MorgieReacts to… Avengers: Infinity War! SPOILERS.

Hey guys! I’ve been gone for a while because I’ve been really busy doing some freelancing work and applying for jobs so that I can go full time being a writer. I’ve spoken about this a lot on Twitter so I’m sorry for not being too active! But I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things as I adjust to my new schedule and I thought what better way to come back than to talk about this film? Let’s get down to it! This is your second warning that there are spoilers in this review so please don’t read it and then be cross if you see something you didn’t want to.

So, this film follows on from Thor Ragnarok – meaning it was a nice little follow on for people that had watched that. What I really liked about the opening of this film was that there was no fluff. There was not one single moment that wasn’t action-packed and they went straight into the action as soon as they started off. They also went straight into the heart of things by wiping out a pretty major character but I’m going to go a bit more in depth into that later.

Something that should be praised about this film and the Russo Brothers in general is that they handled the grand landscape of this film so well. From the simplistic title cards to remind you where you are at that point in the film to the handling of so many majorly loved characters in one setting. I know that there was some criticism towards the writing of some of the characters as they felt a bit  out of characters in some of the things they said and the choices they made but aside from some awkward lines, I wouldn’t say any of them were out of character. Cap felt a bit off but that’s to be understood after the events of Civil War.

My favourite character arc for the entire film was definitely Thor. People were worried that this was going to be another Iron Man film and would focus too much on Tony but I felt like it was quite well balanced with perhaps a bit more preference to Thor. Following Ragnarok, though, this is fine as in his timeline, he is the one that has the most going on. I didn’t like the easy fix of his eye coming back, but other than that, I really enjoyed pretty much every moment that he was on screen as it was just a major power up for him.

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Nobody really stood out for me in the acting and I’ll be honest when I say that nobody really does in these films. But that’s no slight on their acting prowess, it’s just that I’ve become so used to seeing them as their characters that I don’t see them as their actors anymore. Does that make sense? I really liked what Chris Pratt brought to this film, though, because I found that he was the one I was drawn to the most in terms of acting.

Now, onto the villain. I haven’t enjoyed a villain in the MCU since Ultron. Even then, I found Ultron a bit… cheesy? Unbelievable? I don’t know. I feel like they tried so hard and it was just about to reach a point that it was supposed to but it just missed the mark. This hasn’t happened with Thanos though. I found him genuinely intimidating and I actually felt a real sense of danger for the Avengers. I liked the fact that they gave him an actual motive, some backstory while leaving him believable. The ending was really poignant because while I felt really awful about the Avengers dying off and turning into ash, the weirdest part of me felt some empathy towards Thanos? Everyone’s trying to defend their home, just like he is – he just has a warped perception of what he should do. The only criticism I would have is that he only killed people and showed off his power when the script called for it – like, why kill Loki and not Thor as well? Why not kill off Quill before taking Gamora? He knew both of them were going to come after him.

So, let’s talk about that ending. It really shocked me to the point that I was speechless after the credits came up and I think it was really interesting to know that our heroes had failed – or had they? Doctor Strange said that he had looked into all of the different scenarios and only one means that they survive. Just before he disappeared, he said ‘this was the only way‘ or ‘there was no other way’ or something along those lines. I think this is building up for the fact that he knew that Thanos had to do this to reach the scenario and timeline when they survive. It was very emotional, though, and it was strange to see well-loved characters disappear. However, deaths in the MCU are so…eh. Because from past experience, we know they’ll bring 75% of the characters they killed off back in some way – especially because they have the time stone. So, it does lose a bit of its emotion.

All in all, I left the cinema wanting to go straight back and watch it again. While at times, Infinity War felt hard to keep up with, it was everything you would want from a Marvel film with a truly enticing cliffhanger.

What did you guys think? Do you want me to review more films? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll be back with a makeup post next time!

Morgie out.


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