Disney x Birchbox – November Nutcracker Unboxing!

Hey guys! So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Birchbox post but I can hands down say that this is my favourite box that they’ve brought out in a long, long time. I’ve not had many unboxings where I’ve been really disapopinted but then sometimes, Birchbox will throw one out there like this that blows my mind and reminds me why I signed up in the first place! I normally do a video to accompany these and I will be using these products in a video but it won’t be an unboxing – it will be a makeup look! So, be sure to look out for that.

Let’s get into the products!


So I’ve always been ecstatic to see any Manna Kadar products in the Birchboxes because they are probably one of my favourite brands that I’ve discovered since I’ve been using Birchbox. This roller shadow can be used on the eyes or on your lips – I’ve tried it on both and… honestly, I’m a little bit disappointed. Which I don’t say too lightly because I genuinely have given it a good go and tried it a few times. I don’t know if it’s the formula or the roller applicator but it comes out so patchy and you have to go over the surface a few times to get any pigment. IMG_2563.jpg


I literally squealed like a little girl on Christmas when I saw this. A few months ago when I was running through the Beauty Bay website, I saw this primer with its stunning packaging and I wanted it so badly. But because it was a crazy £27, I decided to go for a cheaper primer. So the fact that I’ve managed to try this amazing product for a cheaper price is just insane. This is probably the nicest primer I’ve ever used and it genuinely works. I know there’s always conspiracy about whether primers are a bit of a gimmick or whether they genuinely work. But I can honestly say that for me, anyway, this one has really worked. It gave a stunning glow to my skin that shone through under my makeup and it made my makeup stay on for a lot longer than it normally would with another primer. So… I didn’t want to fall in love with it because of the price but I genuinely think it might be worth it! It’s so, so good! IMG_2559.jpg


So I’ve used a Polaar product before and I didn’t like it very much so I went into this with low expectations but wow, have I been proven wrong! The cream is so lovely to put on your skin, leaves it feeling instantly refreshed and lightweight right before you go to bed. I went to sleep with it on, woke up the next morning and there was no oily residue or anything like that. And as for my skin? Despite the fact I had a late night and early morning, it didn’t show on my face. It looked glowing, it felt soft and it was just so incredible that after one use I had that effect! It’s so incredible and I can’t wait to keep using it!



This box with all these different eye masks seriously could not come at a better time for me. I’ve been under a little bit of stress in some areas of my life and it’s been showing on my face. My eyes, especially. I went from looking 23 to 123 with the enormous eyebags I was carrying around. So I used this with some real high expectations that it was going to change my life and I literally saw no difference! Nor did I feel any! It was crazy and so disappointing. I still have another one left so maybe I’ll give it another go.



This is the only one that I haven’t tried purely from the point of view that my skin is a little unhappy at the moment so I don’t want to risk anything new that I might react to. As I didn’t have the best experience with the last eye mask, I didn’t give this one a go but I will write a review about this one when I try it so keep an eye out for that!


So, there you have it! What do you guys think of this box? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know if there’s another beauty box I should be trying!

Morgie out. x


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  1. November 21, 2018 / 5:23 am

    I LOVE the collab that Bitchbox did with Disney! The dust roller shadow is a gorgeous color! The eye mask seems like a great hit! I know I’d appreciate this on days when I am super tired. Glad you enjoyed this box a lot! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • morgiereacts
      November 21, 2018 / 7:39 am

      I’m so glad my two faves collaborated 😭 Thanks for reading! xx

  2. November 21, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    This is such a great collab! I love the look of the Paul & Joe primer 😍

    • morgiereacts
      November 21, 2018 / 10:06 pm

      It’s incredible! ❤️

  3. November 21, 2018 / 8:47 pm

    What an amazing Birch Box, I always get them on and off and I’m slightly gutted my broke ass didn’t get this one! Such a beautiful box as well! x

    • morgiereacts
      November 21, 2018 / 10:10 pm

      Awww no! The December one last year was amazing so maybe a little Christmas gift from you to you? 😂☺️ x

  4. November 21, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    Is this still available? Tell me everything! I just resubscribed to birchbox this week! I never even saw this on the site!!

    • morgiereacts
      November 21, 2018 / 10:11 pm

      I think it is! I think you can buy the old box still until the December one comes out so definitely check on the site! x

  5. Sophie's Thoughts
    November 21, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    What a beautiful box! I’ve always been intrigued with the Birch Box, I’ve seen a lot about them just recently! That Primer looks/sounds amazing, I love a glowy finish to my makeup.

    Also, that eye mask sounds interesting – looking forward to reading your thoughts on it!

    Sophie xx


    • morgiereacts
      November 21, 2018 / 10:12 pm

      The primer is so good, I highly recommend! I also recommend Birchbox so much – I’ve had such a positive experience with them x

  6. Chloe Jane
    November 21, 2018 / 11:46 pm

    What a great box of treats! The night cream sounds pretty good, I’ve always stuck to the same cream for years so perhaps I should try something different! Lovely post 🙂

    Chloe xx

  7. November 22, 2018 / 10:08 am

    Oh I didn’t even know they did this! x

  8. November 22, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    This time of year, I am such a sucker for eye masks. My eyes and under eyes always get so dry and dehydrated during winter? Loving the rest of these items too, what a treat!

    Caroline | http://caroomakeupblog.com

  9. bethemilydann
    November 22, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    This box looked super cute! I resubbed for this box and I’m waiting for it to arrive x

    • morgiereacts
      November 28, 2018 / 7:45 am

      Ooooh so exciting! x

  10. November 22, 2018 / 8:40 pm

    Heard such great things about space masks xx

    • morgiereacts
      November 28, 2018 / 7:45 am

      I’m obsessed with the packaging xx

  11. November 25, 2018 / 2:00 am

    OMG for once theres a box with everything i want to try!

    • morgiereacts
      November 28, 2018 / 7:44 am

      Right!! 😭😭😍😍

  12. November 25, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    Lovely post. I have my Boxycharm subscription which I love a lot. This box looks cool. The wonder how a roller shadow will work? Never tried anything like that. The packaging of the foundation is cute. Have a nice day. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

  13. November 25, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I don’t know if I will ever be a huge fan I’d make, the last ones I tried had a very soapy smell and I spent the entire time trying to keep it from sliding off haha but I love the sound of that primer and the creams !

    • morgiereacts
      November 28, 2018 / 7:44 am

      The primer is incredible!

  14. November 26, 2018 / 5:46 pm

    It always wanted to try birchbox and this one makes me want to try it even more! Thanks for sharing x

  15. Ashley Firth
    November 29, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    Such a great, honest review – I love it! I’ve never tried Birchbox before, thank you for introducing me to it 🙂

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