Itslikelymakeup Recreated Makeup Look for Valentines! 💖

Hey guys! So I wanted to try a new thing where I recreate the looks of my favourite makeup artists because people like itslikelymakeup or Jordi are literally the biggest reasons why I got into makeup in the first place so I’m definitely inspired by them. But I love Jordi’s makeup looks, she always makes them so cute and individual and I would love to be able to pull off some of the things that she does. So, I thought I would make this a monthly series and as she’s done a few Valentines looks, I picked my favourite!


What she used: Jordi is literally the reason why I bought this primer but she uses the Urban Decay Optical Illusion primer alongside other primers. She’s really all about skin-prep so she uses Optical Illusion, Lush Full of Grace serum, and then the KVD Lock It Featherweight Primer. She applies it all over and then uses a beauty blender to buff in her foundation which is a mixture of Tarte Rainforest foundation and the Body Shop foundation. She then highlights and conceals with Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

What I used: Like I said, Jordi was literally the reason why I bought the UD Optical Illusion primer. I’ve got a review of it here. I moisturise first with my Nivea moisturiser and then I apply this all over my cheeks. I also had a random bit of redness so I colour-corrected with a product I’ll be reviewing soon so I won’t spoil it! I then took a beauty blender and the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and buffed it all over my face. I then highlighted and concealed with my Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer which I’m pretty sure is a dupe of Shape Tape. I’ve also reviewed this here.


What she used: Jordi is a real advocate for Kat Von D so there’s a lot of KVD products in here. To contour, she used the Shade & Light palette and then the Lock-It setting powder. She also used the shimmer shade in the Sugarpill Feline Fancy as a highlight.

What I used: I’m really not very good at contour but I have Makeup Revolution’s dupe of that palette – it’s literally called Light & Shade – so I used the contour shade in that. I use the lightest shade as a setting powder, too. I use it so much it’s about to hit pan! For highlight, I used the white shade in the Sophdoesnails x Makeup Revolution highlighter collaboration.


What she used: Jordi always does pretty intense eyebrows which I’m not very good at but she uses the ABH dip brow pomade in Ash and then sets it with Poni Cosmetics zebra brow gel. She does some huge block rectangle brows and sets them. Then, the eyes! These are literally my favourite part of the whole look. She used the Makeup Revolution neutrals vs new-trals palette and took a plain colour and used it as a base. She then took a peachy colour and used it as a transitional shade. She then took a deep red shade from the Sugarpill Feline Fancy palette and put it in the inner corners of her brow bone. She then took a detailed brush and some concealer and drew a line in the crease that wings out. It’s not so much a cut crease as an extra winged detail. She sets it with a shimmery white shade that she doesn’t clarify which brand it is. She then puts on the House of Lashes Iconic lashes.

What I used: Like I said, I’m really not good at intense brows without them looking really weird so I just did my normal brow routine using the It Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil. It’s my favourite thing right now. I was really excited to do this look as I want to delve into some more experimental looks. I used the shade Peaches as my transitional shade and all over. I then took Danger which is a deep red as my red shade. For my concealer, I first attempted to use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but it was too liquidy. I then used the Conceal & Define because it was thicker and a detail brush from Real Techniques. Take your time with this. It took me quite a while. I then set it with Penguin. I am seriously rubbish at false lashes so I just applied my favourite mascara which is the Sleek volumising mascara.


What she used: Jordi is all about experimental makeup and she used a smudgy effect that I’ve seen quite a lot in Korean makeup. She used Sugarpill’s Liquid Lipstick in Strange Love and smudged it with her fingers.

What I used: I’m not as brave as Jordi so I didn’t smudge my lipstick but I used Nyx’s Liquid Suede Lipstick in Biker Babe which is almost an exact dupe for the Sugarpill. She also used this for some freckles so I did the same and they look super cute!

So, there you have it! I really enjoyed doing this look and I would be interested to do another recreation so please let me know if there’s any one in particular that you would like me to do!

Morgie out.


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