Phoebe Buffay (FRIENDS) Style Steal! 💃

Hey guys! I know I promised this a little while ago but I didn’t end up posting it because there were other posts that I wanted to come first so! Following my Rachel style steal, here is my Phoebe one. I really love Phoebe’s style – how experimental it is and I wish that I could get away with what she wears which is why I’ve kind of toned down her style a little bit to make sure that it is wearable for everyone. Does that make sense?

Let’s get down to it!

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Image result for Club L Velvet Bardot Embroidery Sleeve Detail Dress

I feel like velvet was such a nineties thing and I kind of forget that what with the nineties coming back into fashion recently. But this is seriously such a perfect dress. There’s not one colour that Phoebe sticks to nor that she avoids. She’s really got a wide rang of clothes in her wardrobe and I think that this would be perfect for an evening out as it has the flared sleeves, too, which was also a nineties thing. The velvet is so beautiful, too, while being modern with the bardot cut.


Image result for 7X Velvet Backpack With Embroidery

I don’t normally do accessories in these posts but I feel like this is such a Phoebe bag. I can just imagine her coming into the flat and dropping it down. I like the bird on the bottom, too, because it just reminds me of that jacket that she wore in early Series One which was like a Chinese print. The design of the bird kind of reminds me of that and I like the bright red colour and of course, the velvet. This is a perfect choice for Phoebe and it’s also super useful as it’s quite big.


Image result for Club L High Neck Red Rose Embroidered Dress

I swear not all of the choices have embroidered flowers on them. This is obviously a very in style at the moment and I feel like Phoebe would love it. This dress just screams her for me. I can imaging her wearing it on a dinner out with all of her rings and her hair bunched up in a scrunchie. I love this dress so much and the colour scheme matches the rest of this post, too. If you paired this with either heels or sandals, it would be the perfect dress for a night out but I feel like Phoebe would also try to wear this as something casual if she wore it with boots or jeans. It’s also worth mentioning that all of the Club L products come in plus size for my curvy ladies, too.


Image result for Little White Lies Howie Lace Peplum Dress

This type of dress is what I think of when I think of Phoebe’s style. I feel like she doesn’t wear short stuff that often unlike Rachel who frequently opts for a short skirt or some shorts or something of the like. Phoebe dresses kind of hippy-ish if that isn’t politically correct to wirte. But I think this cut is so flattering and feminine and would be perfect as a work outfit.


Image result for Rd & Koko Burnt Out Floral Velvet Cami Dress

For me, I think this is the most Phoebe-ish piece in this post. I can see her wearing it and I think it just encapsulates everything that we’ve spoken about previously – the velvet, the floral, the oriental pattern and the cut of the neck. I just love it so much and I think it would be perfect if you wanted to replicate her look almost exactly because this is something very alike what she would wear in the show. Especially if you put a long black cardigan over the top.

So, there you have it! What was your favourite piece? Who would you like me to style-steal next? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.


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