How to be happy and single on Valentine’s Day! 💕

Hey guys! I swear the Valentine’s posts will be over soon – I just can’t resist! I’ve never personally been a huge fan of Valentine’s. I’ve only been with someone once over Valentine’s Day and it was very, very sweet what he did but I was just a bit… bleurgh? I’m a romantic person but not in the cliche roses and strawberries and poems type of way. If you are then good for you! Everyone’s different!

But if you’re like me and you’re single this Valentine’s day then let me give you your itinerary for your Selfintine’s day. There’s this really weird stigma about wanting a relationship – according to a lot of society, if you’re looking or craving a relationship then you’re desperate or not willing to be independent or too love-focused. That really isn’t the case! People by nature want to be loved in whatever way that may be, so if you’re feeling a little low today because you’re seeing the couples and you’re there with your cat, then keep reading – this post might just help!


Self care is very individual to each and every person so I won’t tell you in detail what to do – whether it’s a bath and some bubbly and candles or going to bed early or eating whatever you want then you do it. My personal self care is curling up in bed in some fresh pyjamas and blogging. So that’s probably what I will be doing on Valentine’s day. Whatever it is that you’re doing, ensure that you are doing something you like – if you have the feeling that you’re going to be down then make sure you keep busy to distract yourself!


Even if some of your friends are in relationships and are planning to do something, invite your single friends over for a drink or a film night! Or your family or anyone who means something to you. It’s really easy sometimes if you’re really eager for a relationship to forget the people that you do have. I’ve been really focusing on my friendships this year and making sure that I remember the people that are there for me all the time. I love spending time with my Mum and my sister – they always make me happy. Think of someone who you really care about and even if it’s just texting them while you’ve got your feet up in your jammies at home watching Grey’s Anatomy, tell someone you’re grateful for their friendship.


Like I said above, there’s this really weird stigma about finding someone. I get asked every week by someone at work if I’ve got a boyfriend yet and I’m personally not interested in a relationship right now in the fact that I’m not actively looking for one. If my Prince Charming comes along then perhaps but I’m not on any dating sites or anything like that. If you are – that’s fine! But if you’re not finding people or just constantly having bad dates – don’t pressure yourself at all. You’d rather put your time into someone that makes you happy than someone who you’re dating for the sake of dating someone. The right person will come in their own time – DON’T LISTEN to those ridiculous statuses that say you’ve met your soulmate by the time you’re 21. Because if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking I hope not! 


Unfortunately, there is still an odd precedent that if you’re focused on something other than a relationship or growing a family that you’re never going to do it. We are in a world where it is so easy to take your success in your own hands – however that may be! If you’re reading this – I’m assuming you’re a blogger or you’re interested in blogging. Turning this into a full time job for me is something that I’m really interested in so that’s my focus for this year. But I can also look back and see how hard I’ve worked last year, not just on my own blog but on my own personality. I’ve been trying to cut out toxic behaviours that I had and focusing more on positivity. I’ve slowly but surely seen a change in myself. Anything is an achievement – even something as seemingly small as getting out of bed. You’ve got this!


Why are you still single? Have you guys heard this question? Because I’m sure I have. This entire post has turned into why there’s a really odd stigma towards single people – but there is! There’s no reason why you’re single. It’s not because you’re not pretty, it’s not because you’ve not got a good personality or anything. It’s just one of those things. Everything has it’s time – so focus on the now and hold onto your own worth. Because it’s a lot.

So, there you have it! Let me know what you’re doing on Valentine’s day, whether you’re single or have a partner in the comments below!

Morgie out.


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