Rachel Green (FRIENDS) Style Steal! 💃

Hey guys! So, the next few posts are going to be style steals of the lovely ladies from Friends. It’s a bit late coming but I was seriously so excited to see that Netflix put all of Friends on there – and just in time for when I had the flu, too! – and I thought I would do these posts to commemorate that. So, first on my list is the lovely Rachel Green! I’m mainly basing this around her fashion in Series 1 as I’m probably going to do some more of these later on in the year.

Let’s get down to it!


 Is this or is this not the most perfect top for when she had her job at the coffee house? I kind of forgot that she used to work there because I always remember her as the fashion guru that we know and love but her waitress outfits are amazing.

She opts to change them about to make them more stylish and normally just keeps a cute apron over the top. This top is seriously perfect for it as it’s tie front which is great for the working gal when you’re running around trying to feed customers and keep on top of the gossip from your best friends. You could pair it with a short skirt and heels or trousers like the model has done here but you’ll certainly be the centre of attention in this sleek shirt.

You also can’t go wrong with the price! Good ol’ Select. (Not sponsored. Wish it was.)


A staple look of Rachel’s is farmer-chic. If you look throughout the first series, she wears a lot of gingham and check print. She also wears a lot of denim shirts so this dress paired with a denim vest would be the perfect look for her. Just make sure that you tie your hair up and look like you’re ready to go to a rodeo or something of the like and you’ll be all set. This is slightly more expensive than Select’s normal products but it is super cute.


Image result for gestuz belted trousers

These trousers just scream nineties to me. Cropped trousers were a real thing back then and Rachel wears them a lot. Especially these smart-casual type where they look like you could have just worn them to the office but at the same time, you could have been a lady who lunches all day. That’s the look that Rachel really goes for – effortless but smart. These are also in brown which is a colour that she opts for a lot throughout the first series. These are quite expensive but they go with pretty much everything so I’m sure you would find a lot of wear out of them if you were to buy them.


Image result for Twiin Over And Under Deep Cuff Jean

I swear the outfit this model is wearing is stolen straight from Rachel’s wardrobe with the rose-tee and the trainers. I don’t think that she would wear fishnet tights with them but who knows – maybe she was feeling adventurous that day. Another staple in Rachel’s sense of style is her mom-jeans. These aren’t technically mom-jeans but they give the same effect and they are super baggy which is something that Rachel loves. She’s super tiny so everything looks baggy on her so you can achieve the same effect if you don’t have the same figure that she does. These jeans aren’t that expensive for jeans but they were reduced from £72 so I think they’re a propah steal, mate.


Finally, we have this little number. The nineties weren’t the nineties without their ribbed clothes and they’re slowly but surely coming back into fashion. This entire ensemble is again another thing that I could see Rachel in. She loves dressing down outfits by adding some white trainers and that’s exactly what this model has done here and she looks casually fabulous. Rachel might have put something under this dress like a cute tee but it’s perfect by itself, too.

So, there you have it! I hope you guys liked this post – in two days time, there will be Monica’s style steal and then Phoebe’s on Friday so keep an eye out and make sure you’re subscribed to my blog. You can either follow me on WordPress or sign up your email or follow me on Bloglovin which is linked below.

Morgie out.


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  1. February 23, 2018 / 9:58 am

    This is such a fun idea and i really like the pieces you picked

    • morgiereacts
      March 2, 2018 / 9:39 pm

      I’m glad you like it! xx

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