it’s a rainy day (I have no idea about the science behind this) so I normally avoid breakfast until I get to work. However, during the busy-ness of the morning, quite often it’s left on the wayside. They do sell breakfast at my work but it’s pretty expensive if you want to do that every day.

Enter Nutribuddy!

I have to admit that at first, I was a bit worried about it being a smoothie as I’m not really a smoothie person. But it’s more of a shake – that’s what it’s actually called. It’s a blend of oats, seeds and coconut and you can pick which additional flavour you have – they do strawberry, vanilla and chocolate or just plain.

The packaging itself is adorable – I love those types of jars (even if I did struggle to get into it at first!) and I will definitely be refilling it. It also comes with a little scoop so that you can put the right amount in and you can also buy a bottle which is perfect for on-the-go. I went for pink because it’s such a cute little bottle.

So, what are the benefits? It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free and sugar-free. I personally try to stay away from sugar as much as I can because it breaks me out so this is a perfect alternative to sugary cereals which I normally turn to if I’m having breakfast at home. It also contains no allergens, no stabilisers, thickeners or preservatives. And finally, it’s totally organic! Super healthy while tasting amazing. I was a bit worried that I wasn’t going to like it because I’m not a huge fan of healthy things but it’s so sweet and lovely tasting. It reminds me of a really sweet porridge as there’s oats in there, too. The only thing I would recommend is that you use some more milk than is recommended (which is 300ml) as I still found it a bit clumpy even after I’d shaken it for a while. I’d only use a little bit more – about 400ml – because otherwise it’ll dilute the taste!

So, there you have it! Are you interested in trying Nutribuddy? If so, follow this link here! It is an affiliate link so if you do make the purchase, I’ll receive a small commission; I want to clarify that I would never promote a brand that I didn’t myself believe in or use myself. They did send me this for free but purely for an honest review, I’m under no obligation to be positive about the product.

Morgie out.


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