March Birchbox – Be Present, Not Perfect!

Hey guys! How are we already at my next Birchbox review? It’s mental. But it’s also still my favourite time of the month even though I’ve been having them for almost a year now – which is crazy to think about! – so Birchbox must be doing something right. The theme this month was ‘be present, not perfect’ and all about mindfulness in general which is why there’s a lot of skincare products in here. It’s all about self-care, too, which is a whole lot of what the blogging community promotes, right? And rightly so.


I remember trying one of these black face masks when the internet was taken by storm with them and I was so scared of what it was going to do to my face because I have super sensitive skin. It didn’t actually make much of a difference to my skin so I decided to put this in a giveaway at some point – I haven’t done anything with it or to it so don’t worry about that but I’m having a really bad skin time at the moment so I didn’t want to risk it. Especially as they said to do a patch test; that immediately rang alarm bells. However, this is for stressed out skin to unclog pores, lessen the appearance of blemishes.


So, you haven’t been around in the makeup world if you didn’t see the hype around this bad boy. I’ve heard good things about Benefit’s mascaras but if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that as a whole, I don’t normally have a good experience with mascaras. I think it’s because I have really sensitive eyes and I must be allergic to something in mascara formulas? But this one fell a bit flat for me which I was disappointed in. It was super clumpy but in a really spider leggy way and not a volumising way like the adverts promised. I’ve been using it still but I’m just a bit eh about it? A mascara does have to work really hard to wow me, though, hehe.


I’ve tried a Glamglow mask before and I was super underwhelmed with it. I’ve heard so many good things about them so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but this had the exact same effect. I tried this before my skin died on me and it literally did nothing? I thought it was going to because I could feel everything tightening but it made no difference to my skin at all 🙁 Yes, I just used a sad face because that’s how sad these products make me feel. Has anyone had a really good experience with one? Let me know!


Okay, so I’m going to be really difficult. I always moan about hair products in Birchboxes because they really just do nothing for me. But normally I do give them a go to see if there’s anything I like about them but while I’m having problem skin, I’ve also got a problem scalp on my hands. In the past few months, I’ve suffered from psoriasis which I’m going to be doing a blog post about once I find something that actually works for me because I haven’t found anything as of yet. But I’ll be putting this in a giveaway like everything else.


This really reminds me of Imperial Leather shower gels because it has the exact same formula but I was so disappointed in this. While it does feel nice on the skin, there’s barely any scent to it so I was super gutted. The bottle does look pretty, though.

Overall, this was a bit of an ‘eh’ box – but I’m hoping for better next time! I think it’s all my personal preferences really because I can see why people would like some of these products so maybe (most likely) I’m just very picky. If you want to see February’s Birchbox then it’s right here. Do you guys subscribe to any boxes? Let me know in the comments!

Morgie out.


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