Sunset Makeup Look Using Sophdoesnails Extra Spice! 🌅🌶️

Hey guys! So it has been a hot minute since I’ve done a makeup post. But I am so excited that this is what I come back with because it’s one of my favourite looks of all time! So, without further ado, here is my sunset makeup look using the new palette from Revolution x Sophdoesnails!

Let’s get down to it.

So, for the first time in a long time, I did eyes before base. I’ve never quite understood why people do that because I’ve always done it the other way around. However, when I unpacked my palette, there was already fallout in the palette which I was a bit disappointed with as the last palette didn’t have any fallout. Sad face. So, I thought I would take an extra precaution. This palette is incredibly different from her last palette in that it has a lot more vibrant colours and colours that you wouldn’t necessarily use in an everyday look.

So, I primed my lids and then took Vitamin C which is this rich yellow colour. And honestly? I was so disappointed with the colour payoff. It took quite a while for me to get the right pigment and even then, it was eaten up by my primer too quickly. No hate to Sophie but I didn’t like the yellow – it looked kind of dirty and you had to really work with it to get it to what I wanted it to be. I put this all over my lid and then put Sweet n Sour in my crease. Blend blend blenddd and then add Running Late (which is a nice touch, because Soph always jokes about how she’s running late) until you’re all nicely blended out and the transition from the colours to your skin is as smooth as it can be with a bright look like this.

I then added mascara – this is just a Sleek one, but I would advise using one which isn’t too wet so that you don’t mess up your new look. I then took Twenty One (which is such a good dupe for the bright pink/red in ABH Modern Renaissance) and put it on my lower lash line. I feel like this really brought the look together. In my inner corner, I took LA Sun. These are the perfect colours for a sunset look and aside from the yellow, I really loved pigmentation and also the consistency of the eyeshadows.

Do your base however you like once you’re happy with your eyes. I took the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer, the L’Oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation and then I set it with a powder from Revolution. I filled in my brows with the Benefit Brow Pencil and then I contoured/bronzered with a palette from New Look which I will be doing a post on soon. The Benefit Brow Pencil, too! I then took my favourite highlight from Sophie’s highlighter palette.

Finally, the lips. I was a bit… eh when I saw that she was releasing bullet lipsticks and not liquid lipsticks. I was really surprised, too, because of how much she loves them! But because I’m a supportive fan, I bought all of them anyway. Honestly, the last time I used a bullet lipstick was one from Revolution and I hated it because it was so dry so I thought these were just going to end up in the bottom of my drawer. But they are so amazing. They’re pigmented, comfy, shiny and make your lips look so plump and lovely. They do transfer so they’re not ideal for eating/long-term wear but they are so stunning. I used Fudge because it is hands down my favourite colour.

All in all, I think Sophie did an amazing job of creating yet another collaboration with Revolution. I really hope she will eventually bring out a liquid lipstick, too, but I’m excited to see where her career goes next and I will definitely use this palette and these lipsticks again!

There you have it! What did you guys think of the new palette? Let me see what looks you’ve done, too!

Morgie out.


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  1. July 9, 2018 / 12:57 am

    This look is really pretty!

    • morgiereacts
      July 9, 2018 / 3:52 pm

      Thank you!

  2. July 10, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    This look is absolutely gorgeous, I created a sunset look that she did when she announced the palette and I wouldn’t usually go for something so bold but I loved it so much I’ve recreated it a few times since! I think this palette is great and I like the lipsticks although I’m a bit upset they’re not matte, Fudge really suits you, I’m too pale so that’s the only shade I didn’t pick up!

    Jess //

    • morgiereacts
      July 10, 2018 / 8:37 pm

      Awwww thank you so much! You’re amazing. I’m a bit disappointed in the lipsticks too. I thought she was going to bring out liquid ones xx

  3. July 14, 2018 / 2:20 pm

    This make-up look is so gorgeous!

    • morgiereacts
      July 14, 2018 / 2:30 pm

      Thank you so much! xx

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