Lord of the Rings Book Trilogy Review!

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Welcome back to my blog. I have just finished a mass Lord of the Rings marathon which I used to be able to complete in one day (or two if I fancied any sleep) but with full time work and being forced to adult all the time, it’s taken me a few weeks! For those of you that don’t know me or haven’t been following for very long, I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan. Frodo forever.

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My journey began with the films – I almost gave up on them at the first hurdle because I was only seven and the Ringwraiths terrified me so I made my parents turn it off. Fortunately, we tried against the next day and I was absolutely hooked.

So, the natural progression was to read the books. I think I can quite honestly say that there is no writer who writes with such a detail and can make a totally fantastical world feel more real than Tolkien. I would put G.R.R. Martin and A Song of Ice and Fire at a very close second but I don’t think he goes to the same level of detail as Tolkien. Which has both its pros and cons.

Pros  –  The positives are that you feel fully enveloped and immersed in the world of Middle Earth alongside iconic characters.

Cons – However, all three of the books combined makes up 1241 pages, which is a total of 455,125 words! Which is a lot of reading time.

Personally, I have read the trilogy both on Kindle and also via audio book (I had a reading that had the soundtrack running over the top and it was a highly magical experience, do recommend) and I preferred hearing it ready to me as I could fully appreciate his craft as a wordsmith instead of seeing just how much of the book I had left and wondering how long it would be before they even left the Shire.

There’s no denying that (for fans, anyway) this trilogy and Tolkien’s world in general is anything short of genius. I am constantly surprised by the emotional experience I find it to be each time I encounter it. The journey that each of the characters go through is so impactful that you can’t help but feel for them – especially Frodo in my opinion who (even though he survives) is the sacrificial lamb as he is never the same again.

Speaking of sacrificial lambs, I can’t write this post without mentioning the Christian themes running through the course of these books – the King that will unite all kingdoms, the sacrifice Frodo gives, the themes of greed, good vs evil and of course, Gandalf dying for the people he loves before coming back from the dead a few days later.

But that’s a whole post in itself. And I haven’t even begun to talk about the Hobbit! If you’re a fantasy fan then these books are for you! There is also a great array of books about dragons you can check out to see if they light your fire (see what I did there? I’ll go home.)

Thank you guys so much for reading this post! If you want to see more posts like this then please comment below!

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